Get we get some female representation in DC who can talk about more than Church or Abortion?

By Anonymous BettyJean Kling

The ad was a quick 30 second ad that only leftist groups could have known the underlying message was geared to them and they fell for the bait it hook, line and sinker and as usual made women look foolish. Boy am I glad I spoke up for those of us who were not going to be dragged into that foolishness! Of course Jehmu Greene had to find something objectionable so instead of finding the humor in the tackle she decided it was violence against women. Go figure!

Even the long-awaited Super Bowl ad from conservative group Focus on the Family came with a punchline Sunday night.

The 30-second “Celebrate family, celebrate life” ad starring Heisman winner Tim Tebow ended with a surprise — Tim Tebow tackling his mother after she says she nearly lost him during her pregnancy. The pair jokes that they have to be “tough” with all the family has been through.The commercial sparked debate before it was even broadcast, and some groups called for CBS not to air it.

The ad is the first such advocacy ad to appear in television’s most-watched broadcast, which draws about 100 million viewers. It aired early in the first quarter.The commercial, which shows just Tebow and his mother, Pam, against a white backdrop, does not contain an overt antiabortion message. Instead it sends people to Focus on the Family’s Web site, which tells more of the Tebows’ story and offers a more straightforward message.

The devout quarterback’s mother gave birth to him in the Philippines in 1987 after spurning a doctor’s advice to have an abortion for medical reasons.”I can remember so many times when I almost lost him,” Pam Tebow said in describing her pregnancy.

The ad was “very gentle”, which was surprising considering how much talk it generated before it even aired, said Tim Calkins, a marketing professor at Kellogg School of Management at Northwestern University. He said the use of humor helped make the ad more accessible — and not off-putting to most people — although the ad’s message was hidden, which makes it less effective and confusing to people who weren’t familiar with it.

“I think they took a very interesting strategy. It’s clearly an effort to steer away from controversy,” he said. “I suspect the people they were going after understood the message, but … for most people, I don’t think the ad really did a lot for them.”

But because the ad was so subtle and had so much mystery to it, it will get people whose minds are not made up about the abortion debate to evaluate the group’s agenda, said Charles R. Taylor, professor of marketing at Villanova School of Business.

“To the extent that there are people that they can influence this probably does a good job of driving them to the Web site and getting them to check it out. I think it’s much more effective than something more explicit would have been,” he said.

The Women’s Media Center, which had objected to Focus on the Family advertising in the Super Bowl, said it was expecting a “benign” ad but not the humor. But the group’s president, Jehmu Greene, said the tackle showed an undercurrent of violence against women.

“I think they’re attempting to use humor as another tactic of hiding their message and fooling the American people,” she said.

The ad didn’t draw much attention at the Underground Lounge in New York, where the game was on. Sarah Cashin, 39, a business manager, said she didn’t see what all the fuss was about.

“I didn’t find it offensive. I don’t quite understand why everyone was so up in arms about it,” she said.

All Jehmu Greene managed to do was draw attention to leftist women with one agenda and the ad drew attention to the divide. How’s that working out for ya Jehmu?

Join the majority United and let’s put women in the position of power and show the world our women can do more than fuss and fight over religion v.s. abortion. Women’s rights are human rights and women care about every issue. There are so many issues worth fighting for why are we fighting over that which divides us instead of that which empowers us to hold offices and effect change?

While I took plenty of heat from Women’s media Center and Jehmu directly , most of my readers are sick and tired of women’s groups focusing the country on the abortion issue as if that is all women worry about. Here is one such Democrat – pro choice women – one of thousands I associate with who is about as fed up as they come and ready to Tea Party for change of both parties and some common sense and above all 52% representation in DC who can talk about more than church and abortion rights!

“The DNC has manipulated left wing women into believing falsely that the sexist DNC is the party for women. It is not. I am pro-choice but I support Sarah Palin.  ROE versus WADE IS RULE OF LAW SO WHY DO THEY CONTINUE TO FOCUS THE CONVERSATION ON ABORTION AND IGNORE SO MANY OTHER CRUCIAL TOPICS? THE ANSWER IS MONEY. As long as the focus stays on abortion, the lefty women’s groups get their hush money from the DNC and tacitly agree to remain silent about domestic violence, lack of equal pay, Honor Killings and other topics. THIS IS THE SELL-OUT DIRTY DEAL THE LEFTY WOMEN’S GROUPS HAVE MADE WITH THE DEMOCRATS — THEY GET FUNDING AS LONG AS THEY REMAIN SILENT AND MIA. Where were these women’s groups when Hillary and Carolyn Maloney tried to pass the equal pay bill??? THEY WERE MIA. WHERE WERE THEY WHEN HILLARY WAS BEING ATTACKED BY THE MEDIA EVERY SINGLE HOUR? THEY WERE MIA. THEY ARE ROUTINELY MIA BECAUSE THAT IS THE DEAL THEY HAVE MADE WITH THE DEVIL.      
Now watch these leftist women’s groups get used by the DNC to attack Sarah Palin as if the only thing women should ever be concerned about is abortion. Again, these leftist women are TOTAL SELL-OUTS FOR MONEY. They need to be exposed for what they are. The DNC will now pay them to attack Sarah so what do they do with all this money that is supposed to be for women’s rights? They use it to attack women!!!!! They use it to create divisions as they do their dance for the devil. “The love of money is the root of all evil.” ~ Anonymous


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  1. Now BettyJean, you didn’t take any heat from me. All I did was ask for you to be truthful. Which clearly you prefer not to be. Your ongoing attacks on me have nothing to do with my work now and everything to do with the fact that I did not become a PUMA after the 2008 primary. My values don’t change based on elections and for some reason you have a hard time accepting that.

    And by the way, I did find humor in the tackle. Clearly the reporter’s assessment of my comment about the tackle is not listed as a quote. If you aren’t aware of how the media works, please take note that reporters take liberties when paraphrasing just as you take extra liberties with the truth when commenting about me.



    • Jehmu, I called it heat – and I call this heat. perhaps I am mistaken-but when you insist that I am repeatedly attacking you ( I assure you it is not personal) and you stated that you reached out to me and you inferred I have other motives both are untru and now you state I am attacking you for not becoming a PUMA.
      I call it heat when you continue to attribute to me that which it incorrect.

      I never recruited for PUMA- I have always had my own group and I recruit for my own group – since before PUMA was born I am unsure why I should care if you became a PUMA?
      Again – your facts are wrong and you have not done your homework.

      I am aware of how the media works – if I attributed to you what Terry wa quoted as saying – I apologize.

      Please understand- I don’t want to attack any woman – I am trying to unite women. What I am angry over is the traps the left keeps getting caught in.
      As I told Terry- if you keep screaming Fire- you will be known as a firefighter! With all that we have to fight – why for pete’s sake are we focusing on that which is so divisive.
      Learn from NOW- they are failing!

      After nearly a half century they have only as many members left as new women’s groups who are moderate are builings in months.
      Women are eager to have groups that represent ALL women and they are tired of the same two issues pigeon holing them.
      the proof is in the membership numbers. Look around. NOW will not perhaps in yoour new position – you might!
      I welcome the conversation- The attack is not on you personally – I promise- its on the message not the messnger!

      Shelby Knox is on FOX right now saying this is VAW and unsettling.

      We really have to focus on what the media is doing. Your org more than NOW (they are already fried and finished as a serious org ) please consider covering things like my sexualization of America- that is what we should be covering not making a big deal out of freedom of choice. I think you got roped into that argument.

      I promise – I don’t want to fight – I want to unite! If and when we can talk about violence and sexploitation in the media – I would love to hve you on my show.


  2. lets see say a young lady today has a doctor that suggest she have an abortion for medical reasons see this
    the decideds to ignore her doctor advice .
    then the birth gose badly and the mother dies was it still a good

    • Well – lets use your logic on all commercials – Lipitor for example – I took it and it nearly killed me and I am told it did kill some people. Does that make it a bad commercial?

      I think we need to use a little common sense here boggie- liberals are bringing their bias into this instead of common sense. It is this bias that blinds us to clear thinking.

      There was nothing wrong with the ad- the problem was with the sponsor of the ad and if the liberals had not brought all that attention to it for them – the focus on the family would have wasted their money for noone would have even known what it was about.

      NOW \’s O’Neil and Jehmu Greene did the work for them! and at the same time made women look stupid! Big mistake they walked right into a trap!
      Then to top it all off Terry O’Neil an otherwise very smart woman – mad matters worse by likening the tackle to real VAW.

      The whole thing was a nightmare and the left was the reason for the backfire! And the longer we go on and on with this the worse it gets so please – – Soem of us were wise enough to save women in general by backing away from the error!

      Let it alone boogie nothing worse than a guy discussing abortion with women!

    • I forgot to ad:
      Just hours before the Super Bowl, former Buccaneer football player Warren Sapp was charged with battery against a woman. Instead of outrage over this legitimate case of violence against a woman, NOW chose to attack an ad that told the story of a mother and son:

      “To say that Tim and Pam Tebow have glorified violence against women is worse than offensive. It’s downright stupid.”

      NOW should focus on working towards preventing real cases of violence against women in athletics, college and professional, instead of claiming this family to be guilty of “violence against women.”

  3. I saw your article very good contribution to the presentation and can be responsibility, hopefully you stay ahead presents articles like this
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  4. I did go to the Focus on the Family site and found the at a certain point when Pam Tebow was telling her story it was garbled. I find this troubling because we still have no idea why any doctor in the Philippines was willing to risk advising Ms. Tebow to have an abortion. In the Philippines abortion even to save the life of the mother is illegal.

    I agree that this issue is used to divide women and raise money but believe the same charge could and should be made against the Republicans. How often have the comments her included the mantra that all liberal women want to do is kill babies and have their careers and they hate the children they give birth to.
    This rhetoric would give anyone who is pro-choice a reason to be concerned about the underlying agenda of groups like Focus on the Family. However, perhaps this was not the time or place to voice those concerns.

    What this debate has provided the political parties is not only a way to raise funds but to divide women to the point that we are seemingly unable to work together on even those issues that effect all of us. We remain without political social and economic equality.

    At one point, it was conservative church-going women that were fighting for the civil rights of women and minorities. Where are they now. Have all women given up on ratifying the ERA in order to accept the scraps that only deny us full participation as citizens in this country?

    I remember a song that we used to play during our early “Take Back the Night” marches…It was by Holly Near and might inspire us to see each other as human beings instead of the stereotypes we are being fed.

    We are a gentle angry people and we are
    Singing, singing for our lives
    We are a land of many colors.and we are
    Singing, singing for our lives..
    We are an anti-nuclear people and we are
    Singing, singing for our lives…
    We are gay and straight together and we are
    Singing, singing for our lives.
    We are a peaceful, loving people and we are
    Singing, singing for our lives.

    I think we at The Majority United and even The Majority Post might agree on some verses:

    We are women seeking justice and we are
    Singing, singing for our lives.
    We are women seeking safety and we are
    Singing, singing for our lives.

    Maybe womantowoman or some other wordsmith could add more verses. How about you Jehmu?

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