Jehmu Green Gimme a break!

Another Rant By: BettyJean Kling

Oh please give it a rest – you are making women look shallow and stupid- I have lost all faith in you and the other liberal so-called women’s groups. Give me a break- for the love of Pete what the hell are you afraid of? Women’s rights include freedom of choice which apparently you are trying to prevent. I have not heard a damned word from you about the sexploitation of women and children and that is one hell of a problem in this country. You have gone absolutely nuts over a commercial that you have not even seen yet! You have sat by and allowed women to be exploited as sex objects during these games for years without so much as a word.

Where are you with that soap box that you are so privileged to have on the real problems women face? You are a damned hypocrite- and you are making women look ridiculous with this hissy fit. The ad is not anti choice it is all about choice – I repeat it is all about choice Jehmu -the choice your mother made to have you and the choice Tim’s mother made to have him is not anti choice, what the hell is wrong with you? I am a pro-choice woman who believes in freedom of choice and full education for all on every choice available. Apparently you believe choice means the choice to abort not the choice to carry!

I am going to print your call to action and I am going to offer the choice to my readers- they can call and demand the ad be pulled or they can call and demand the add stand.

That is what I call freedom of speech and freedom of choice and what The Majority United (TMU )offers women in contrast to the limited scope your organizations offer and ultimately keep us divided and conquered. SHAME! You have done to the left what the Churches have to the right, TMU intends to set women free to think logically and out of the box you are trying to keep them in.

Dear BettyJean,

Today is our day of action targeting the NFL and pressuring them to step in and demand that CBS pull the anti-choice ad sponsored by Focus on the Family. Please take two minutes today to help us flood their phone lines — and share these actions with your friends online.

You can:

  1. Call the NFL. Ask them to pressure CBS to drop the ad. They have been able to influence the advertising decisions of the network in the past and now is the time that they speak up and ask CBS to scrap the ad. Here’s a script, and NFL numbers are listed below. Call the commissioner and your favorite team!

    “Hello, I am calling to express my disappointment with the NFL’s silence on CBS decision to air an anti-choice ad from Focus on the Family despite previously rejecting advocacy ads from other organizations. This ad from a divisive and intolerant organization is bad for women and bad for the image of the Super Bowl. I am calling to ask the NFL to make the right call and tell CBS to pull the ad.”

  2. Sign a petition. We are delivering your signatures to CBS executives this week – the more the better. We have several petitions on from coalition partners and other organizations who are working to stop this ad, make sure to sign as many as you can:
  3. Get out the tweet: CBS made the wrong call on anti-choice #superbowl ad; call the NFL today to ask for a replay: #underthebus
  4. RSVP on Facebook. Share the event on Facebook:

Most of all – do something! The last thing we need is CBS, the NFL, or their advertisers telling us when and how to have a family.
Jehmu, Rebekah, Rachell,
& the WMC Team

Commissioner Roger Goodell, (212) 450-2027

Arizona Cardinals – Bill Bidwill,(800) 999-1402
Atlanta Falcons – Arthur Blank, (770) 965-3115
Baltimore Ravens – Steve Bisciotti,(410) 261-7283
Buffalo Bills – Ralph Wilson,(716) 648-1800
Carolina Panthers – Jerry Richardson, (704) 358-7000
Cincinnati Bengals – Mike Brown, (513) 621-3550
Cleveland Browns – Randy Lerner, (440) 824-6284
Dallas Cowboys – Jerry Jones, (972) 556-9900
Denver Broncos – Pat Bowlen, (303) 649-9000
Detroit Lions – William Clay Ford, (313) 216-4000
Green Bay Packers – Green Bay Packers Inc., (920) 569-7500
Houston Texans – Robert C. McNair, (832) 667-2000
Indianapolis Colts –  Jim Irsay, (800) 805-2658 / (317) 297-2658
Jacksonville Jaguars –  Wayne Weaver, (904) 633-2000
Kansas City Chiefs –  Clark Hunt, (816) 920.9300
Miami Dolphins –  Stephen M. Ross, (954) 452-7000
Minnesota Vikings – Zygi Wilf, (952) 828-6500
New Orleans Saints – Tom Benson, (504) 566-8385
New York Giants – John Mara and Steve Tisch, (201) 935-8111
New York Jets – Robert Wood Johnson IV, (212) 969-1800
Oakland Raiders – Al Davis, (510) 864-5000
Philadelphia Eagles – Jeffrey Lurie, (215) 463-2500
Pittsburgh Steelers –  Dan Rooney, (412) 697-7181
San Diego Chargers –  Alex Spanos, (858) 874-4500
San Francisco 49ers – Denise DeBartolo and John York, (408) 562-4949
Seattle Seahawks – Paul Allen, (888) 635-4295
St. Louis Rams – Chip Rosenbloom, (314) 982-7267
Tampa Bay Buccaneers – Malcolm Glazer, (813) 870-2700
Tennessee Titans –  Bud Adams, (615) 565-4000


22 Responses

  1. You go girl! I used to consider myself a liberal and a feminist. Now I know they used us all. Our “choice” is to follow them blindly or else. They can go to hell.

    • The problem is that we are automatically considered the enemy unless we tow a certain line! I dno’t two anyone’s line and it is about time we- as women stand up and say so.
      Thank you for letting the truth be known that not all liberal women or all feminists are in tjhe same cookie cutter box.

  2. What Anne said !

    Excellent post, Betty Jean !

    • Hahahahah – I know what you mean woman to woman – I am almost without words myself! after all these years it would seem to me that these gals are very slow learners and the rest of us have been pretty slow too – maybe it is time for us to starting telling the far right and far left where they can put their radical ideas ?
      Or maybe at least we can ask them to stop calling themselves women’s groups and recast themselves for wwhat they really are- radical leftists!

      It is about time – we send them a letter and ask them to stop speaking for us– because they really don’t.

  3. WELL DONE BJ! Moreover, yes, I am shouting to be heard over Jehmu and her cohorts’ ridiculous diatribe. Let the advertisement run and applaud the valor of Pam Tebow, a woman who sought her own path against medical odds. Perhaps Jehmu needs to look at her Webster’s or Funk and Wagnall’s Dictionaries. To help her out here is my dictionary’s entry Choice n. 1. The act of choosing; selection; 2.the right, power, or chance to choose; option; 3. a person or thing chosen; 4. the best or most preferable part; 5. a variety from which to choose; 6. a supply that is well chosen; 7. an alternative; 8. care in choosing. SYN. – choice implies the chance, right or power to choose, usually by the FREE EXERCISE OF ONE’S JUDGMENT (emphasis mine).

    Jehmu and groups like her are out of touch. They are so heavily mired in abortion-only think and spiel they have lost sight of Women’s Choice. Choice to have a child is as much a choice as to abort. What is choice then if not choice to stay-home and raise your children rather than work outside the home and have others assist in that child rearing; choice to marry; choice to stay single? Fight for a Women’s Right to Make the Choice Freely – Not what her choice should be. The Majority United has it right. Thank you, BJ!

    • CeCe,
      Truth be told the left is just the other wing of the same vulture that has kept women from achieving their rightful place in society and in the political arena.

      TMU will – with the help of the majority of women – right this wrong.

      Women do not fit into either category that Conservatives and Liberals have painted us into and forced us to occupy. It’s about time for us to cast thos label to tjhe curb where they belong.

      TMU has never asked for one cent- I have labored for nearly three years at my own expense- I do it for the love of Freedom of Choice! I have no axe to grind and I have not attacked any women but I have attacked and will continue to attack the idea of pigeon holing women.

      There is one thing that must be done and done now- Cast the left and right groups to the wind- and let’s unite and fight for the right to be free to choose for ourselves. The Majority United is greater than them all.

  4. I have been President of the Women’s Media Center for 4 months. We absolutely do address the sexualization of women and girls in the media and will be doing so much more aggressively now that I am here. I suspect your anger towards me has more to do with other issues, but I’ll leave that for another day. I respect Pam Tebow’s choice, but I do not respect her and Focus on the Family using her story in their effort to take away the same choice for other women. Focus on the Family’s agenda is to make all abortions illegal and we will continue to speak out against their anti-choice, anti-woman, homophobic agenda. If that is an agenda you and your posse stand behind I think its really unfortunate. If you have any interest in the truth behind our campaign, read my Huffington Post piece from yesterday at

    Betty Jean, You have been attacking me for months, before this campaign and I assume it will continue after this campaign.To each her own, but you should at least have all your facts straight. I’ve reached out to you several times to clarify and correct your misinformation, but again I think your anger towards me is based on a whole set of other issues.

    Jehmu Greene

    • Jehmu,
      I wrote this to BJ earlier:
      Feel free to forward this to Jehmu, Terry O’Neil of Now & anyone else you see fit to send it to.

      Ms. Green was the person in the media workshop group at The No Limits Nov. 6th 2009 conference that backed me up regarding sexism & non-partisan out-rage. I was grateful then & now for her wise words.
      Sadly, with this she & the email I rec’d from Terry O’Neil of NOW are missing the point.
      “PRO-CHOICE” means that we work our butts off to maintain the right for every woman to have a “CHOICE” when faced with an unexpected pregnancy.
      That means that some woman may “CHOOSE” to have an abortion & some women; like the NFL players mother, Sarah Palin & also her teenage daughter…”CHOSE-LIFE”!!!!!
      In other words with-out both options available then there is no “CHOICE”. However, to NOT ABORT is a “CHOICE” of LIFE”!!!
      As a registered nurse for 25+ years I know something about guiding people through difficult choices & yet keeping my personal feelings far…far…away, from the process they must complete for themselves.
      Make no mistake about it maintaining the option of abortion as a viable “CHOICE” is extremely important. Unfortunately, the current woman’s movement seems to have crossed the line to Pro-Abortion & that is unacceptable.

      You might not remember the circumstances like I do; but when you stood up & said to the crowd of woman that , “we must have the same intolerance for sexism as we rightfully do for racism” I was forever grateful.
      However, on this you & I must agree to disagree. For if his mother was doing anything more than just sharing her story; then I too would be joining in your out-rage.
      In my opinion if you & the other woman’s groups celebrated the work you have all done in preserving this woman & all woman’s “Choice-Options” what a ” wonderful world this could be”!!!

    • Ok. At the risk of sounding like I am vacillating, I must at least reply to your suggestion to read your article, Ms. Greene, and here is my response

      Ms. Greene:

      In fairness to you and your position, I did go and read the article. I fully appreciate the following statement in your article. I find it to be the real issue that all women should be fully committed to when it comes to Women’s Reproductive Rights. That is, if the physical, mental and emotional health of all Women – and Children – are truly the concern of any women or organization – religious or otherwise – for obvious reasons:

      You said:

      “Women’s health is not a game, and abortion is only part of the reproductive health equation. Every year women turn to family planning clinics and their doctors for sound advice, mammograms, pap smears, breast exams, prenatal care, sexually transmitted infection testing, and preventative services like sex education and access to contraception. According to the Guttmacher Institute, half of all pregnancies in the United Stated are unintended. Women’s reproductive health should be fair, safe and covered and we stand up against organizations like Focus on the Family, which use medical misinformation, politics and 30-second ads to preach morality to women.”


      I can and do appreciate the above statement I also fully understand and appreciate your effort to inform and educate women on the unconscionable lack of integrity of the media to exploit this issue – along with women, families, children and organizations. Engaging in a “media war” over Reproductive Health Rights only inures to the benefit of advertising revenues on behalf of the Medias, rather than women. That, I am afraid, is the real tragedy of this whole “war”; in the wake of both our “moral positions on abortion” and our efforts “to protect a woman’s personal rights and freedoms” we too often lose sight of a very basic fact:

      We, as women, all have a moral obligation to eliminate unnecessary suffering of women and children, confront ignorance, masquerading as morality, immorality and/or neutrality and refuse to be used, abused and excused when it comes to the role that women can and must play in all truly “developing” cultures and societies.

      Whatever our differences, our common purpose, as women, should be inarguable: to protect, fight for, and ensure the personal rights, freedoms and “CHOICE” for ALL women. That is not a “Liberal”, “Conservative”, “Left”, “Right” or “Centrist” position; it is a “Human Rights” position…

      … There is not a damned thing “godly” about the suffering of tens of millions of women, girls and/or “unplanned children” due to the lack of funding for services that our divisions over the “abortion issue” have caused.

      For whatever that is worth to both sides – I am just tired of finding myself as an enemy combatant over semantics when the stakes are so damned high.

      The “Majority” United has the right vision – how do WE come together, is the question.

    • Jehmu, I am baffled by your comment that I have been attacking you for months. I didn’t realize I had spent that much time appealing to your organization nor have I ever personally heard from you before today. We have never had a conversation or exchanged a letter or an email. In your reply to my last post you attribute my anger with you based on a whole set of other issues? What the hell is that supposed to mean?

      First- you do not know how I feel so where do you get off attributing feelings to me and assigning a whole set of issues for them? I was not angry with you – I am disappointed in you and I resent you speaking for all women. The things you say reflect on America’s women and what you have said and done reflects negatively on us.

      You and other women’s groups simply do not have the right to speak for America’s women about issues that reflect on all non-conservative women. How dare you? You don’t speak for me nor my posse! And where they hell do you get off as a leader of a women’s group calling other liberal women or any group of women a posse because they do not agree with you? Who are you to assume to speak for them? How dare you?

      Clearly I am a uniter and you are a divider! Why don’t you change your organizations name to radical liberation women’s group- you certainly have little respect for women who do not tow your line!

      And as far any other issues- I wouldn’t go there if I were you- I have been on this kick far too long for you to even try to spin this one! You obviously have not done your homework –go back to the early 80’s and my thesis, my reputation surely precedes me- I mean what I say and I say what I mean- ALWAYS!

    • Jehmu, you can’t be taken seriously. Every word out of your mouth is straight from the Democratic/Liberal talking points playbook. Most of what you say is false and I am amzaed that you are a Face of the Democratic party. But I guess I should not be surprised as Obama also has issues telling the truth.

  5. BJ, I just love you. You are so right on and this is one of the many reasons I no longer support these so call “Women groups”. It is not about choice it is about pushing their agenda as they see it.

    Where is their support and outrage against the main stream media continued degrading and insults as well is misleading information against women in the public arena.

    Again women are being ujsed to promote support for corrupt speciakl interest affiliates.

    I thought the abortion debate was always about choice, not the actual decision to have an abortion or not. I personally believe that all women should have the right choose and the decision should be between their doctor and whoever else they choose to consult.

    These so-call women groups need to put their energy in more meaningful issues that can really make a difference, ie spousal abuse, sexism, equal pay and promotions

    • It seems to me these so-called women’s groups think women have only two issues on their minds. Let’s educate them!

      In addition to choice about our own bodies and the right to marriage between loving lesbian couples, we have all the same issues any man has such as war, taxes, health care, jobs, insurance, and a whole host of other issues and in additions we have child care, spousal abuse, equal pay, sexism, harrassment, equality, and a lack of representation in our government.

      To top it all off we are seriously sexualized by the very same media outlet that they are now barking about for finally showing a women a loving mother instead of eye candy or a piece of ass!

      Gee thanks Jemue Greene and Terry O’Neil – let the whole world think we put down motherhood but instead value and celebrate women as trophies!

      Again- let’s let these two heads of women’s groups know they don’t speak for us!

  6. Sorry about typos….

  7. Thank you, Betty Jean. My first exposure to Jehmu was when she spoke at the Count Every Vote Rally and I was impressed. I thought she did a good job. But every other time I’ve heard her on TV, it’s been spouting Obama’s talking points. Something that I couldn’t stand to listen to. I dropped my support of other organizations because of her and told them why.

    Admittedly when she speaks now I’m not completely objective. But in this case, I do think this is just a rehash of the same old one–topic issue heard from too many women’s groups. I’m pro-choice, but there are alot of other women’s issues that are important. And as it pertains to her women’s media center, there are many other areas that her organization could/should address.


  8. Jehmu has company, Terry O’neil and others are joining her in this outrageous call to arms. From Rock the vote to her current position she has done nothing new for women in general – she has fallen into political line with the Democrats which have done nothing for women but throw us crumbs and expect us to be grateful. – see the next post!

  9. […] “Betty Jean, You have been attacking me for months, before this campaign and I assume it will continue after this campaign. To each her own, but you should at least have all your facts straight. I’ve reached out to you several times to clarify and correct your misinformation, but again I think your anger towards me is based on a whole set of other issues. Jehmu Greene” […]

  10. This “call to action” is ridiculous. I think all women by now know exactly what causes pregnancy. If you don’t want to have a baby practice birth control or abstinance.
    Then you won’t have to wrestle the the heart wrenching
    “choice” of whether or not to have an abortion. JUST STOP BREEDING! I am pro choice but i am also pro common sense! Be responsible.

    • Gee what a novel idea ! And still women are allowing the church and politicians to keep the majority bashing the living hell out of each other over this issue- out in the plain sight of the whole worl lkiike we have nothng else on our minds at all! It makes us the laughing stock and those who run these organization ought to be ashamed of the way they are carrying on and all the while claiming to be FOR women!.

  11. Jehmu have you always been an idiot or is it something you just acquired recently. Oh my mistake it has been long running because I see your asinine comments on Fox often. If it was a planned parenthood ad your would be as silent as a church mouse.

  12. please keep watch and be careful he does not surface in another area of goverment…To all that receive some kind of anti- excuse for being “put out ” of office they all seem to show up again – like Jones…..obama either has to keep them around him or make them disappear from this world ….if you know what I mean …
    That bunch thinks they are still in charge ! lol

  13. Where were these idiot groups when Lettermen verbally assaulted Sarah Palin and her under aged child? Oh, yeah, they dont like her so I guess she is NOT a woman??

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