Woman to Woman…

To my sisters (and brothers) who have survived the horrors of abuse – from that of being subjected to domestic violence, or physical abuse, or sexual exploitation as children and/or adults.

Tonight, on FreeMeNow BlogTalk Radio, we heard yet another story of one of “us” from guest, Deana Phelps, of “Norcal’s Domestic Violence Resource and Education”. Survivors stories, more often than not, are not easy stories to hear, but hear them we must because they tell the story of all that we are fighting for – every human being’s right to be safe from having one’s body violated or exploited by another human being.

Who are we? We are… Infants, Children, Teens, Women, Men, the Elderly, Mothers, Fathers, Sisters, Brothers, Friends, Students, Neighbors, Employees, Church Members, the Homeless… of every Race, Religion and Social Status… we live in every City, State, Nation and Country…

We are the Voices of outrage, compassion, courage and hope. We are the Voices that refuse to be silenced by the perpetrators of such violence. This is for all of US… who keep on moving toward the finish line, hand-to-hand, One for All and All for One… Bravo!

P.S. Thank you Betty Jean for all that you do!


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  1. BTW: Re: Alessandro Machi previous post about the new “third party website:

    “Alessandro Machi, on February 1st, 2010 at 8:27 pm Said:

    Hi, I have started a blog to support third party candidates and Reid, Pelosi, and their friends. The blog can be found at http://www.mythirdparty.com about the new “third Party Website”

    I went over and saw the fabulous post regarding “Politicians should be required to wear their Corporate Donors Logos”…

    Yes !!! What a fabulous, brilliant idea !!! I can just see “Goldman Sachs”, “Bank of America”, “Citi Corp” and “AIG” jackets, caps and lapel pins as well as magnetic signs on every limo, jet and golf bag.

    And… wouldn’t it be nice to finally have Corporate Banners flying high throughout the halls of our great legislative bodies – particularly during those ridiculously staged congressional hearings on protecting shafting The People’s Interests…

    Bravo Alessandro Machi ! on a brilliant idea:


  2. I was recently made aware of your site and am myself, a victim of the Court system in Colorado as many Protective Mothers are. I would appreciate being put in touch with the Colorado chapter please.

    In Colorado, we have been working hard for change and I would appreciate your posting, circulation, and broadcasting for publicity on behalf of all the victimized children and mothers of Colorado. The Supreme Court Standing Committee on Family Issues has proposed CFI Reforms again, based on our experiences.

    Chief Justice Mullarkey responded to a January 2007 direct letter from parents, testimony by mothers including myself before the House Judiciary Committee against SB09-069 (see attached Veto SB 09-069), and Recommendation 69 A-F of the Final Report of the Commission on Families in the Colorado Courts (August 2002) by tasking the State Court Administrator’s Office (SCAO) to make recommendations for Child Family Investigator (CFI) and Parenting Coordinators (PCs) reform by September 2010.

    These Interim reforms http://www.courts.state.co.us/userfiles/file/Administration/Executive/Standing%20Committee%20on%20Family%20Issues/Interim_Report_to_Chief_Justice_062310.pdf
    need Mothers comments by September 30, 2010 http://www.surveymonkey.com/s/MVWL839.

    Reforms were suggested in 2002 and again in 2003, but died due to considerable pushback by unethical practitioners. Significant opposition is expected in 2010 also, eliminating Legislative and Judicial approval once again.

    The role of the CFI in Colorado is very powerful. As the “investigative arm of the Court”, they enjoy quasi-judicial immunity, are subject to no body of regulation, report only to the District Court, with the opinion of the CFI as omnipresent. This also applies to court-appointed Parental Responsibility Evaluators (PREs), Guardian Ad litems (GALs), Decision Makers (DMs), and Parenting Coordinators (PCs). See attached No Jurisdiction = No Accountability pictorial.

    These psychologists, psychiatrists, social workers and attorneys are taking advantage of the system as court appointed assignments are not subject to any insurance payment maximums. They are able to earn $200 – $400 an hour; without any oversight or accountability, background checks, verification of training requirements, competency assessments, continued qualifications, or standard investigation protocols.

    The proposed Reforms seek to address this as the SCAO learned our state Licensing Board (DORA) is not protecting Colorado’s families and children. The report highlights ~ 60 complaints per year have been dismissed due to the quasi judicial immunity granted by C.R.S. 12-43-215(7). The CFI role has been in effect since 1998, totaling 720+ dismissed complaints at DORA alone with no accountability for fraud, perjury, or false child abuse allegations which have taken children away from deserving parents.

    I’ve been to the Sheriff, the District Attorney, the FBI, DORA, the American Psychological Association, the Chief Judge, the District Court Administrator, the SCAO, and the Office of the Child’s Representative — all of whom claim no jurisdiction. My complaint is one of the 5 mentioned before them in the Report on pg 3, however there isn’t a process to continue investigating it. Recommendations #2 and #4 seek to change this.

    Please see Video created by my son’s sister in honor of her brother http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IHFwHn64FZ0 and our story below –
    I learned all this by unknowingly becoming a target in Colorado’s Divorce Industry. Previously, I had 60/40 physical custody and joint decision-making of my young son as recommended by the first CFI. Dad was not happy with this initial custody decision as he always wanted sole custody. Two years later Dad’s attorney[1] brought her Facebook’s personal web page listed ‘friend’ into the Family Court case as a CFI to launch a new investigation to get Dad sole custody.
    I lost all parenting time and parenting responsibilities of my then 9 year old son based on false allegations of child abuse reported by CFI Dr. Marian Camden to Social Services in November of 2005. Her allegations included emotional abuse, parental alienation, Munchausen’s by Proxy, and multiple personality disorders. I have since been found innocent of all allegations by the State of Colorado, Department of Human Services in 2007. The Child Abuse and Prevention Act was amended in 1996 eliminating immunity for those making false reports; however, I have been unable to hold the CFI accountable due to the quasi-judicial immunity granted by C.R.S. 12-43-215(7) to court appointees in Colorado.
    I am a managerial professional with a Top Security clearance by the Department of Defense. As a result of the CFI’s report to Social Services, I was remanded to supervised parenting time for almost 450 hours over three years and then unsupervised parenting time for a year and half at a cost of ~$40K.

    My attorney filed an appeal through the Social Services court system which was returned 1 1/2 years later just prior to the final Family Court date; however was suppressed from being entered into evidence upon objections by my ex’s attorney. I remained guilty of Child Abuse in the Court’s eyes and Final Orders were issued accordingly.
    One of the methodologies that CFIs or PREs frequently use to remove children or frame parents is to distort, misrepresent, or suppress the psychological profiles from their own psychological testing instruments. The Family Court Judges and Magistrates of course are not psychologists and follow blindly along with any testimony or recommendation put forth by the CFI. Once the case is closed and the CFI dismissed, the unknowing parent has no access to the raw psychological data which can either prove or disprove their innocence. I secured my raw psychological data finally after 4 years and found that was misrepresented as well. I don’t have the multiple personality disorders as reported to Social Services, the Kempe Center, and testified to by the CFI in multiple courts.
    I have seen my son only 18 hours a month with no telephone contact for almost 5 years. My son, who has since become an adolescent, hasn’t had any overnight visitation, holidays or vacations with his Mom, sister, or maternal family members. We have all lost years of his childhood and adolescence due to the manufactured child abuse charges by the CFI.

    I have been financially and emotionally decimated by this case, spending well in excess of $200K to defend myself. I am now forced to represent myself pro se without an attorney as we are back in Court again 5 years later for my now 14 year old son to gain more parenting time with his mother. His Dad is fighting it every step of the way. He can afford an attorney, I pay $725 a month in child support. All costs of this new investigation have been attributed to me, another ~$20K. I have invested almost $250K for my and my son’s rights.

    My family’s life has been forever changed by this ordeal. My son experienced a Parentectomy and trauma that will affect him for the rest of his life. My children each lost their sibling. My son will never be the happy, confident, healthy person he once was, and could have been. This is a crime and needs local media attention to broadcast the Reforms for public awareness and legislative change.

    Many more stories can be found at http://www.knowyourcourts.com/ColoPsychBoard/ColoPsychBoard.htm.

    For more information, please contact
    Amy Miller
    Public Policy Director
    Colorado Coalition Against Domestic Violence
    1120 Lincoln Street, Suite 900
    Denver, CO 80203
    Direct: 303-962-0933
    Cell: 303-968-5964
    Toll Free: 888-778-7091 x 812


    Chad Edinger
    Court Auxiliary Services Coordinator
    Colorado State Court Administrators Office
    101 West Colfax Ave, Suite 500, Denver, CO 80202
    phone: 303-837-3605
    fax: 303-837-2340

    Bill DeLisio
    Family Law Program Manager
    Colorado State Court Administrator’s Office
    101 West Colfax, 5th Floor
    Denver, CO 80202
    (o) 303-837-3623
    (f) 303-837-2340

    Interestingly, DORA has not stepped forward with recommendations for reforms nor implemented the ones advanced in the 2003 Sunset Review (pg 46), despite the 700+ that have reached their office and been declined for lack of jurisdiction since 1998.

    Bryan Jameson and Saul Larsen
    Policy Analysts
    Colorado Department of Regulatory Agencies
    Executive Director’s Office
    Office of Policy, Research & Regulatory Reform
    1560 Broadway, Suite 1550
    Denver, CO 80202
    Ph: 303-894-7833

    The reforms are also supported by the Equal Justice Foundation, Three Sides to Every Story, and Knowyourcourts.com.


    [1] Aug. 13, 2009 – KnowYourCOurts.com exclusive – Family Law “Institute” or thieves’ den? http://knowyourcourts.com/News/2009-3Q.htm

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