Pushing Back on “Game Change”

Jean Mc Bride

I’ve seen two articles on Huffpo that push back against the “tell-all” book which dumps particularly hard on the women – Clinton, Palin and Edwards.   Whatever truth there is somehow Obama is not held accountable.  But these guys know a winner when they see one:



More re “Game Change”  from The Nation:

“I’m pretty sure I’m the only person in all of Latin America to have finished “Game Change.” (Ok, its unputdownableness helped.) Here’s who comes off horribly: Bill Clinton, Mark Penn, John and Elizabeth Edwards, Reille Whatshername, Cindy McCain, Rudy G., Sarah Palin. Here’s who comes off pretty bad: Hillary Clinton. Here’s who comes off OK: John McCain, Patty Solis Doyle. Here’s who comes off great: Barack Obama, Michelle Obama, David Axlerod, David Plouffe, Steve Schmidt, Rick Davis. Here’s who gets a free pass: Everybody in the media, pretty much, but especially ABC News, CNN, and their lobotomized debate questioners.

What does that tell you about their sources?

He who controls the future controls the past.”


It seems there’s a need to denigrate anyone or anything that might threaten Obama’s image.  It’s a battle for minds and hearts. 

Yikes!  I’m glad I we still have some folks who can see clearly through this.

*Note from BJ: It says a lot when the biggest supporters are now seeing through his bullshit and reporting it. Thank you folks at  – Huffpo and The Nation for coming to your senses- there is hope that the Kool-Aide is running out or that the folks are coming to their senses. We can only hope.

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  1. I only have one comment. If Hillary lacked the character to be president, then how in the world did Obama become POTUS? He is extremely lacking in character, good judgement, compassion, and the list goes on. He got in with a little(or a lot) of help from his friends. Just like we said from the beginning, he lacked experience and all of the above descriptions, and now all the country suffers.BTW, way to go Jean.

    • You said it Sandy – this book is a bad idea for those idiots – it just riles us up and gives us a good reason to start telling our story again only this time – based on what is cleary more believable based on his track record this year- people will believe us NOW.

      Damned fools – we tried to tell them – but would they listen? NO- now they get to see just how far these bastards will go and the lengths they will take to win what they want! Now they can see for themselves the arm twisting and the bribes and back room deals and the partisanship. Change? This is change alright – worse graft and bullshit ever to come down on the US.

      Even The Nation and Huffpo and other Dems are writing it up Now!

      This book is the last straw – if they think they are going to fool the American public with that crap they are sadly mistaken – fool some once shame on Obambi fool them twice shame on Democrats but I cannot believe they are going to fool Americans yet another time.

      BettyJean Kling M.S, M. Ed Founder: The Majority United

      http://WWW.Free-US-Now.com http://WWW.FreeMeNow.wordpress BTR The Majority United Radio Mon. 10 pm & Wed. 9:30 pm Eastern Call-In Number: ( 347 ) 838-8011 http://www.blogtalkradio.com/FreeMeNow

      Founder: Free US Now- “A victim’s first scream is for help; a victim’s second scream is for justice.” – Coral Anika Theill

  2. This is the conclusion that I have come to about so-called change. You can have all the book knowledge and elite ideaology in the world but, if you have “no common sense” you have nothing!

    Thrilled to see that the “rose colored blinders” are finally coming off the befuddled supporters!

  3. Rose colored glasses? Hahahahhahahah That’s one way of putting it – anything but a woman!

  4. yea it’s pretty hard for any of them now to diss Sarah after her wonderful Fox News unveiling! She’s a keeper. The a-holes that started the theft of the primaries against Hillary are finally seeing Lady Karma come around and it’s gonna STING BUDDY!

    you BETTCHA! hahahaha!

    poor Hillary caught in the middle (she should bail now before it gets any worse) jmo

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