Media asks Women’s Groups: Where are they now?

Another Rant By: BettyJean Kling

Is this guy for REAL?
Has he been under a ROCK?
Has he got some NERVE?
Is Robert Wappman going to hear from US? 

You all remember MonsterRat my second favorite batterer to cover right? Well I just checked and I have 13 pieces on that RAT! 13 pieces… and I am not sure how many newsletters nor do I remember how many times I railed against him on my radio show. I have supported Marcia Pappas in her relentless pursuit of this creep and every press release and every rally she held on the Albany court house steps which means no less than 20 more newsletters about him on her behalf. He has been the most covered of all my batterer issues. So imagine my surprise when Marcia sends me an email this am pointing me to a newspaper article entitled Where Are They NOW?

The writer essentially says women were absent on this case! Is he nuts- he must have been absent for over a year to think so. Here for example is part of his claim:

Domestic violence is not like getting a parking ticket. And, should be taken seriously. Should is the key word. So, where did the state’s and Albany’s so-called leading pro women’s groups stand on this issue? The National Organization for Women (NOW). The New York State League of Women Voters (LWV). The Women’s Bar Association of New York (WBANY). Common Cause. Citizen Action. New York Civil Liberties Union (NYCLU). All of these groups remained strangely silent during this ordeal.’

The guy needs a lesson on what women really feel about MonsterRat and how vocal we are and have been since 12/19/08. Will you please visit his page and give him a lesson he may never forget? Please?

This is a part of what I told this reporter who said he would do better next time:

What kind of a reporter are you anyway- I search on Google would have found me and all my newsletters about this creep or all my blog pieces! Here let me help you with just a few – Go to my blog and search for these:
1-Oops- I accidentally smashed the glass then slashed her face and dragged her down a hall screaming! January 8, 2009
2-NOW calls for removal of Sen. Monserrate February 2, 2009
3- Yet another lie sealed with a kiss March 27, 2009
4- Why do the women return? March 29, 2009
5- Woman Haters September 19, 2009
6- Monserrate Companion Asserts Cuts Were Accidental October 1, 2009
7- Monserrate Must Go 4 Ever petition October 19, 2009
8- Man vs. Woman: The Grudge Match January 4, 2010
9- Outraged yet? Just where is that tipping point? October 1, 2009
10- HELP send MonsterRat to Jail September 19, 2009

We were also at the court house and held press conferences and we were there every inch of the way. I suggest  it was you – that was not there! How did you miss us? And to ask to avoid the personal attacks  is a rather odd statement considering your question. 

Let me tell you something Rob, my daughter Louisa was shot in the head 4 days earlier – she had half her head and brains blown out- I was on this and other cases as if they were all my daughters.

I took umbrage at the headline “Where are they now?” With a broken heart and tears flowing I went after this bastard- that’s where I was. Can you hear me now?


2 Responses

  1. He’s LAZY Betty Jean. Never even researched his own article, irresponsible LOSER!

    LOSERS, that is what the good people of New York have to deal with.

    Heaven forbid that he should write a responsible article about the real issues of women being abused all over this country.

    This LOSER has singlehandedly bashed all women and women’s group with his accusations that we don’t care about women who are being abused and battered.

    We at The Majority United are not afraid to call out women’s groups who are not out there supporting women’s issues. This is not the case, when it comes to Monster Rat’s case.

    Here is a thoughtful suggestion to the Albany Republican Examiner with regards to Robert Wappman ability as a reporter.

    I would like to suggest that Mr. Wappman’s ability and skill would be best served in a none thinking department like the classified adds!

    • heheheheheh – I do hope you went over and offerecd him that advise.
      for your reading pleasure- – no wait – let me save you the time- I will tell you about his bio! he has 15 years covering the NYS legislature! Gee I thought he has 15 minutes! YIKES. Anyway do stop there and leave your comments please – I so want him to know where all the women are now! find all your friends and send themm there alos – I am sure he has never had such popularity as he will get from us but he aint gonna like t much.

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