Wanted: Women to replace corrupt politicians in DC this November

Another Rant by BettyJean Kling

I know you do not believe it and you think I am spinning out of control but you are wrong. You got me wrong Monday and again on Wednesday and you still don’t get it do you? The Democrats are not on a woman’s side- they have proven that over and over again. Was ERA on Obama’s agenda? NO He has vacillated on the right to life in so many ways – I am not sure where the hell he stands on that issue. The Dem party has not named enough women to his cabinet – just enough to keep you quiet but not 52% has he. As for Gay marriage- he and every other Dem are as much against it as the Republicans and sadly 70% of the nation’s voters. SHAME on us – that is a religious question that has no bearing on any individuals rights.

Right now they are already devising a way to eliminate Gillibrand from the former Clinton senate seat by importing a black man from the south to ensure a win by use of race card if necessary- why not run him against Shummer? No they were going after Kirsten because they THOUGHT they had a sure win in Coakley who they thought they had in their pocket. No Jr. female senator can be her own woman in this climate- if she ran – she was put up by the dems and would have done their bidding make no mistake. Have you been asleep this whole year? Have you not seen the wheeling and dealing that the dems have perpetrated on the American people? Don’t bring up the Republicans do it too- I know that – but right now we are talking about the Dems having – unfettered power which includes power over OUR so-called representatives!

Politicians only understand only two things- MONEY AND VOTES!

What happened in Mass on Tuesday sent a message that they FINALLY HEARD. We the People will not be silenced. Now they understand we will be running the show from now on starting with who will go to DC to represent us and ending with who will be leaving. It may take some time but we the people have become empowered – if we stick to our guns while they make corrections in order to save their asses – we can clean out the barns this November and replace the pigs with some patriots.

We have 10 months to find several hundred women to replace the corrupt politicians in the House (435 positions available) and Senate (36 positions available)! Let’s go Gals. The miracle in Mass was just the beginning- we are empowered and backed by the fastest growing org. in the country- PEOPLE POWER! We have the Dems and the Republicans on the run – it’s not just the Dems- it’s both – The demon here is entrenchment- greed and lobbyists . USACleanSweep! We are all RIDsNow!


2 Responses

  1. Let’s just get rid of everyone and start over – and lets start recruiting women- gee wouldn’t it be fun to fill the house and senate with about 450 women – hahahahahah hehehehe wouldn’t that be fun- hohohohohohohho – I would just love that.

    Women of all sizes – shapes– nationalities sex preferences and parties!

    Preferably INDEPENDENTS!- Let us run the country- no former ties to either party preferred.

    Clean em out and start over – Oh what a hoot

  2. Let’s face the midterm elections head on and start vetting the right women to serve the American people.

    I know they are out there and here at The Majority United, Republicans, Independents and Democrats, RIDS we are in a most unique situation.

    Many may be asking, “what in the world is she babbling about, now.”

    Number 1.) Think about the fact that there are thousands of readers and bloggers who visit us here at the weblog to read our posts or to leave a post.
    Google or Bing The Majority United – freemenow wordpress and people from all over the world and across the country can see what is being discussed on our weblog.

    Number 2.) Blogtalk radio. We have visitors from all over the country dropping by from time to time to listen to our discussions, chat with us and question our guests.

    This is what makes us so unique. We at The Majority United come from varying backgrouds yet, our goals transcends all of our differences. We are all most passionate about the rights of women and those less fortunate and we love our country and we only want what is in the best interest of this nation.

    We have an opportunity to help in the vetting process across the 50 states.

    I always thought that there would be time to make an informed choice with regards to our politicians. After the races in New Jersey, Virginia and especially the race in Massachusetts, I recognize the fact, as Betty Jean has pointed out that we have approximately 10 months to work with.

    If we plan on voting all the incumbents out and those who have been responsible for the debaucle of our rights and freedoms, we will need good women and men to replace them and to serve the American people’s interest in congress.

    I started doing some research on the offering of candidates, yesterday. Not just in my area but, other states across the country.

    Just as in Massachusetts, even though we are not residence of the various states. We can still encourage and support where we can to help them get the right candidates into office, just as we did for Massachusetts.

    I have more research to do on some of the strong independent women candidates, who will stand up to the men of the political machine. A woman can be independent and still belong to a party besides women who choose to run as an independent candidate. We need these women in all of the parties to change the way things are being crafted in the so called “only boys allowed club”!

    As for Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand, stand up tall, it could very well cost you your seat and tell Chuck Schummer to “fetch his own damn water from the well”!

    If you want the help of the women of America, show us that you are willing to fight for your political career and work for the people and not the party and you are in it for the long haul! Stop listening to the reprobates!

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