Obama heckled for 3 minutes in Massachusetts

A shocked Obama doesn’t know how to handle an out of control mob at a half filled auditorium where he was met with anything but the usual accolades. Hahahahahahah ! Then the cameras were told to turn off the feed so we don’t know how long it took to get that crowd under control – do we? But it not only happened in less than a year but it happened in Massachusetts of all places! Way to go Americans. Way to go!

We the People of these United States in order to form a more perfect Union…


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    • I noticed that the local polls have Brown ahead. National polls not so much. But this isn’t a general election. It’s a local one. As Brown says It’s the Peoples seat!

  1. Go back to DC and take your false so-called Change with you!

    No wonder the bloggers in the Boston Herald was blasting you and calling your speech a “pack of lies”!

    Heckle away, good people of Massachusetts, he and his corrupt reprobate cronies deserve it!

    Massachusetts Republicans, Independents and Democrats show the corrupt DC crowd that your have a VOICE and VOTE SCOTT BROWN as your next Senator for the State of Massachusetts!

    The rest of the country is behind you!

  2. RIDs – Unite do it in Mass and do it across the nation- throw the bums out. Obama has done one good thing he woke up America to the truth about DC and about the State of the union! Go home career politicians- this land is our land it belongs to us and we are going to take it back.
    From now on – we are sending representatives that speak for the people and when they stop speaking for the people they go home. In fact we limit their terms by Voter Imposed Term Limits! WE the People.
    Go go go

  3. Seems the White House is ‘leaking lowered expectations. This is an age-old trick to discourage people from taking the time out to actually vote because they are fooled into thinking it won’t matter. The latest poll has the candidates neck and neck and it is the Independent voter that will decide this race. To me this is a deciosion not so much about health care as about whether or not a party drunk on power will continue unchecked. Whether or not they will continue to feel comfortable ignoring our voices and calling anyone who asks legitimate questions a ‘mob’.

    DailyKos poll link:


  4. Great blog here. GO, MA!!! Yes, “YOU” can!!!

  5. Hello.

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