Polls in NH Show Big Problem for Dems

Real Clear Politics is reporting that Republicans are polling very well against Democrats in New Hampshire – NH Poll: Dems Face A Thumpin’. If Democrats can’t learn a lesson from their defeat in Massachusetts they are likely to get another chance to learn that lesson in New Hampshire. New Hampshire’s state motto is ‘live free or die’, and it’s a fitting motto for the state. The overall philosophy of NH is ‘get out of my pocketbook, and get out of my personal life.’ New Hampshire is fiscally conservative, but not that socially conservative, and it is very independent. This is a pretty simple protest vote from New Hampshire, ‘Government, you’re spending too much money, and not helping our economic situation.’ When New England states turn red, it’s not because the people have been reborn as social conservatives, it’s because the government is causing more problems than they’re fixing. For NH it’s a pretty easy bet, that if the people are upset, then government is spending too much of their money.

First, the Senate race to replace Judd Gregg (R). Rep. Paul Hodes (D) trails former Attorney General Kelly Ayotte (R), and he doesn’t poll above 40 in any matchup, even with the lesser-known potential opponents he leads.

Ayotte (R) 41 — Hodes (D) 33 — Und 25
Hodes (D) 38 — Lamontagne (R) 29 — Und 30
Hodes (D) 34 — Binnnie (R) 30 — Und 33
Hodes (D) 36 — Bender (R) 27 — Und 35

In the first Congressional District, Rep. Carol Shea Porter sees her favorable rating dip to 35 percent while 40 percent now view her unfavorably, a net drop of 11 points from October. Right now four Republicans are likely running to challenge her, and she trails each one.

Guinta (R) 43 — Shea Porter (D) 33 — Und 22
Ashooh (R) 36 — Shea Porter (D) 33 — Und 28
Bestani (R) 36 — Shea Porter (D) 33 — Und 30
Mahoney (R) 39 — Shea Porter (D) 32 — Und 28

The second Congressional District sees an open seat race. Former Rep. Charlie Bass (R) is running to reclaim the seat he lost to Hodes in 2006; 2008 nominee Jennifer Horn (R) is also running again. On the Democratic side, attorney Ann McLane Kuster (D) will likely face 2002 nominee Katrine Swett (D). Only Swett holds a lead in potential matchups with both Republicans.

Polls Heavily Favoring Republicans in NH


5 Responses

  1. Well- there will be a special election in PA in May John Murther’s seat.
    Can you IMAGINE if that goes to a Republican? Do you think the WH will get the message then?

  2. I know really, it’s like they have a chronic case of ‘head in the sand’. You’d think MA being one of the bluest states out there would been a tip off, but it looks like they’re going to wait for a whole slew of blue and purple states to go red before they recognize that there’s simply too much spending and too much government in general.

    Think the MA election is being spun too much too, it’s not a resurgence of conservatism – Brown isn’t far righty, his platform was three basic points – too much spending, kill the current health care plan, no NY trial for KSM – very reasonable, quite moderate.

  3. Frankly, the two parties are both making a big mistake about the tea party. Both insist it is a Republican movement. The Dems use that line to turn Dems away from joining the HATED R’s and the R’s are trying to Co-opt it- Even Sarah is trying to co-opt it. Truth is the tea party is INDEPENDENT – RIDs made of all 3 who are tired of the far R or far L.
    The very minute I hear far R I am turned off but hear of the far r is what is coming out lately. There is a difference of Conservative and Conservative religious.
    The minute you merge them – I am out of there and I hope others with me.
    There is no place for religion in Government. Government’s job is to allow freedom of or from religion not to cause people to adhere to or be ruled by a religion.

    Religion is what is causing the division in our country and within the two parties right now – always has been.
    I say ENOUGH

  4. It’s frustrating to both see how the tea parties are being used and how they are being spun. The very first tea parties were put on predominantly by Ron Paul supporters, and obviously they’re not social conservatives – and you never hear about their role in the tea parties in the media.

    Also, when Glenn Beck hosted his show at a tea party I just thought, ‘Oh crap, here we go.’ They’re being used by conservatives to promote their agenda, but they started out pretty specifically as a protest against spending and the size of government, mixed in with some anger about how government was operating. Conservatives are doing a good job at claiming them as their own, but I think they may be weakening them in the process, I’m not sure that’s what everyone is willing to sign up for. At least in the northeast if that’s what they are seen as they’ll definitely lose effectiveness.

  5. Glenn Beck and I are the only two trumpetting this! he calls it Liar, thieves and cheats- I love it and i have called them career politicians sincde 1992 . saying Voter Imposed term Limits- vote em out vote em all out!
    But the two parties spin spin spin. Let’s hope the people know who they are- I have to admit having Sarah was not a good idea! And cheering her sent the wrong message! I like her BUT – she can leave her religious views at home!

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