“Game Change” or Gaming the American People?

Results vs Consequences.


Nothing more to say, except that the Obama Machine lied, cheated and propagandized millions of young voters, who so wanted to believe in those carefully drafted “Hope & Change” speeches.

Except that… millions of African Americans so wanted to believe in the evangelized message of “Our time has come” – and that equality-oriented political representation would take one giant leap forward  – that all barriers would be shattered, once and for all, because of the election of an African American to the highest office.

Except that… millions of Women, GLBTs and Seniors would also rally behind Obama, only to soon learn that the progress of “Civil Rights” would no more translate into the furtherance of Human Rights… or Women’s Rights… or even Taxpayers’ rights – “Equal Human Rights” – regardless of gender, color, age, sexual orientation or socio-economic status.

Except that… millions of Americans were promised that equality-oriented, affordable health care  for ALL would become a reality for The People – rather than another windfall for those related industries who invested the most money in  “political machines”.

Except that… hundreds of millions of Americans were promised that jobs, economic growth  and stability would  finally be at the forefront of America’s interests rather than allowing the corporate profiteers to continue to dismantle the industries that American People, American Dollars and American History have built.

Except that… if ever before in the history of the United States, the American People – the world  – deserved a fair election process and full delivery on the promises made to ensure a better future for America and Abroad.

The only “Game Change” that matters today, is stopping the Political Machines that keep going and going and going to deceive, diminish and destroy the very fabric of those, “the people”, that they were elected to serve.



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