Women are so vicious to women

Another Rant By; BettyJean Kling

I sent out a newsletter to Pro-Choice women and I named it Pro-Choice only. I knew I was going to hear from my Pro Life readers. TMU- The Majority United has made it very clear that we support all women and will not take sides on women’s choice. Be it Pro-Life or Pro-Choice; it is a woman’s choice not our government’s choice. TMU relayed a message regarding two candidates both Pro Choice, one however, Harold Ford a formerly Pro Life carpet bagger from Tennessee is trying to unseat a Pro-Choice candidate by lying that he is Pro-Choice. A letter unmasking his antics is circulating and Pro-Choice New Yorkers have the right to that information. TMU- The Majority United stands true to our platform our org supports all women.

One such Pro Life letter arrived and explained as above. Next I got a letter about how vicious women are to which I replied. I am sure this lady will withdraw from my newsletter but I had to respond and I thought it important that UI share the letter and my reply with you.

Please help me figure out if I was out of line? Comments will be very much appreciated- I may have been wrong and if so I want to know about it- Please be honest with me. My comments are in blue!

It’s a shame women are so vicious to women.  My oh my yes they are and quite often without realizing just how vicious- and I might add the end of this email shows signs of that too if I might be honest with you. Look at what they did to Hillary! (And I was not a Hillary fan, but boy she took the high road and didn’t even get credit for that). I agree but she should have told the DNC to drop dead instead of sticking with them and backing Obama! The female politician’s are just as bad…a female politician in today’s climate is pretty much forced to play the game- or Hillary would never have given in! they are desperately trying to grow testicles, here is where I disagree with you- why testacies? In order to say this you must believe that women think men are better than women – I do not agree on that! They may be forced to play men’s games and by their rules in order to play in politics but not because they want testicles- it’s because we deserve equal representation- don’t you agree in taxation with representation? It’s in the Constitution! as they feel acting like an egotistical, “empty suit” would make them more credible.  I hope Carly Fiorina whips Boxer’s butt…she is attractive, cerebral and centered. Yes I certainly hope Carley knocks Barbara out of the Box- that self absorbed Senator who dares to believe she owns that seat. She is no different than any Senator that has been sitting there far too long. These women – what women? hate Palin because she is not embarassed to be a female… can you name me a liberal female politician that is embarrassed to be a female? she looks like one; can you name me
a liberal female politician that doesn’t look like a female? is not embarassed to be a Mom… can you name me a liberal female politician that is embarrassed to be a mom? she is one and is not embarassed to openly admit to admiring values… can you name me a liberal female politician that is embarrassed to openly admit to admiring values- or has none? she has them. Here is where you lost me- there are as many women who hate Sarah as hate Hillary!

Here is where we as women fall down – we are quick to jump up and start ragging on other women! You yourself started out saying women are hard on each other and then end up being hard on other women that you really do not understand. You are generalizing just as much as they are. They generalize about conservatives just as much as you just did on liberals and let me tell you something- quite honestly – you are both wrong and politics – religion  and men are delighted that they have women divided in two and squabbling all the time. Take the time to read the piece on women and religion.

These yappy women – yappy women? are weak… weak – they are far from weak- – I may not agree with them but they are fighters who have the courage of their convictions and there is nothing wrong with that. they fight for women’s rights… is there something wrong with fighting for women’s rights- or don’t you vote? Suffragists got you that vote by fighting or you would not have any say so right now! would rather turn thumbs down on child – Most of these women have children where did you get the idea that they kill them? but march for the rights of an animal!!! I agree anyone who cares more for an animal than for the life of a child is no more than an animal- Are you KIDDING me????  I am not kidding you but I am afraid someone has told you things about liberal women that are not true. For example- except for abortion which I could never do – I am one such true feminist- I do not want testicles – I am stronger than that. I have/ had 4 children and all I want is fair and equal rights for all. They Who are these they? All these months I thought you were fighting for justice along side of me- who are you? You seem to hate half the women in these United States? will never have testicles because they are openly afraid to admit they want it all…just like a guy– two very important questions 1- What is all and why can’t a woman have it all? 2- If a Guy has children why does he have anything more than a woman does – aren’t they his responsibility too? can have and they don’t want the burden of raising a kid Her burden? So……..say it, dammit.tie your tubes and knock yourself out.  So you think abortion rights are a form of birth control? I did too! You also think these are loose woman who want the freedom to run wild in the streets and screw around but do not want the burden of the result of the screwing around? I did too! Who cares…. we care- a baby is dead if there is an abortion- an otherwise living human being! No one in this day and age is gonna have a problem if you say, “I’d rather be honest…mothering is not my vocation, I don’t think I have time to do it well, I don’t have the patience…it’s just not for me.”  I have NEVER heard one of these women have the guts to say that.  But that is not what many of these women are fighting for. I found out that what these women are fighting for is not the actual abortion – it’s the right to their own bodies. Most of these women would never and have never had one. They just do not want the government telling them what to do.

It’s like this health care plan- we are fighting because we do not want the government running our health care! Women do not want the government running their reproductive health care! Plain and simple. That is what the fight is all about.

Instead, they Who? run around guilty and demonize you don’t want to be demonized but isn’t that what you are doing here any women who would like to accomplish something and still be a Mom.  there are some but it is a small number who ruin it for the rest – just as the small number of radicals like the radical Islamists ruin it for the Muslims that make it bad for the rest.

Therein lies the truth…did anyone every tell them the truth sets you free?  Yes the truth sets you free and that is why I decided to tell you what I know and hope you listen to another view. No all liberal women are what you think of them and if you continue to believe as you do – I will never get TMU- The Majority United! and if they continue to believe that all conservative women hate them and think they are radical whores who run the streets getting abortions just for the hell of it and are murderesses how will we ever unite and get anything done?

They should speak the truth, tie their tubes, and feel free to run for office I agree, anyone who does not want babies can tie their tubes, however, that isn’t necessary to run for office. Hillary had one child – Sarah has 5- Bachmann has 5 or 6. In fact all our women politicians have children and run for and fill offices! and enjoy wonderful safe sex and stop giving a thumbs down to a baby trying to fight off a probe poking at it just so they can capture votes!  God help us……. God help us is right! And God help women stop hating other women and be so ready to believe lies about other women so easily.

TMU- The Majority United!


20 Responses

  1. Whether your a conservative or a liberal, we all have one thing in common, our country at this period in time is in chaos! We have an administration and a congress that have forsaken the American people, their constituents.

    Here at The Majority United our members are Republicans, Independents, Democrats (RIDS) with a few Libertarians in the group.

    Here, we are all willing to work together for the common good and that is to take back our beloved country out of the hands of the corrupt and immoral “reprobate politicians” and to put this country back to what our forefathers envisioned for this Nation. Where we can practice our freedoms and rights.

    Not all conservative women like to be referred to as far right extremist, it is also ridiculous to think that all liberal women are far left radicals.

    I find that most women, who are conservatives or liberals move towards the moderate spectrum with beliefs that they both share in common and they represent majority of the women who have chosen to join the Tea Party Movement.

    This is not to say that there will be times when we may disagree on various viewpoints but, this is what makes us individuals to express our own thoughts

    As an independent and a moderate, I have to say that my liberal sisters here at The Majority United have welcomed me and many others with an open heart and an open mind and I am grateful for their friendship!

    It is time to drop the barriers that separate us and join in a concerted effort conservative and liberal sisters to stop those who would destroy our freedoms and rights!

  2. In an effort to understand the perspective of the woman who wrote an e-mail saying that women “grow testicles”, is it possible that she sees that some women seek equality by adopting the attitudes and values of the most abusive men in the patriarchy? Or that once women are elected to office it isn’t so rare to see them join the ‘old boys club’? As you say, BJ it seems as if they have no choice. Senator Gillebrand’ vote for continued ACORN funding being an example.

    No doubt there are women with more liberal values that are threatened by a woman of conservative values that seems to have it all. Power, a career, children and a dedicated husband, Sarah seems to have accomplished what eludes many women.She does not fit the stereotype of the oppressed woman of the religious right.
    I hope that we can admire Sarah Palin mostly for her rare quality of walking the walk. Alaska has ratified the ERA and though Sarah is pro-life, as far as know she never introduced or supported any legislation in Alaska that threatened our reproductive choices or women’s equality. ( I could be wrong here but it seems that Obama’s trolls would have found it under all those stones they overturned and then threw.) If we are truly pro-choice, don’t we need to find a way to allow others to be pro-life?

    No doubt, there are conservative women who are threatened by Hillary Clinton. She has a career, power EXPERIENCE, a child and a not-so-dedicated husband. Hillary has traveled all over the world and seen the big picture of how women’s rights and equality and control over their bodies is essential for the survival of the children that are already here. It is also Hillary’s experience that would have made her less easily manipulated than the empty-suited puppet for the liberal /progressives/socialists of Chomsky’s ilk that currently resides in the oval office.
    If you want a view of how we as voters have been manipulated try watching the video manufacturing consent callhttp://www.hulu.com/watch/118171/manufacturing-consent
    The above film is very long but worth the time if you want to consider yourself an informed voter. I have always admired Chomsky’s work as a linguist but found this suprising.

    After reading this article: http://www.ontheissuesmagazine.com/2009fall/2009fall_smith.php
    I have a different understanding about why our sisters of color chose race over gender in the last election.

    I ask that all women have the courage to step outside their comfort zone and try to know the other. We are individuals first. As women, the sum of our common experiences is so much greater than the sum of our differences.

  3. working link to above film on Hulu.com

  4. speaking for myself as a conservative, …
    abortion is about killing an unwanted child, if this was about the “woman’s body” and her right not to carry a child in her womb, she has other options. So I didn’t see the writer as being vicious towards women who are pro abortion. There is a prevelant attitude with women who tend to be pro abortion, I don’t say all abortion supporters, but the prevailing attitude appears to be- “that since a child conceived outside of the committment of marriage will most likely be the responsibility of the woman because more than likely the father will abandon the child and mother, – kill the baby”. I think the writer is saying, and I can only speculate because I don’t know the full context, just what’s written above, “since you don’t want children, just tie your tubes”.

    I also have noticed a more negative atttitude towards motherhood from women who are more liberal in their views. I know that not all liberal women fit this general description, but I’m speaking about attitudes that are more common than not. Hillary as well displayed some condescension towards women who stay at home with her “baking cookies comment”. Overall, stay at home moms are ridiculed by women who’ve placed a greater value and worth on their success at their jobs.

    Thankfully, we all know women liberal and conservative who have been valiant in the workplace and in the home, and respect the accomplishments of all women in those areas. These women are bridge builders and we need more of them.

    But as far as your question, I didn’t see anything out of line, just two individuals disagreeing.

    to me, the comments about testicles seemed demeaning to both men and women because it appeared to have a negative connotation to it.

    • I agree that the comment is demeaning. I see men and women as being very different and feel this is why the ERA needs to be ratified. Women can not achieve political, social or economic equality by trying to integrate into the patriarchy.The irony of the situation is that though we are in a numerical majority we do have minority status.
      I am a liberal leaning mother that stayed home and baked cookies but realize that I was able to do that part of my life because my husband made enough money. Most of my friends were also liberal leaning and stay at home organic gardner types, too. I never felt ridiculed and “worked” at starting a rape crisis center, facilitating a story hour at the library and donating and collecting milk for a human milk bank.

      After 12 years of a good and safe marriage, I left my newly abusive and violent husband. At that point he used his money to avoid paying child support and tried to punish me for leaving by fighting long and hard for custody of our three children ( the youngest still being breastfed). I managed to support myself and my children for the eight years it took to get child support by working at home and during the hours they were at school. Looking back, I wonder if I wouldn’t have been able to do better for my kids if I had started a career and worked for money from the beginning. As it is, none of them ever got in trouble and I managed to get them and myself through college but feel that both the children and I were in a sense “punished” for my decision to be a stay-at-homer.

      I do believe that women who dare to put aside their predjuices and get to know their sisters will be suprised at how few of us are typical.

      • Way to go Lady- That’s what I am trying to say- we can not pain all women with just two brushes. You are one of the most Liberal women I know and yet you jhave done some of the most conservative things such as being a mother who stayed at home.
        I was hoping you would speak out. That letter made a liberal woman like you sound like Libs run around screwing and hate children, would not want them – and work outside the home or would rather be anuwhere than with a kid. You are the most devoted mother I know and you have raised 3 daughters – and are still devoted to them.

        Please explain where they lay politically – and suprise the hell out of the readers would you?

  5. Thank you for your comments and honest opinion. I am that bridge builder who wants to be sure that boths sides understand that all libs and all conservatives are not the same and therefor all women do not fit into two categories. We can not paint all libs by one cookie comments or all conservatives by one testacles comment.
    I am so glad that you noticed that we need a bridge to walk the two sides over so they can meet and agree on what we agree on!
    Again thanks

  6. Ms.Behaved…
    I made sure to acknowledge that not “all” liberal women have negative attitudes towards motherhood, nor do “all” conservative women have positive attitudes towards motherhood, but I am addressing negative attitudes towards motherhood, & sahms that are very common among liberals, though you haven’t experienced it, many many stay at home moms have. So even though you and I agree that not “all” liberal women think this way, you didn’t address the “prevalent” attitude, that seems to be what the writer is addressing.

    A sahm is financially dependent upon her husband, which makes her vulnerable if he decides to act in ways that are devasting to the well being of his family. The impression I get from “some” and again I repeat “some” liberals is that “a woman putting herself in that position is pathetic” “she’s a leech” “has no esteem” “stupid” “has no self respect” etc., but no, I do not here the respect you seem to imply is prevalent among liberal women.

    I will not get into the incredible benefits to children of sahms in society, but to many women who are second guessing whether that was the right decision financially (I think every woman at some point struggles with this and every situation is different, thank goodness we live in a society where we can work), your influence in their youth cannot be replaced once their grown (after school programs are not all that great). I am so glad you and your children are doing great. Your testimony is really encouraging for women in that situation.

  7. BJ
    Thank goodness for some common ground!

  8. My question to you would be is it possible that you have not experienced that many liberal women or perhaps have talked to some liberal women before they had children? My fear for both sides is that we hear things about one another and become hesitant to actually get to know our sisters. I have watched many a career-minded woman adjust her expectations once she holds her new-born.

    As you can guess most of the women I was involved in starting the rape crisis center with were liberal, yet it was an expected part of our organizational meetings that we brought our children. Most of us were breastfeeding. I personally think it is an insult to all women that children do not need to have an involved mother (and father for that matter). All women, whether by choice or not are not mothers or mothers of small children that might require a significant part of their energy. Are we then to sit on the shelf and worry about our wrinkles? The roles assigned by the patriarchy for women are based on an archiac and no longer relevant or necessary idea that the species will not survive if women do not choose to fulfill their reproductive destiny.

    If I had to do it all over again, I would finish school before having children and sock some money away so my financial vulnerability would have less of an effect on my children. My well-educated and self-supporting daughters have been raised with an awareness that if and when they choose to have a child that child will ultimately be their responsibility..even if their perfect marriage does not work out. I did not tell them this, they figured it out on their own.

    I agree with a lot of what you say and that is why I made the choices that I did. I just don’t fell that all women should make the same choices.

  9. last sentence should read ‘feel’ that all women should make the same choice.

  10. Your question to me would have merit in the Middle East somewhere, but to ask that to someone who grew up with, worked with, and having liberals as neighbors, comes across to me as an insult or denial.

    The writer is talking about “prevalent” negative attitudes that exist towards motherhood and sahms (I have certainly seen women change their minds after their child is born, but that is rare. Even after they give birth, as soon as post partem hits, they’re ready to put their children in daycare and return to work) and in your responses you continue to deny these exist. Okey dokey…..

    • I ‘m trying to figure out how you’re apparently offending by my asking you a question about how you have come to your perspective. I assure my goal was not to offend you. I have spent a lot of time with liberal and conservative and even fundamentalist women ( I am a nurse and social worker type) and find it untenable that one group of women cares more about children. Perhaps you work in a profession that attracts or requires something different. I personally have a sister and a niece who were highly educated and in lucrative careers when they had their first child.. both became stay-at-home mothers. I think that that is my point, we tend to view the world through our own prism and often that view is distorted.

      We need to try to see one another as individuals.
      (see post below)

  11. Being pro-life does not mean being non-supportive of women’s issues. I favor abortion in areas of rape and incest. However, a woman has the freedom to make a responsible choice as there are plenty of safe, reliable methods of protection. A woman needs to protect herself in her relationships and exercise those decisions against career and personal goals–that is very pro-woman. However, when a poor choice is made then responsibility sets into the equation. Abortion at that point is not an option as it was a pro–choice move. I now have a relative in this very situation and the extended family is supporting her but the responsible option was clear and her life goals will be interrupted and it will be harder but she has to live with the choice and route she took because the other options were available and she failed to utilize them in the name of “he loves me”! We need to teach young women to think before they act and exercise their “freedom” wisely.

    Being pro-life also means being pro-choice in terms of teaching women to responsibly exercise their freedom in sexual relationships. There is too little responsibility on any issue these days and to me being pro-life and pro-women’s choice makes sense.

    I take the same approach toward supporting women in politics. Supporting a woman for the sake of it is not different than supporting any individual simply due to race. There are so many African Americans out there who would make great presidents and I take exception to the current president due to his policies, friends and politics. Freedom and liberty is a wonderful thing and it has to be exercised as responsibly as our right to choose in our sexual relationships and what that brings with it if unwisely handled.

    • I resented blacks for oting black just for that reason and I can not vote female for that reason alone. Coakly is a vote for the status Quo and we need to stop the Dems in their tracks in order to take control of our country.
      The Dems have proven they use and abuse women- therefore- putting a jr female senator in there is purely window dressing for us and a vote for Obama’s platform of socialism, and marxism . I will not give him that nor will I sacrifice another woman for him to use for his own means!
      This is not a sprint- it kis a long long race- many laps- we will have to take them- both party’s down piece by piece and take short cuts and take the bait they throw in our way.
      patience ladies- patience! You take a women at your own peril- ptience- first break the foundation of evil and make a better foundation – a safer one for women to stand on!

  12. The facts about abortion have been distorted at times by both sides. I simply think that whether or not a woman has a baby is her business, not mine and certainly not the governments. Many women are very emotional about this subject and it has divided us for far too long. The truth is that in my long liberal life I have only know two women who have had abortions ( both while young) and one of them is now an Evangelical Christian with 5 children and the other found herself pregnant after fleeing an abusive relationship.

    the facts as I know them:



    If you read the fact sheets carefully you will see that outlawing abortion does little to reduce the number. It just risks the life of the woman. You will also note that 40% of women having abortions in the US are Catholic or Evangelical Christians.

  13. Ms.Behaved…
    there are many, very vocal African Americans that will speak all day about the racism in other people, while being in denial about their own. However, there are AA people who are not in denial about that and oppose that. Thank goodness the tide is beginning to change, but it would be ridiculous to argue that bigotry is not a problem amongst African American people just because I know many who are not.

    There are many, very vocal Christians that believe the husbands decision is the bottom line in marriage practically to the peril of the family, and there are many many Christians who oppose this point of view vigorously. Though I know many Christian couples who have egalitarian marriages based on mutual love and respect, it is completely ridiculous to argue that the oppression of women isn’t a problem and doesn’t exist amongst marriages that believe the husband is the boss.

    What is untenable is the impression you’re trying to give, that breast feeding, stay at home moms are the “norm” for liberal women. Thankfully, I’ve been around long enough to know better.

    Anyway, I think this is probably a good place to stop the back and forth….

    • I am not “trying” to give any impression. What reason would I have for doing so? This is the world I raised my children in and have been a part of. I do work to try to try to improve the plight of women and families…Perhaps I work and play with a narrow subset of socially liberal women that cares about children but I don’t think so. You might be suprised to know that most of the women I know that need to work after maternity leave try to work part-time or from home and pump milk during their breaks and the rest of us do everything we can to support their choices. Even those who have never had children.

  14. As long as women continue to keep the abortion issue front and center, to the exclusion of the myriad of issues that affect all women, they’ll just keep running in place (or running and losing). The focus on this issue reduces women to the sum of their body parts. How many elections have to be lost before women lose the tunnel vision and make ALL issues affecting women a priority?

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