A Vote for Women’s Human Rights in Massachusetts

By: Not in This Lifetime

The commonwealth of Massachusetts, Republicans, Independents and Democrats stood tall and voted for their chosen candidate, U.S. Senator Scott Brown.


The good people of Massachusetts who are law abiding, hard working, who love their country and only wants what is in the best interest of this nation, made their choice as to who would best serve the people of Massachusetts and I commend and applaud their decision.


This is a most historic and monumental election that has changed the landscape of the “stronghold” of the Democratic Party.


There is not a doubt in my mind that this vote, had to be one of the most difficult decisions in decades for the voters of Massachusetts, to break with tradition and choose a Republican over a Democrat for the U.S. Senate seat that has long been held by a democrat.


The corrupt “Audacity of Hope &; Change” should take full responsibility for the downfall of the unrecognizable Democratic Party, the “used to be, party of the people”!


A very special message is being sent to all politicians, that the American people will no longer stand for any “out of touch” politician, who refuses to listen and abide by the voices of their constituents.


Massachusetts, New Jersey, Virginia started a “firestorm” that is spreading across the 50 states of discontented voters and by the time the “fires” consume Democrat and Republican politicians alike, only time will tell, who will be left standing!


Martha could have run a better campaign like Scott Brown or paid more attention to the concerns of her constituents or stop listening to the corrupt demands of the party. Martha Coakley has not just lost her bid for the U.S. Senate seat, she is no doubt being punished and being made the “scapegoat” for the corrupt Democratic Party and the “Audacity of Hope &; Change”, who treat their women in the party no better than “beasts of burden” or “attack dogs”!


Why do the Democratic women of the party allow this “abuse” to continue? They complain about the inequality and all the “dirty jobs” that they MUST perform to prove themselves, yet they accept their tenuous situation and are willing to settle for the “crumbs”!


The loss of your own self worth is an awfully high price to pay, just to have the “power” that they, “the boys” allow you to have from time to time! So the “abuse” continues!


Don’t you think that it is time to break the cycle of this “abuse”?


4 Responses

  1. I undersatand how the people of MA feel,having to vote against a party they voted with for years. I had that same feeling during the 08 elections, when I realized for the first time in all my years of voting, I was going to vote Republican in a presidential election. After it was done, (almost immediately) I realized I had definitely made the right choice, and every new day just continues to enforce that belief. We need to vote in people that are willing to do what we put them in there to do, and get away from special interests. This is OUR COUNTRY, and we aim to take it back!!!

  2. A vote for a women just because she is a women is no different then a vote for a black just because he is a black.

    A voe for this woman who was obviously in bed with Big Pharma and the health Ins. Inductry and the 60th vote for Obama was a vote to prostitute her for Obama and the DNC.
    I was not going to use her like that.
    She is a better Att. General than a Whore for obama.

    I don’t give a damned who this Scott fella is – so long as he is the 41st vote against Obama’s free reign of terror for the next 3 years.

    This election taught the Dems that they are not going to get aways wkith theis and beware- – NOVBEMBER is only 10 months away and we the people are mad as hell and we aint gonna take it anymore.
    this shot across the bow may save us a hell of a lot of grief between now and November .

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