Obama’s true color

Another Rant by: BettyJean Kling

I have said it before and I will say it again, you can attack a woman anytime, anyplace about anything and get away with it but you cannot attack a person of color. So in order to win the 2008 election the Dems threw Hillary Clinton under the bus allowing her to be pilloried, they used the race card to their advantage even against the Clintons shamelessly. Now they are allowing her and others to be pilloried in order to make Obama look better than he has a right to look.

This new book Game Change, is a very bad idea because it is as obvious as the nose on Durante’s face that it is trumped up to prop up the failing Obama. The problem is – nothing short of a miracle can help the impotent POTUS now including this pack of lies.

What the book actually does is aggravate the living hell out of us Hillary supporters and give us one more chance to remind everyone what a raw deal the Democrats pulled on Hillary and the Majority of us citizens.

The Obama Dems did not believe the Hillary Dems when we tried to tell them that he had, in effect, stolen the caucuses by importing out-of-state voters and committed other corrupt caucus fraud – Strike One.

Then we tried to warn them about the bullshit they pulled behind closed doors on May31st. but they called us bitter – Strike 2.

Then we tried to explain that super delegates were paid and threatened to abandon her, even though she began winning state after state after every time counted her out but the people – Strike 3.

Reported as sour grapes, we were bitter old crones spinning a tale. But you only have to look at his first year in office and those 33 Czars, the lack of bi-partisanship, the mudslinging and name calling of ordinary citizens at town halls and tea parties made up of right left and center folks across the nation.

The only change is not for the better; no help for those of color, or gays, or women and only transparency is a real good look into how he wheels and deals to win what he is after at all costs. The proof is in the Health Care Bill maneuvering isn’t it? He and the Dems are running that just as they ran the election; bribes and by-offs. Is that how you want the greatest Republic to be run? Is that the change you expected and wanted? Is that what he promised when he uttered? “In five days we are going to fundamentally change the way this country is going to be run”

He kept his word about that – no one has ever quite been this corrupt and I for one am sick of financing something I did not bargain for – something just the opposite of what this country was intended for and what made this country great.

Obama promised to take us back to the America we longed for but instead is taking us somewhere totally different. All I can say is – he should have been out on Strike 3.


3 Responses

  1. AMEN!


  2. Thank you, SWPAnnA for the inspiration for Betty Jean’s piece.

    Hope & Change, what a joke! Yes, by all means lambaste everyone who gets in your way because of your incompetence!

    We warned all, that it would be just a matter of time and they would be sitting in the same boat adrift as the rest of us!

    Betrayal, lies, corruption bordering on criminal behavior . No one wanted to listen to us, all the doubting Thomas!

    Women and their issues are still being denigrated. Abortion will always incur controversey. Gay rights is still on the backburner. Anti-war protestors are still waging their own war with those in the government. Racism is self evident and being encouraged as a way and means to oppress all of varying racial backgrounds. The Healthcare bill is a travesty. Unemployment has risen. Jobs, what jobs? Our economy is on a slippery slope to nowhere. The list is endless…..

    The American people’s confidence in this administration and congress is waning as the days, weeks, months and the year passes.

    The tide is turning and the American people will have the very justice that they truly deserve. We will take back our beloved country from the reprobates!

    Vote them out of office beginning in November of 2010, 2012 and again in 2014!

    No politician should ever be allowed to be a “career politician”, it only encourages corruption!

    • You said it and I hope we see it in this Lifetime-A revolution !

      Perhaps we have finally had enough – perhaps audacity has finally reached fever pitch and that was what we needed. The AUDACITY of what the Democratic party pulled on the American people after what the Republicans passed off as a president- The Dems handed us this… this empty suit. The last one couldn’t speak and this one can’t shut his trap and neither is worth a shit!

      Vote em out vote em all out 435 plus 36 in 2010 and then do it again in 2012 and do it again in 2016 and so on and so on and so on! We own that dome! If these two idiots can run us into the dirt any fool can take the helm and hardly do worse!

      BettyJean Kling M.S, M. Ed Founder: The Majority United

      http://WWW.Free-US-Now.com http://WWW.FreeMeNow.wordpress BTR The Majority United Radio Mon. 10 pm & Wed. 9:30 pm Eastern Call-In Number: ( 347 ) 838-8011 http://www.blogtalkradio.com/FreeMeNow

      Founder: Free US Now- “A victim’s first scream is for help; a victim’s second scream is for justice.” – Coral Anika Theill

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