Dems Potentially Try to Ram Through Health Care

Since last week’s MA election of Scott Brown to the Senate, the consensus on cable and network news is that the Democrats would need to redraw their health care plans as they are not interested in cramming the Senate health care bill through the House. is reporting that may be precisely what the Dems now plan to do with regards to health care.

Democratic congressional leaders are coalescing around their last, best hope for salvaging President Barack Obama’s sweeping health care overhaul. Their plan is to pass the Senate bill with some changes to accommodate House Democrats, senior Democratic aides said Monday. Leaders will present the idea to the rank and file this week, but it’s unclear whether they have enough votes to carry it out. Last week’s victory by Republican Scott Brown in Massachusetts cost Democrats the 60th vote they need to maintain undisputed control of the Senate, jeopardizing the outcome of the health care bill just when Obama had brokered a final deal on most of the major issues. “We’ve put so much effort into this, so much hard work, and we were so close to doing some significant things. Now we have to find the political path that brings us out. And it’s not easy,” the No. 2 Senate Democrat, Dick Durbin of Illinois, said Monday. The new strategy is as politically risky as it is bold. There is widespread support for Obama’s goals of expanding coverage to nearly all Americans while trying to slow costs. But polls show the public is deeply skeptical of the Democratic bills, and Republicans would certainly accuse Democrats of ignoring voters’ wishes. Obama initially voiced doubts last week that a comprehensive bill was still viable, but he now seems to be pushing for it. Asked Monday if the president was backing away from his pursuit of major changes, White House spokesman Robert Gibbs responded: “No.”

Dem leaders coalesce on health care strategy

Dems Try to Ram Through Health Care


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  1. If they try to do this – I am sure that we will have a bloddless
    revolution in this country beginning now and culminating in November.
    It is very very clear that the american people do not want this plan or anything like it. They want a reform plan that is bipartisan and they they approve.
    If this POTUS dares to try to push this thru so that he can claim this to his legacy – it will be to his detimentnow and forever.
    He and they who try to help him – will forever be scared.
    They may think we will love it and get over it – but what we will rember is that they went against the people like DICTATORS!

  2. So when you say “the American people do not want this”, what you really mean is “the really loud and obnoxious minority of sore losers in America do not want this, or anything else this government proposes, no matter what it is”.

    It’s too bad that poor people will continue to die for want of medical care just because you people want to play childish games. Dog in the manger…

    Of course not lying about the whole issue would also be a step forward… but stepping forward doesn’t appear to be much on your agenda.

  3. You are so totally wrong! I had two adult children – both died of Cancer. Lots of people die of cancer. My son died 9 years ago and he was too proud to use charity care, so often he did not avail himself of it. We thought the uninsured died because of it.
    Then 6 years laster my beautiful daughter got cancer- I watcher her also uninsured apply and recieve the very best care – she was given the care that everyone else go – She lasted longer than many- got all the treatment and never once was treated shabbily.
    I have learned that there is care for those who need it out there- and plenty of it.
    I got involved with Hillary’s campaign for Health care – then I learned while we do need reform – and I want reform – – Obama’ and the Dems plan is all wrong and we can live with what we have until we can come up with a decent plan.
    The people want reform – but not this plan.
    As a mother who lost two to Cancer and another to domestic violence – I know a little something about it- I fought for the Dems and have no love for the Republicans – what both have not learned is that the people are tired or should be of playing politics .
    You sir sound like you would rather continue to play that game than fix America! I on the other hand would rather fix the foundation of America then build on that.

    PS- stop letting either side play you against the other – set yourself free- then we Americans win instead of them! They have all the health care they need don’t they? they spent 1/2 a million to go to Denmark to do nothing – didn’t they – wake up! You are paying through the nose. That money could have helped someone get medication or a doctor visit.
    Put your money where your heart is instead of on a politician or God forbid on either party.

  4. “As a mother who lost two to Cancer and another to domestic violence – I know a little something about it- ”

    No you don’t. If you did you’d realize that your case, tragic as it is, has nothing to do with it.

    I’m not talking about people who would die regardless of medical care. I’m talking about people who die because they can’t afford ongoing medical care. I'[m talking about people who have to choose between selling their home or staying alive because their medical bills are more than they can afford.

    That’s why practically every other civilized country in the world has adopted a health care system that doesn’t depend on you being lucky enough to be rich if you end up with an expensive medical condition.

    YOU don’t speak for America, or even the majority of Americans. I suspect if it weren’t for the Republican pablum you’ve been fed (death panels? Oh Puhleese) you might see through your irrational hatred of anything the Dems have to say and realize that health care for everyone is as democratic as roads for everyone. Unfortunately you’ve been duped into being a mouthpiece for the big business of private medical insurance companies.

    Hopefully your remaining family won’t suffer too much for your delusion.

    • Daniel those comments really aren’t appropriate; imagine yourself in her place hearing those comments.

      The protest isn’t against health care reform, as BJ was saying, it’s against this version of health care reform. I believe the ‘death panel’ remarks were inappropriate too, but that doesn’t mean this bill is a good bill. Frankly, it is a bill that just doesn’t add up.

      I grew up in MA and have been saying for months that there is no way a Republican would be elected to Ted Kennedy’s old seat, the fact that I was so wrong shows just how angry and disillusioned people are with this bill. Brown’s platform was basically, ‘I’ll can the HC Bill,’ and MA is one of the most liberal states in the union. If there was a bill that dealt with the cost of health care and didn’t pay for itself by massive cuts in Medicare there would be support in MA and across the country. People are just looking for something that works.

    • I hope you watch the youtube video that BJ posted below, Daniel but I suspect the you are the one who has eaten the pablum….when logic fails call those who oppose you RWNJ, Nazis, the “MOB” and finally Repubs. You might not be plain-spoken enough to call the cuts in medi-care funds ‘death panels’ but a decrease in health care for seniors and the subsequent ‘rationing’ will have that effect.

      I suspect that those who championed eugenics talked of strengthing the species rather than killing the undesirables.

  5. Betty Jean,

    Why not post your ideas about what health care reform should look like.

  6. I do not know what to propose- I only know what bad looks like – No need to hide behind closed doors- they work for us and should be working together not cutting these unsightly deals to make Obama a history making deal . this is about us!

    If there is any doubt that I am for health care reform- see this done 2 years ago-

  7. “I do not know what to propose- I only know what bad looks like”

    So Daniel is right. You do not know what you want out of health care reform. All you have to say is that what is being worked on by democrats is bad. Saying you are for health care reform but have no idea what it entails strikes me as silly.

  8. Rishi,
    That was the dumbest responce yet!
    I may not know how to propose the best health care plan and I am not afraid to admit that but for you and Daniel to say because I can’t frame a better plan than the charletons in DC – I am silly to knock their plan well frankly – You are as entitled to your opinion as I am to mine so I guess we will all three remain silly won’t we?

    By the way what is it about you and Daniel that makes you qualified to judge the plan they propose as valid as opposed to my judgment as it being bad?

  9. “I may not know how to propose the best health care plan”

    Amazing, You have not an idea about what health care reform should entail. You oppose whats being proposed but have no alternative of your own. Not even one idea. No opinion on single payer, public option, removal of the anti trust exemption, health care exchanges, salary caps on doctors. Nothing at all.

    Just say No – That’s your mantra

    • Look Rishi,
      I could rattle off a whole bunch of options too – but neither of us really can affect change. What I meant was I have no idea how to really get the best changes implemented.
      I have a few doctors in my family and they can not even agree so for you to banter with me as if you know more than I do about how to do this right is really foolish.
      You have as had Daniel turned this into a pissing contest between Republicans and Democrats and that is EXACTLY what I was trying to avoid with my comment about not knowing what to do and still you continue!
      That is exactly what you want to do isn’t it?
      Ok – I gave you your run are you satisfied now?
      Have it your own way – Let me just say what you really want to hear now– I have no good reasons – I have no better ideas- I just want people to die! I wanted my children to die without health insurance- I just don’t care about poor people and the uninsured – I am just a selfish lout who will do anything to make olbama’s life and presidensy miserable! There !
      If that makes more sense to you – nothing I say is going to change your mind – so please just go on believing that and don’t waste my time trying to change your mind.
      Just believe it – apparently that is all that is going to satisfy you . So I hope you are satisfied.

  10. “I guess we will all three remain silly won’t we?”


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