Terry O’Neil: There’s a rumor… so let’s Sack the Ad

Another Rant By: BettyJean Kling

From Rock the vote to her current position, Jehmu has done little new for women in general – she has fallen into political line with the Democrats which thrown us crumbs and expected us to be grateful.  On the heels of Jehmu Green’s plea to stifle the 1st amendment and stop CBS from airing an ad because they know a Pro Life group is paying for it, NOW is joining the chorus and asking for money and help to stop the ad. Ms. Green has plenty of company, Terry O’Neil and others are joining her in this outrageous call to arms. We deserve a lot more then the crumbs these so-called women’s groups and the democrats are tossing us from their abundant tables.

Let them keep their crumbs- we are the majority and soon they will be eating our crumbs – soon these left only women’s groups will be no more! The majority will unite- it is insane to keep doing things the same way and expecting a different result. It is time to stop using women as pawns in this political game. These woman’s groups who started out with a great idea obviously caved in to the Dems who they now serve instead of We the women! They wanted a seat at the table – and the price was selling us out!

NOW has had nearly a half century to bring us what they said they were going to get us- ERA and equal pay. We have neither!  Instead we are sexploited as if we are all PREY! No women or girl is safe- we are all fair game- game being the operative word. Who really benefitted from the liberation of women? What did we get liberated from? Just how much better is life for us- all of us? Look outside your own life and see how much we make – 77 cents on the dollar. Nearly 5 women a day dead at the hands of her man, 3 of every 5 college women date raped. Hundreds of thousands unreported raped a year, millions of women loosing custody to their abusive husbands and being forced to pay support and become homeless, teen aged girls sex harassed at work and school daily, our female candidates for President and Vice President are called bitch and cunt, and our women’s groups supported the man instead then placed him on the cover depicted as Superman and it read “this is what a Feminist looks like”! Well the groups sure didn’t look like feminists so why should their hero?

We are not safe in our homes, not from our parents, not in our schools, not in our churches, not from our pastors or priests or teachers or coaches, not from the government, not in our legislature, not in our courts, we are not equally represented. We are not safe in our marriages, not on the streets,  not in our ads or commercials, not on TV or in the movies, our daughters are not safe in their beds or at the bus stop or at the mall,  we are not safe anywhere.

And Jehmu Green and Terry O’Neil are expending energy day after day on this damned ad. Week after week they drone on and on about not letting the government having rights over their bodies. I don’t want the government having the right over my body- or my children or my health care! Hmmmmm the same group that does not want the government involved with their body wants them involved in their health care—how odd! Anyway- it seems these Dem women want the Government involved in every other damned thing except their vagina. Excuse me – have I got a say cause – I don’t want them up my ass on any issue at all let alone my vagina!

The last time I checked that is the only damned right women do have. Good work NOW a half a century and that is all we have and you have managed to split women in half day after day over an issue that you long ago won – probably will never loose and has done little to equalize the majority of women’s pay, or life in terms of the issues I raised above that women face on a day to day basis across America. These high paid women, who run these so-called women’s groups, however, apparently don’t get to chat with the little people they are supposed to be representing — just like the party who forgot who they work for.  I suggest you cut up your member cards and stop sending in your dues – in fact ask for a refund- NOW!

Four women a day die at the hands of their beloved- how many notices did Terry O’Neil of NOW send out about that in the last two weeks compared to the barrage of email regarding this ad? Have they been all over the blogs and TV and Radio about these murders, the wife beatings, the rapes and the abductions, the sexploitations or the protective mothers losing their children?

Give me the numbers I am on your mailing list ladies? Clearly your concern is not on the hundreds of thousands women facing serious problems mentioned above because you are still fighting a solved 45 year old issue!  You are failing to meet women’s needs! Don’t get angry with me- look at your own failings. You are obviously in bed with the Dems and like them you have sold out women and their real needs for your own high paying cushy jobs – fancy offices- and big names!  You are no better that the crooks in DC! *Note- Three years out of my own pocket – through thick and thin- I am fighting for women – for freedom- for ERA- for real choice- for you and I am doing it at my expense for you for free!

Jehmu, I am baffled by your comment that I have been attacking you for months. I didn’t realize I had spent that much time appealing to your organization nor have I ever personally heard from you before today. We have never had a conversation or exchanged a letter or an email. In your reply to my last post you attribute my anger with you based on a whole set of other issues? What the hell is that supposed to mean?

First- you do not know how I feel so where do you get off attributing feelings to me and assigning a whole set of issues for them? I was not angry with you – I am disappointed in you and I resent you speaking for all women. The things you say reflect on America’s women and what you have said and done reflects negatively on us.

You and other women’s groups simply do not have the right to speak for America’s women about issues that reflect on all non-conservative women. How dare you? You don’t speak for me nor my posse! And where they hell do you get off as a leader of a women’s group calling other liberal women or any group of women a posse because they do not agree with you? Who are you to assume to speak for them? How dare you?

Clearly, I am a uniter and you are a divider! Why don’t you change your organizations name to radical liberation women’s group- you certainly have little respect for women who do not tow your line!

And as far any other issues- I wouldn’t go there if I were you- I have been on this kick far too long for you to even try to spin this one! You obviously have not done your homework –go back to the early 80’s and my thesis, my reputation surely precedes me- I mean what I say and I say what I mean- ALWAYS!

“Betty Jean, You have been attacking me for months, before this campaign and I assume it will continue after this campaign. To each her own, but you should at least have all your facts straight. I’ve reached out to you several times to clarify and correct your misinformation, but again I think your anger towards me is based on a whole set of other issues. Jehmu Greene” https://freemenow.wordpress.com/2010/02/03/jehmu-green-gimme-a-break/#comments

Terry, I have made it very clear that either you fight for ALL women or you are not a national women’s group and should rename yourselves appropriately Liberal or Democratic NOW. While I do not agree with Conservative women’s groups either, at least they are honest about who they are and what they intend to do. At no time did they ever promise to fight for ALL women and place emphasis on ERA only to resort to the same old issues that have been in place for years under the Dem party line. You have had 6 months to give equal time to some of these other issues- you have not, therefore I am withdrawing my support for whatever that’s worth! You won by 8 votes – I alone came with 6 and those I came with were vocal and strong and helped you win! We all know this and all we asked was for ERA on the table with equal footing. We did not ask favors- we did not ask for positions of power or payment- we just wanted ERA back on the front burner. You threw us crumbs and now you want money to stop an ad that makes women look ridiculous for screaming about?What do you take us for fools? Insanity =?

There are state groups who are working hard on these issues. NOW-NYS run by State President Marcia Pappas is one such group. Marcia is the epitome of what a president of a women’s group should be and do. I have personally witnessed the work of this woman over the last few years and she is a credit to the organization, too good for them. She has sponsored Protective mothers, she has held press conferences for battered women, and she had fought for the hate Crimes Bill that would make VAW a hate crime in NY. She has co written articles on VAW vs. honor Killings. I could go on and on. Suffice it to say, Ms Pappas is always on the side of women and girls, and freedom of choice and fairness. We have agreed to respectfully disagree on several issues. Marcia is a woman of true character and one who understands the concept of uniting women when and if possible. She doesn’t think I can accomplish this but she knows I will not stop and I hope she will accept that I am taking this stand at this time against NOW.

Dear XXX,

Have CBS’s higher-ups been colluding all along with Focus on the Family?

You may have heard by now that CBS plans to air a 30-second ad by right-wing anti-abortion group Focus on the Family, starring football player Tim Tebow, during the Super Bowl. And it just got even worse…

Will you support us today so we can convince CBS to pull the ad?

There’s rumor that CBS executives worked closely with Focus on the Family in crafting the ad’s script. If this is true, they’re not just making a buck at the expense of women’s rights, but they’re actually working behind the scenes to promote Focus on the Family’s radical right wing agenda — and make no mistake: that agenda includes overturning Roe v. Wade and making abortion “illegal and unthinkable.” Please contribute today so we can fight for fairness in the media!

Focus on the Family’s ad, yet to be released, allegedly features the story of Tebow’s mother, who continued a risky pregnancy against her physician’s recommendations. We celebrate the ability of all women to make their own decisions about health care, their families and their future — whatever that decision might be. But Focus on the Family is using the over $2.5 million ad to shame those women who decide to terminate a pregnancy. And the possibility that executives at a major network participated in shaping this ad is simply appalling.

Support NOW’s work to let CBS know that anti-abortion propaganda has no place in the Super Bowl or at major network offices.

The ad represents a sharp turn from CBS’s usual policy against airing controversial ads during sports events. In 2004, CBS rejected an ad from the United Church of Christ welcoming LGBT parishioners citing its anti-advocacy policy.

Your contribution today says that you won’t stand for CBS collaborating with Focus on the Family.

For justice and equality,

Terry O’Neill
NOW President


8 Responses

  1. You may feel pro-life ads do not belong on a Super Bowl (or any other program advertising for that matter) but I do not feel the constant PUSH for pro-homosexuality is healthy either. If pro-life issues must go, so does pro-homosexuality. I enjoyed the program “Bones” until an episode shoving homosexuality down my throat (and anyone else watching) was aired. I will never watch the program again, meaning I will also not be viewing the commercials that sponsor it. Abortion is not a “reproductive right”. It is murdering an defenseless infant. Jeremiah 1:4-5 If it’s not a baby, you’re not pregnant. I have seen the commercial that will be aired during the game. And I support it 100%. God Bless America.

  2. My comment on the WMC site is copied below and is in moderation. It will be interesting to see if my opinion will be published there.

    Is it too late to stop this over reaction? Is this a way for women’s groups to promote hysteria and raise funds? If Ms Tebow was not working with Focus on the Family would you object to her telling her story? Should I be embarrassed that my reaction to this was ” Maybe Ms. Hitler should/would have made a different choice?” It is this and the idea that what was wrong with Sarah Palin is that she actually “CHOSE” to give birth to a baby with Down’s Syndrome that keeps women from working for our own good over one issue. I am beginning to think that pro-choice women haven’t (or perhaps have) figured out that if pro-life women have more children (and they do) they will eventually be in the majority.

    Personally, I found the “Sarah Palin is a cunt” teeshirt posted on Obama’s website (through TheBlackSnob link) more of a threat to the health and safety of women and girls than this ad.In case you question my credentials, I started a rape crisis center over 30 years ago and have been fighting violence against women since. One of the mantras of the pro-life/conservative women is that “Liberals kill babies and hate children”. My fear that your and NOWs reaction to this ad will be used as “proof”. Sometimes it is best to ignore deliberate provocations. In my work with survivors of sexual assault and DV, I have never found that their political views on abortion were a factor. Misogymy and sexism seem to be and equal opportunity destroyer.

    • I agree. I am not in this for myself but for all women to be freed from that which binds them both from the left and from the right. Women are the loosers here- they always are and it musgt stop NOW. We must stop it now.

      This is my beef- not the ad –my beef is the time, resources and money they spend on this issue at the expense of all the others. This alone is what is behind my anguish not this damned ad but the insinuations of collusion and the overwhelming voracity with which they go after this particular issue and nearly ignore the suffering of women on so many other fronts!

      Now let’s talk about equal access or coverage from NOW on the issues I highlighted? The face of women they portray to the world is not the only face women of this country and not the face All women want to be portrayed as. They have absolutely no right to depict women this narrowly and they must be called out for it!

      The left adds fuel to the fires of the the rights accusations re: “Liberals kill babies and hate children”. Why must I be called either a liberal child hater or a Right wing nut because two radical groups choose to place women in one camp or the other?

      I demand my right to freedom of choice and I will not be pigeon holed by NOW or any other so-called liberal woman’s group or else be thrust into the radical right wing conservative pit instead as if there are only two kinds of women in this world.

      How dare Terry insinuate anyone ok with the ad must “be in collusion with radical right wing” and “make no mistake: that agenda includes overturning Roe v. Wade and making abortion “illegal and unthinkable”

      This is going over the top and I refuse to have all women placed in the either or camp anymore. I am speaking out and I invite others to stand up and tell ALL womens groups from all sides to speak for themselves – we are INDIVIDUALS now cows!

      No– there are actually FREE THINKERS who refuse to be either or and I am only one of millions who will no longer sit quietly by and allow either the right or the left to vilify us ever again and then wonder why we are labeled Bitches and Cunts and treated like either dirt on welcome mats or objectified to be used, abused and cast aside and possibly murdered.

      I remember the ad for Virginia Slims- You’ve come a long way Baby! Think about that- We were actually allowed to kill ourselves — hooray for NOW!

  3. Would I be surprised if Ms. Tebow may have been careless with the whole truth about her pregnancy with Tim? No, truth seems to be one of the first casualties of this debate…Instead of fighting a commercial we could use this as an opportunity to educate how little restriction of reproductive freedom does to reduce the number of abortions. How it endangers the life of women who may have chosen to terminate a pregnancy because she already had more children than she could feed.

    Gloria Allred has pointed out that abortion is/was illegal in the Phillipines. Makes the story here a little suspicious.

    Here is the truth about what is really happening in the Phillipines.


    Let’s start an honest debate:

    • They don’t want an honest debate Ms. both sides want what they want and that is their own way.
      It is our job to lead the rest of the women away from the selfish few that would hijack women for their own selfish purposes and force all of us to suffer so that they don’t surer alone.

      Misery loves company. It would be like me saying if i can’t get VAW adjudicated as a hate crime – all other women’s laws don’t matter- that would be self centered and selfish !

      That is all they care about- sure they hurt but only for their own issue not for womankind. This is what makes them irrelevant as national women’s groups they are specific issue driven rather than womenkind driven.

      When women wanted the vote they wanted it for all women equally not just for some – that is how we got it! This can never be solved therefore it can not be debated – it must be left to groups who care to fight for it but those groups cannot be called women’s groups as they do not represent all women. All women are not welcomed!

    • Thank you Ms. Behaved for your balanced comments on this issue.

      I am saddened by this “firestorm”, knowing all too well that the underlying fact is that millions of women and girls have NO CHOICE over being exploited, impregnated, abused, murdered and maimed for life.

      While I hate the necessity of abortion, I am quickly reminded by the scripture that says: “Woe to you religious leaders and pharisees who make laws that you, yourselves, do not have to live by”. It is precisely why I refuse to put myself in a judgment seat.

      The day that the bodies and rights of women and young girls are fully protected by law, the voices of the right to life of embryos are screaming louder against the sexploitation of women and girls – child marriage, rape, barbaric violence against women and political and religious male dominance of women, is the day that I will believe in the “moral” intent of the “pro-life” movement.

      I also fully agree with Betty Jean that “progressive” women’ organizations have been no more effective in collectively turning the tide of violence and sexual exploitation of women and girls than the “pro-life” organizations have been effective in reducing the number of abortions and/or teen pregnancies.

      In that regard, I, too, wonder why NOW and WMC epically failed to relentlessly confront one of the most blatant exploiters of sexism, misogyny and the defamation of women’ roles in civic leadership in political history – Barack Obama?

      Because you, NOW and WMC, certainly didn’t create a firestorm by speaking up for me, as a woman, against Obama’s sexist tactics in one of the most historical moments for women in our political history – thus, when it could have counted the most – I hardly trust your motives in the Tebow matter, today.

      To speak out for women’ reproductive rights now, while failing miserably to confront the very political and cultural biases against women that undermine our ability to effect such rights, is failed leadership at its very worst.

      In my opinion, our focus of all of our efforts on the “causes” of exploitation of women and girls are constantly being undermined by the cherry picking of the issues that focus on the SYMPTOMS of exploitation of women and girls, rather than the CAUSES.

      …and, Betty Jean Kling has that part of the equation absolutely right!

  4. Thank You- W to W – you have hit the nail right on the head- that is exactly what I am trying to convey.

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