Planned Parenthood shows some class

By BettyJean Kling

Finally some sanity! Planned Parenthood has stepped up to the plate and responded to the Super Bowl ad in a very positive manner. Perhaps Jehmu Green and Terry O’Neil could learn a few things from them. I only hope I have not jumped the gun and written this before the pro-lifers go bananas ( and they will – believe me) screeching in kind about the baby killing factory the far right wing claims Planned Parenthood is!

In any event- while this ad is obviously a tit for tat is is well done, does not denegrate any women or groups, promotes  freedom of speech, freedom of choice ad and demonstrates the approach the left should have come up with in the first place instead of the ridiculous nonsense that drew more criticism of women then it did support.

Sean James and Al Joyner respond to the Tebow Super Bowl ad


2 Responses

  1. Outstanding and I am so proud of these gentlemen to speak up about the rights of all women….it truly is refreshing

  2. Well done, Planned Parenthood. At this point in time it continues to be important for all men who care about fairness to speak up for women. Men who hate women or view them as inferior are unlikely to be influenced by our words. How is it that somehow in this country women still do hot have Equal Rights under the law?

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