Tea Party People: Disaffected Americans chanting “Liars- Cheats- Thieves” from both parties need to be ejected

By BettyJean Kling

I was just told that PUMA’s are “Disaffected Democrats!”


That is absolutely right! Now some went back to being Dems and the rest have become tea party people – I am one! I was one such temporarily registered Democrat who voted Republican in the last election. Many Democrats, who were disgusted with the abrogation of democracy, fought against the stolen votes and the rigging of the caucus states and went to the Republicans. The rest were stupid enough to resist leaving their party they held their ground and they are the ones who just as expected went groveling back to the Dems and just gave us Obama. God forgive them for they knew not what they were doing.


Women who watched the election stolen out of the hands of the rightful candidate, the first women president, a historical and more qualified candidate did as they were told- like battered women they went home. Is that what the PUMA movement intended? Be it People United Means Action or the misnomer Party Unity My Ass, in the end they went home instead of standing up for their shero and voting against the cheater and the DNC for rigging the primary election against Hillary.


If you think this Tea Party is not at least half filled now with those same people you are very mistaken – I and millions of those same fighters who ditched the DNC are here! The Media will not admit this – nor will the republicans as they try to co-opt this movement. Don’t the Dems realize this? If so perhaps that is why the PUMA movement disappeared in favor of the Tea party! Those who insisted on kissing butt with Dems – have been left behind- the rest of us are Independents – and if you really believe the tea partiers are Republicans you do not know us at all.
I am a tea partier and I can assure you – I am no Republican. I have never been a Republican. Don’t listen to the news casters or even Sarah- there are wrong- we are Independents – we are not Republicans – we do not trust either party. We want them all gone! Just as the PUMA’s were filled with disaffected Democrats the Tea Party is filled with both disaffected Dems and Republiicans clearly the Tea Party is composed of Disaffected Americans!


We want all new blood in office and we want no one party to have power and we want term limits! We want our country back! That is what we want. Glen Beck just came up with a good line that I think I will co-opt- We, the Tea Party people are after “Liars- Cheats- Thieves” from both parties who need to be ejected. Tea Party People are Patriots who want our country back.


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  1. I saw this too BJ and agree with Glenn Beck about voting for those of better character. If a man/woman does not have good character it is irrelevant where they claim to stand on any issue.
    When Obama was addressing the Republican senators I thought the best line was when he admonished them (and the Dems, himself included) to be more careful of what they said because ” some people out there actually believe what you say” . Was he talking about those who were foolish enough to vote for him after what he did to Hillary and Sarah Palin?

  2. I sent a response to your email to me BJ. In it I described a horrible act against me over at Pumapac.org, which has become a group of paranoid men hating Christian hating, group of cheerleaders for abortion. They actually altered a comment of mine as to incriminate me and decieve other Pumas into beliving I am some kind of troll.
    See Pumapac.org 2-6-2010 Dead Woman Buried in Obama Shirt” Comments #38-(#79-which was commpletely altered to incriminate me and decieve other Pumas.
    Pumapac has become the opposite side of the hateful Chris Mathews/Keith Olberman coin. They viciously attack and slander peole who’s views are not as Pagan, pro-abortion and anti menas thiers. They have lost all of their decent members. They blocked me from making any further comments after they altered my comment #79. What a shame.
    This group could have done great things for America. They have zero credabiltiy now and should not be trusted.

    • I am unaware of what is really happening over there – I have heard rummors such as this and it hurts to hear it . they were my dear friends and I only wish them the very best- w fought the good fight – I would never wish any of them harm – them cried with me through my deepest despair and for that I am grateful .
      I try never to burn my bridges and turn my back on friends so I will leave that right there .

      I welcome you here please feel free to place your comments- TMU wants to remain positive and hopeful.
      We are believers in Freedom of choice and want to unite those who lean left and lean right – we know far right and far left will never come to the center and that is really too too bad.

      I believe all women need each other and should fight to empower each other – it is our only failure. One day we will finally understand tjat – I hope it will not be too late.
      Meanwhile – welcome – please come join us- we are always looking for and welcoming women who need a safe place to land and want to help spread the word that Woman power will be greater when we pull together.
      Hope you decide to join us and make the chain longer and stronger!

  3. so BJ did you ask any of your tea party activist the qustion . if they would vote for an independent liberal

    • I personally would vote for one if I like the ind liberals platform – hope that answers your question. I don’t know how you can generalize about all people like this boogie- wha tis going on with you?
      it is this generalization that makes the far right so wrong and I dare say the far left is just as wrong.
      What we need is some common sense moderates.

  4. if you have any of them on your show as guest .let me ask them

  5. If you sent a personal email, why would you bother airing your trash again in public unless it is to pollute other sites?

    “Pumapac.org, which has become a group of paranoid men hating Christian hating, group of cheerleaders for abortion…”

    Wow… quite an indictment. I believe you are unclear on the concept, but, I am not surprised.

    Wanting to protect and fight for the safety and protection of women does not necessarily equate to man-hating. Check out the definition of Patriarchy.

    If what you say is true, or, at least that you believe it is true, you must have believed this before being called out the other evening, why did you stay at such a site in the first place?

    Sorry, to respond on your site, Betty Jean. Keep up the good work.

    • No problem Dances- I get my share of accusations all the time. When you stand for omething you always get called out- its part of the job.
      My problem is — I sometimes say things or misspeak actually- one has to be so careful how one words things and I am just not that careful so I get in trouble.
      Not to worry!
      I am still trying to unite unite unite – !

  6. By BettyJean Kling

    I was just told that PUMA’s are “Disaffected Democrats!”

    That is absolutely right! Now some went back to being Dems and the rest have become tea party people – I am one!

    Some have remained disaffected Democrats, some have become Independants. In PumaPAC, I believe those who were not Democrats in the first place, but anti-obama / pro-Hillary Republicans and Independants have joined the Tea Party group.
    Personally I don’t know of one instance of an exiled-Democrat rallying for the TeaParty group. I also believe that Republican Conservatives co-opting the TP groups will cause an exodus of centrists.
    That would be a shame.

    • Both parties have done a good job of convincing everyone that no real democrat would ever join the tea party and all the focus is on the conservatives in the movement and now Sarah has seemed to have sealed it.
      I voted for Sarah and I like her but if she continues with this religion stuff – she will lose my support.
      From my perspective no real democrat with a small D or large should work for or support a party who did or does what this party did or does. I also don’t think anyone should wish or work for any damned republican either.
      If anyone who checks my record since the late 80’s checks me out – they will know that has been my record.
      I worked to get Perot elected for just that reason.
      I never lied about that.
      I think- and hope that the TEA Party people are disaffected patriots like me – done with both parties but real dems and real republicans would tell patriots otherwise.

      For me – it’s the patriots against the politicians. It’s we the people against what’s in it for me people.

      When I could have curled up in a ball and worried about me, me, me – I didn’t! Some things are bigger than me me me. I want to make this place better for us all and silly me – I really think I can!

      Nice to see you again – hope I did not offend – as I said sometimes I misspeak in my excitement.

  7. Nice to see you again – hope I did not offend – as I said sometimes I misspeak in my excitement.
    Not at all. I support you in your passion, determination, and excitement! 😉
    Nice seeing you too, BJ.

  8. What’s notable about the Democrats is the “discipline” leveled at female leadership. Only women who cow-towed to the boys’ club push back when nobody pushed have “survived.” The tactics of intimidation to office holders and women candidates were consistent. Threats to run primary opponents against any elected official refusing to get onboard with the O Bomb’s agenda came from the same frat-Chicago goons who can snap fingers and collect millions for which nobody demands accountability— again, effectively threatened. Ah! Organized Crime. Takes “Voter Intimidation” to a whole new level. DCCC money supports “Progressives” from nobody-knows-where, advancing brain dead agenda. The People’s elected representatives vote O’s way or face being unseated by yet more “bought & paid for” recently invented challengers. Those insipid DCCC and Senate emails that always ask for money must be working for them. Who is responding with contributions?

  9. Since the man in first three videos has been labeled to have the highest IQ, why are we not listening to him? Is it because of video number 4?
    1 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ap2Cg_FDRy4
    2 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=K5R6kVry4_c
    3 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZlKIfzoC8D0
    4 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pEh_F1LJwoo

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