You Probably Think This Speech is About You

You Probably Think This Speech is About You! Don’t you, don’t you, don’t you, don’t you? A jobs speech should be about you and jobs for you but it was really about him wasn’t it? Isn’t it always about him? What are all these folks in the audience applauding about? Did they serve Kool-Aide just before he spoke?

I wonder what the State of the Union will be about. Wait let me guess—I know I know – it will be all about that bad boy Bush – the deep deep hole that he dug for Obama and how hard Obama is working to try and dig us deeper – uhhhh – I mean –get us out of it. You would think somebody forced him to take this job and he no clue what he was getting into. Hmmmm- come to think of it – he had no clue !But I clearly remember him convincing folks that he was “The One ” the only one who could get us out of this mess and now all he does is blame it on Bush like it was a surprise. Sorry it was a real job he applied for huh?


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