Massachusetts Miracle

Contributed by Rosemary Storaska

Yesterday, we inaugurated another good man like Scott in Bob McDonnell.  Monday, 2000 of us will be driving to Richmond to the Capitol to stand behind two Senators who will be sponsoring Virginia’s 10th Amendment Bill to protect us from the insanity of our Congress.  These two Senators have NEVER sponsored anything but they are now.  Virginia is the first state to move FAST on sending a message up the road to DC. 

If you can make last minute calls tomorrow get online with Scott Brown’s site to help.  We have just begun and this Democrat is NO longer keeping silent.  If we get national press you will see someone holding a VOTE BROWN sign in Richmond in the Capitol and that would be me multitasking!  Let’s work from sea to shinning sea!  Win or lose, MASS it has begun.


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  1. Scott Brown is a wonderful man and a superb candidate. He’s the kind of leader we need — desperately — in Washington, DC. There are many good people running, and with our support and input we can make them into great leaders. Thanks to Betty Jean, Rosemary, and others for helping Scott Brown win this crucial race.

    • Hillary-hater extraordinaire Stephan Maloney. GOP TalkTop. You don’t fool anyone here.

      • Mary, please learn how to spell my name correctly; it’s Stephen. Are you referring to the Hillary Rodham Clinton who positively drooled on candidate Barack Obama and the one who recently proclaimed him to be a “wonderful” president? Mrs. Clinton had a chance to put her country and its people ahead of her Party and political career. She chose Party and career, and the rest of us are getting to suffer because of her thoughtlessness. In the campaign, Mrs. Clinton criticized Obama for not going far enough on health reform. Yes, I’m very tired of the people who hold Hillary to no standards. Put the bar low enough, and she will be sure to get over it. I find Hillary to be a disgusting human being; she put up with a chronically adulterous husband, misbehaving even during her primary career, and apparently she did it for political reasons. So what exactly is one to make of that strange creature? Those who continue to “stand by” a woman who deserted them suffer from a psychological disorder.

  2. Rudy Giuliani abandoned his interest in running against unelected US Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand and now Republican Rep. Peter King says he’s is no longer considering running this year for the Senate seat held by Democrat Kirsten Gillibrand.

    Perhps those two popular Republicans dropped out of the NY race too soon. They obviously thought Kirsten was easy pickins but got scared off when Harold Ford came to town.

    Had they waited for this Mass suprise- instead of fearing the race card would trump their effords against the lady they would have found that dirty politics is not the only game in town anymore. Now the people are beginning to have their say so! God bless America and the sleeping Giants have awaken and may God have mercy on their lousy corrupt souls

    Meanwhile Bruce A. Blakeman, a former member of the board of the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey. and the Republican candidate ,for New York State comptroller in 1998, announced today that he will run against Senator Kirsten E. Gillibrand.

    I am not sure if he is the strongest Republican to run but I sure would like a real goon candidate like Brown from Mass.

  3. Pray that MASS can cause the change we are seeing in Virginia. It is nearly 7 am and I am off with a group from Fredericksburg for Richmond. Wish us luck as we boost the 10th Amendment process on the first day with our new Governor.

    And yes, Scott is a good man who cares about women. The flier being circulated by the opposition against Scott is an outright lie and is what my party does under Obama when they are desperate. Obama’s speech was highly arrogant if you caught it on the news yesterday afternoon! He put down the common person? “Anybody can drive a truck?” We nobodies will be standing strong this morning in Richmond and hopefully many will do the same in MASS tomorrow.

    Scott voted for the “pill” issue if you have being hearing the latest and backed off the first vote to force the bill to be reevaluated so that women could have hospitals and not outside sources extending the care for them.

    Happy Martin Luther Kind Day! All colors and nationalities need to stand with his principles today!

  4. Given the discussion last night on a very interesting Blog Radio Show (thanks Betty for hosting this one) I wanted to further explain a comment made, “Obama needs to pack his bags and go back to Africa”. That statement is NOT racist but one indicating that he has lived a life of entitlement and needs to go back to Africa to his grandmother’s life, his brothers and learn what it takes to work hard toward achieving his goals. Having an African-American president is a dream for many who desire equality but to steal from another posting on pro-life vs. pro-choice, FREEDOM and LIBERTY come with RESPONSIBILITY. One has to live it as well as earn it by both actions and words.

    More African-American men and women need to make the choice to push forward in the political arena despite the odds but my disagreement comes against the policies, friendships, and politics of this particular man who happens to be black. It is not his racial features but the choices he makes. I believe his philosophy to be very wrong for this country and all it stands for from its inception. These thoughts largely come from a reminder yesterday from two individuals far smarter and braver than me–John Adams and Thomas Jefferson. It takes great courage to speak your beliefs and even more so to stand behind them both verbally and physically. I have learned much from a reminder of the roots of this country–I can be Democrat, pro-life, yet pro-woman’s choice, have a boat load of good African American and Muslim friendship and still believe in the Constitution and getting back the freedom that comes with it without being sexist, racist and bearing any of those labels. The labels will fly but I know who I am and will stand for women and equality for all in the process of regaining the freedom that will allow that to once again be a priority.

    Today, Americans in MASS will show what “We The People” really means in this country and win or lose this race shows that the people DO MATTER.

    • Actually Roesmary I did not take it as a racist statment- – i realize others did! I took it as he gives it.
      Every chance he gets he tells us and everyone else about his Aftrican roots- and I for one am sick of hearing an american President talk about his African roots- . I have never heard another president talk about their foreign roots. So if he had been from Italy or Ireland and you had said let him go back to Italy o r ireland – would it have been racist had that the president always touted his other heritage? I think not – so let’s stop always looking at the race card and being afraid to speak for fear that we are going to be called a racist!that is getting pretty damned old too!

  5. IMO
    1.) A Brown win is a RINO win.
    2.) Massachusetts was no miracle.

    Brown will win, if the polls now showing him 9 pts ahead, the cause will not be Providential.

    It WILL BE the Tea Party Patriots from all over the nation, galvanizing and working to get Brown in.

    No miracle.

    After the Tea Party’s hat trick, Christie in NJ, after Hoffman’s stolen win in NY23, after McDonell’s win in Va., now delivering FOUR in a row,

    Is, for the second time in this nation’s history, a shot heard round the world delivered once again, this time by the modern day Tea Party Patriots.

    By tomorrow night there will be NO MORE DENYING by either party and hopefully, by the humble Tea Patriots themselves that

    The Tea Party Movement is THE MOST POWERFUL political force in this country today and stronger that EITHER “Major Parties.”

    Now, to the business of bouncing the leftists and the RINOs, drafting good people from within the movement with a healthy respect for Consitutional government and law and catapulting them as we did the 4 above, into office.

    Town, county, district, state, DC.

    We have the power to take our country back and tomorrow night EVERYONE will know it!

  6. I absolutely agree and that is the miracle of it- we always had it in our hands but were to stupid or lazy to do it- the miracle is – we woke up and actually did it!

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