Survivor Haiti


Calling ALL  Survivor fans, refugees from summer re-runs, and wanna-be’s, students of human behavior/ group psychology / team-building and “Other-siders.”   We posess, among us, the coaching skills and insight to support the relief effort in the earthquake-ravaged Haiti.  Together, we maintain the memory files of a decade of shuffling, cheering and learning vicariously from the gamers who spent 39 days on the side of the island sealed off from the natives – except for Reward Visits. 

Those of us who tuned in for episodes where sixteen or so contestants were dropped onto a remote island with little more than their instincts, character and wit have seen what winning looks like and how losers lose. Here’s a “REALITY” project for younz: The prize isn’t a million dollars: the winners are those who actually survive and those who help the dysfunctional, poor island nation deal with the immediate challenges and pull together a working strategic plan from grassroots “contributions” of mind over matter.  Some of us have no phones from which to text our ten dollars: but we can get involved as seasoned planners and project managers to participate in the most important early phases:  Restoring order, establishing shelter and coordinating essential services.


What is it Jeff Probst offers them first?  FIRE. Or not:  tell me what the priority should be.

Shelter, latrines, nutrition, communication with producers and … oh, yeah:  the camera crews.  We can share the footage.  Some 24/7 cable shows are going for the tragedy or the “send money” format while others endeavor to preserve balance with something for those who are just unable to watch more than a few moments of the heartbreaking footage.  Our instincts are to help, but how?  Some care deeply, yet face their own crises and can only lend a contemplative heart.  Challenges for those who’ve lost or cannot yet connect with loved ones bring focus from around the world. 

For once: the mission is Peace Through Connectivity:  Some of us are touched instantly.  We become the first responders with our Prayers, Faith and Spiritual Networking.  Together we can sustain the despairing, comfort the suffering, assist the searching, and reassure the panicking.

Let your Survival Instincts kick in.  What comes first?  Shuffle into teams.   +  Each of you carries a thread of connectivity to all of mankind +  Those of you who only know “Man Unkind” might suspend the rules of your game for the moment and psychically trade places with rescue workers, logistic servers and recovery operators.  Your underwold familiarities are an asset in this endeavor, as you are readily equipped to think like Machiavellians inclined to exploit  the unfortunate.  Kieth Olbermann, going for the ratings with a judgemental take on the competition’s coverage is neither helpful nor demonstrative of your superior view.  We’re all here to help: whatever that takes.  Leave your self-interest at the gate:  There are no losers.  Win Winners Only.  Bring it all to the table and arrive there at your best pace.  The Chutes are set up to direct traffic in an orderly fashion to prevent bottle-necking or impede the distribution of aid.  Finish Line people, Human Directionals, Security, Check Point People, SAG units, … the idea here is not to DIVIDE into teams, but – rather – to magnetize into balance-evolving platforms that function at the amoeba level.  Be what is needed, interface senses.  Adapt, Invent.  NASA tight inventory of what has survived the quake

Vulcans:  control emotions.  Process and redistribute.  Do no harm.  Preserve Balance.  On Deck:  NFL Kickers, Special Teams Players and Coaches.  Your Special Services are in demand.  Those of you who can give up your Green Beret, Medal of Honor, Patches, Stripes or Lapel Pins, please see the Coordinator of Volunteers Recognition.  Scribes:  access Notation Programs as available.  Record Contributions via Scanners.  As your replacements are sent in; imprint / implant ID Bar Codes.  Maintenance:   Stay on that Finish Line Job…Keep Moving…Those of you who require megaphones, see the Sulahi woman in that magnificent dress.  She’s in charge of Speakers.  For the players who are adelpt at eye contact or listening for signals of life: please join the dogs in the ear pen.  We can asess your tune perception and assign you accordingly……9 Wands Bear with me, one moment, please:

Hollywood is requesting that I change channels for a break-in.


 They bring re-inforcements.  Nobody special.  Celebrity Watchers: tune into MSNBC for the glamor coverage.  We need this channel for The Factor’s Auditors.  Thanks for yielding.  You’ll be re-assigned as soon as you can be sorted into your pods.  Circles of Contributors are filling pretty quickly, but we could use fresh hands and hearts to inventory what’s on the ground and make separate segments for anything that might be recycled for deployment as shelter or morgue.


Thank you ALL for responding.  Experience has taught me that you will naturally coalesce into functional units with the joint mission to protect and perform as needed.  Please alternate with your replacements as you are contacted.  We’ll smooth out the batan-pass as we get up to speed.

 “Let’s Roll!”


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