Retraction and Apology to Women’s Organizations

The women of NOW, The Majority United RIDs and everyone who participated in sending a message to the Albany Republican Examiner and reporter Mr. Robert Wappman’s allegations that the women’s organizations were unconcerned about the victim in the Senator Monserrate case has finally been resolved with a retraction of the article titled “Where are they NOW?” and a full apology from Mr. Robert Wappman and his dismisal from the Albany Republican Examiner! 

“I, personally, would like to sincerely apologize to anyone who was offended in any, way, shape of form by the article “Where Are They NOW?” All of the groups cited in the article, especially the National Organization for Women (NOW), have, and continue to advance a positive agenda that benefits not just women, but everyone.” 

“The article “Where Are they NOW?” has been pulled from any further circulation, and all of this column writer’s work will no longer continue for For any further inquires, please contact” 

Here is the link to the entire article “Equal Time, For Now”


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