Glaringly Sexist Commercials

Originally posted on my other blog July 2009 -Inspired by: 8 TV Ads That Hate Women-By Cole Gamble February 11, 2009 333,642 views –

Once women refuse to give in to this brainwashing – once we begin to refuse to use these products – when we turn off the TV- when we  refuse to wear the clothes or buy the magazines or don the make-up or dress the part  or play dumb we will begin to see a change. But not until WE put the brakes on.

The following  commercials will show you how we progressed  from our mothers tying on their apron strings to us wearing G-stings just to keep a man happy without ever once being any more valuable or valued as more than slaves of one kind or another. The more things changed the more they stayed the same!

Liberated? Not hardly– looks more to me like berated. Used was bad enough — sexually abused from birth to death is no step- up.

And today’s young ladies have no clue that they are disposable. They have been spoon fed this crap from birth as have their male counterparts. No wonder neither knows any boundaries nor thinks this is ok! IT’S NOT OK!

In this prize winner – Goodyear sells their tires to men by assuring them the tires are just what they need  to keep their idiot wife safe while she somehow gets around until he can take the wheel. 

In this romance promise her anything but be sure you give her a bauble- that always works! Never mind the vows he is sure never to keep! 

Milk huh? I never new milk could help with Putting up w Men’s Shit – what do you do – drown the bastards in it?

Ahhhh – there it is the perfect little girl toys- keep them home save the jobs for the boys- after all jobs are getting scarce again so like after the war – send them home again.

Now remember this? Surprisingly enough we haven’t come that far have we?

Fly Maggie- We thought that was bad- Have you listened to the words of today’s rap- sung by the women themselves? I’m just not that innocent!

And these two – well they sound like they are not that innocent either- but what have we come to when we will say and do just about anything for a buck? How many little girls got that message – we sure have come a long way baby from that original Barbie commercial. We seem to have bent the tree completely to the breaking point and then we wonder how we got to where we are.

This was then -aaaaand now Barbie has a Tattoo, nose rings, and navel and brow piercings. Yes we have come a long way baby and we haven’t learned a damned thing. 

And the best of them all, we have let our daughters down. We are so much smarter than this – we are the majority and yet here we sit. 50 years and what have we accomplished in advertising?  Free Speech extends to everyone else but us!  You would never see a minority used like this!


Free US Now / The Majority United


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