Sarah:’This is about the people’

By BettyJean Kling

I think Sarah Palin gets it! Yes she nailed Obama right between the eyes and he had it coming but she also made it clear that the Republicans deserve the same critique as well.

She seems to have redefined the word conservative for us and I like that. She included RIDs Republicans, Independents, and Democrats in there and you know I liked that. She understands that you can be from any party and still have conservative ideas about money and the Constitution. Hooray for Sarah.

She is a Republican and she obviously will remain so and she obviously believes the two party system had Jerry rigged things up so badly that only a Perovian-like pocketbook can ever dream to tackle a third party bid again.

She is right. After Perot’s bid I am sure both parties did whatever it took to make sure no one would ever get that close again so our best bet is my Patriot plan. Voter- Imposed Term Limits- Vote em out vote em all out. If they can’t stay in there long enough to game the system – they will go elsewhere!

I personally long for what we had in the beginning a conservative government and personal responsibility and freedom from religion or was it freedom of in any event – I like it before the witch hunts! Suffice it to say A government of , for and by the people – States rights not federal.

Sarah Palin may have declined to brand herself the leader of the tea party movement on Saturday, but she delivered a speech likely to earn her the title from many but make no mistake most of us want no part of either party. She was smart to urge us not to give in to either party and she recognized that we know that the Republicans are trying to move in while the Democrats are trying to pawn us off as Republicans. We are RIDs and the media and others would do well to understand that conservative means – we want to get back to basics. We are not and do not want to be Republicans we are Independents who will vote for the person in either party who we think will do the job and we will vote out all liars, cheats and scoundrels starting with Pelosi, Reid and others ASAP.

“This isn’t about money, this isn’t about a title,” Palin told an adoring crowd at the National Tea Party Convention. “I will live, I will die for the people of America. Whatever I can do to help. This movement is the future of politics in America.,0,5847758.story


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  1. The GOP which professes to be a “big tent” party despite apparently contrary evidence is trying to co-opt the tea party for its own political advantage. You notice Michael Steele’s comment that (paraphrase) “we have to operate together to shoot down Obama’s agenda.” Where are the proactive statements? How do you scale down the deficit by reducing taxes? How do you repair the health care matter? While I am very angered at dems in congress and, to a certain extent Obama and his advisors, for not being more aggressive in getting the facts out, I also think that while the repubs have gained momentum by blanket opposition the tide is about to turn. You have to boost ideas seconded by empirical information that are good for the country

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