Sexualization of America 6 of 12

Another Rant By: BetyJean Kling

I am not in this for myself but for all women to be freed from that which binds them both from the left and from the right. Women are the loosers here- they always are and it must stop NOW. We must stop it NOW.  Have ya ever heard give em enough rope and they’ll hang themselves? Well let’s not give them enough rope to hang all of us!

My beef is the time, resources and money So-called women’s groups spend on one or two  issue at the expense of all the others. This issues are important to the women that it pertains to – thus they feel it should be important to all women. Fair enough. Conversely, what about the other issues that pertain to the rest of us?

 This alone is what is behind my anguish not this damned ad but the insinuations of collusion and the overwhelming  voracity with which they go after this particular issue and nearly ignore  the suffering of women on so many other fronts!

Now let’s talk about equal access or coverage from NOW on the issues I have highlighted over and over again? 

It seems to me these so-called women’s groups think women have only two issues on their minds. Let’s educate them!

In addition to choice about our own bodies and the right to marriage between loving lesbian couples, we have all the same issues any man has such as war, taxes, health care, jobs, insurance, and a whole host of other issues and in additions we have child care, spousal abuse, equal pay, sexism, harrassment, equality, and a lack of representation in our government. They did not speak up about this CBS program did they?

To top it all off we are seriously sexualized by the very same media outlet that they are now barking about for finally showing a woman as a loving mother instead of eye candy or a piece of ass! Not to mention the depiction of our daughters as shown here in this Lee Jeans soft porn, Not a word from Jehmu orTerry- how does that bode on women?

If that doesn’t make loberals look like they hate children – I am not sure what it does say!  The face of women they portray to the world is not the only face women of this country and not the face ALL women want to be portrayed as. They have absolutely no right to depict women this narrowly and they must be called out for it!  

The left adds fuel to the fires of the the rights accusations re: “Liberals kill babies and hate children”.  Why must I be called either a liberal child hater or a Right Wing Nut because two radical groups choose to place women in one camp or the other?

I REPEAT- I demand my right to freedom of choice and I will not be pigeon holed by NOW or any other so-called liberal woman’s group or else be thrust into the radical right wing conservative pit instead as if there are only two kinds of women in this world.

How dare Terry O’Neil of NOW  insinuate anyone ok with the ad must neccessarily

 “be in collusion with radical right wing”  and “make no mistake: that agenda includes overturning Roe v. Wade and making abortion “illegal and unthinkable”

This is going over the top and I refuse to have all women placed in the either or camp anymore. I am speaking out and I invite others to stand up and tell ALL womens groups from all sides to speak for themselves – we are INDIVIDUALS now sheep!

No– there are actually FREE THINKERS who refuse to be either or and I am only one of millions who will no longer sit quietly by and allow either the right or the left to vilify us ever again and then wonder why we are labeled Bitches and Cunts and treated like either dirt on welcome mats or objectified to be used, abused and cast aside and possibly murdered.

I remember the ad for Virginia Slims- <em>You’ve come a long way Baby!</em> Think about that- We were actually allowed to kill ourselves — Just because you are free to do what you want with your body does not mean anything you want to do with it is the right thing to do or good for your body- or perhaps it is but let that be my decision – not yours! 

Virginia Slims made money on liberation- NOW made money on liberation – Manufacturers make money on liberation ,  Ad companies are getting rich but WE STILL ONLY MAKE 77 CENTS ON THE DOLLAR !

To top it all off our children from the minute they are born are seeing images of females like this and hearing debates like this! What the hell can we be thinking? Is this what they fought to be free for– to be used and abused  as the source of everyone else’s pleasure? How’s that working out for you? Let’s stop it now! 

Do you much Terry O’Neil’s yearly salary? How about Jehmu Greene?  Before you send in another cent- demand to know! Then decide if she is worth it- and if those she does represent can cover her expenses alone and if so let them.

I think the following quote applies to women’s groups more so than political parties in-as- much as these groups were founded for the express purpose of empowering women and not a political agenda. If we fail to respect our selves – we deserve what we get!

 “No Self Respecting Woman Should Wish or Work for the Success of a Party That Ignores Her Sex.” Susan B. Anthony 1872


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