Vote em out Rallies not just for Republicans!

By BettyJean Kling

It is my hope that the Tea Party Movement is targeting both parties, the idea, however, during the Mass Senate race was to wrestle complete power away from the Dems in the Senate. Having accomplished that – I am satisfied to turn out incumbents in favor of new blood of either party so long as it is new blood and not career politicians who I believe have been bought and paid for. Neither party deserves our trust. We got what we have now because the Republicans did us dirty and we will not reward them by going back to them like we just did with the Democrats. NO No NO! From now on we run the show- We send them all home and start fresh with new blood that understand who owns this country and who works for who!

It has become painfully obvious that they have had to sell out the people I order to stay in office.

I believe in voter imposed term limits to level the playing field. I have believed this since 1991 when I began in politics and in 1992 when I penned the The Patriot Plan: Voter Imposed Term Limits. Vote em Out Vote em All Out!

Our founders meant for us to have a balance of powers and that is why I wanted a Republican to take the Mass seat! But as far as the other seats – I do not care who takes them so long as it is not an incumbent! I will not lie- I am hopeful for Independents all the way or at least all new blood that is not already beholden to Lobbyist and big business etc.

I hope this answers your questions as to my positions and the positions of so many former dems who are now independents – I cannot answer for Republicans of course that are in the Tea Party but I can tell you if the Republican Party thinks they are going to use me- they are sadly mistaken. I don’t know anyone who trusts them anymore than we trust the Dems. We want all the bums out! USACleanSweep!.

Dems do not become Republicans anymore then visa versa but I believe both come to the center when the time is right. The center is where most people can unite and it is the fastest growing segment of the population and the least divisive.

Finally, Mass opened doors for women believe it or not! Mass empowered and emboldened Americans who never thought they could beat the establishment to run for office. Now they know they can. Now they know there are millions of Tea Partiers that will support them! Just think of the 435 and 36 seats that will be available to run for this November! THINK- If Kennedy’s seat could go to a Republican – half of the those 470 seats in November could go to women all over this country.

THINK and start running or find someone – some woman to run- Never before has the time been right to run hundreds of women all over this nation—the time is now! RIDs Republicans, Independents and Democrats can = women in 50 states. The time is NOW! USACleanSweep also means it’s time to have equal representation for women!


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  1. Hi, I have started a blog to support third party candidates and Reid, Pelosi, and their friends. The blog can be found at

    • Re: Alessandro Machi previous post about the new “third party website:

      “Alessandro Machi, on February 1st, 2010 at 8:27 pm Said:

      Hi, I have started a blog to support third party candidates and Reid, Pelosi, and their friends. The blog can be found at about the new “third Party Website”

      I went over to your site and saw the fabulous post regarding “Politicians should be required to wear their Corporate Donors Logos”…

      Yes !!! What a fabulous, brilliant idea !!! I can just see “Goldman Sachs”, “Bank of America”, “Citi Corp” and “AIG” jackets, caps and lapel pins as well as magnetic signs on every limo, jet and golf bag.

      And… wouldn’t it be nice to finally have Corporate Banners flying high throughout the halls of our great legislative bodies – particularly during those ridiculously staged congressional hearings on protecting shafting The People’s Interests…

      Bravo Alessandro Machi ! on a brilliant idea:

  2. I attended the local Tea Party Express event last summer, and was amazed to see the number of people there standing up for their country. When speakers on the podium began to hijack the movement for the Republicans, much like the left wing, women of color and same sex couples did to the Women’s efforts to support Hillary, It was a turn-off.

    The Republicans don’t get it any better than the Obots. It Ain’t an Opportunity for the Republicans to get back into power – look at re-treads Gingrich and Santorum thinking they’ll let Palin do the work and they can muscle in and push her out like was done to HRC (and all of us) with their patented “push back” when nobody was pushing…

    The #41 is the PEOPLE’s seat. The Brown Campaign smartly USED the R on the Ballot to exploit the brand exactly as the “progressives” tapped and drained the D Brand. Should voters really take either party seriously when Massachusetts has a MAJORITY registered Unaffiliated?

    There are reasonable, moderate people in the Senate as well as the House whose service should be carefully evaluated in EVERY election. When Terry Mac sends an email asking the Obots to get out and elect Democrat Governors to save the partisan political hacks districts, he needs called out. The kids don’t know diddly about the incumbents they are about to assassinate in their snap-judgement coup. And they definitely don’t know anything about governing. It’s not just about winning elections, it’s about respect for competence. Who knows better than those of us citizens who labor in businesses that provide no health care, no retirement and no raises. Performers who know their job and do them are qualified to evaluate the calibre of representation they receive at all levels of their government. Contact your precinct committee person, your congressman, state rep, senator or DNC office. Evaluate the RESPONSE and results you get. Write a letter to the editor of your corporate AP rag posing as a local Independent Newspaper and try to speak to a reporter.

    Look at who’s on top; how the subordinates protect their own patronage positions by protecting the Political Office holder.

    It’s about understanding WHY you were elected and NOT trying to be an NBA Star now that the perks of the Presidency have run their excitement course. Now they’ve got OBster positioned as the Ted Williams of the Retreat League: who- by their flawed baseball metaphor, hit the Republicans’ questions outta the park like a fat ball down the middle. Christ. He knows all the GAMES and none of the rules. The Newspapers and Cable outlets, in SURVIVAL MODE, are again leaching on the magic money machine that is political fundraising.

    Brown has remained faithful to his populist roots and more candidates must USE the D’s and the R’s – not to elect new bozos who will suck the party tit for two terms, but for REPRESENTATIVE achievers who will do their job for the people.

    How many of you have held onto your wallets until the DNC gets the message: “Do We Have Gender Equity or Lip Service?”

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