Vote every Democrat out in 2010

Cross posted from HillBuzz
Guaranteed to piss tons of people off today: we now want every last Democrat in elected office to lose in 2010


Only part of this is because of the personal attacks the Left has made on us this week, but another large part of it is something we read over at, regarding the need to eject every single Democrat from office in 2010.

It took us a long time to come to this point, but the Liberal-Socialist Democrat party needs to not only be defeated in 2010, it needs to g-damn be EVISCERATED.  Every last Democrat needs to be brought down, because we have had all that we are going to take with these nuts.

Saying this could very likely get us killed in a place like Chicago.  So be it.  The Left has already destroyed one of our ability’s to ever earn a living in this town again.  The DNC sanctions these kinds of attacks, if not directly orders them.  THAT is what the Democrat Party has become.  Breaking Godwin’s Law, we state the obvious and call this Liberal-Fascists what they are:  g-damn Nazis.

Oppose them in the slightest, and they will destroy you.

Speak out against them, and they will get you fired from your job and make you unemployable.

Stand up to them, and they’ll ruin your friendships, chase relationships away, and launch full-on war against you.

THAT is what Democrats are all about today.

In the 30+ years we’ve each been alive, the worst a Republican ever did to us was tell us, to our face, we were going to Hell because we like guys.  Some added, “I will pray for your illness” when they found out we were gay.  We’ve been through most of the states in the South.  We grew up in places like Cleveland, Pittsburgh, San Antonio, Rochester, and Milwaukee.  We’ve been lectured by Catholics, Protestants, Fundamentalists, and Jews of the Republican persuasion, and never once did these people ever do anything worse to us than saying, “Boys, you ain’t right”.

Democrats, however, have sought to destroy us, working page by page through the Alinsky Playbook.

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