Hillary: Game Change Truth

The staffers, who reported ill will against Hill and Bill as well as many of us could not accept that the DNC stole from her what she rightfully won and bravely stuck with her party, were wrong to take it out on her. The truth about Hillary is shown below, but instead of realizing that she was showing the world no matter what they did she would fight on – we hurt that she would stick with a party that would do this to her.

Too bad Mark Halperin and John Heilemann’s history of the 2008 election did not include the caucus fraud and the wheelin and dealin that sold and stole the super delegates right out from under her while she was winning and instead bribed the delegates. Oh she was a trooper alright and she won that election but they sucked it away from her just the way they are buying the health care now votes now. Imagine what she would have had – had they not stolen the caucus states and bribed the delegates from the states she won. We tried to tell you – it sounded implausible but all you have to do is watch how they are running things now and it is pretty obvious that nothing is beneath them is it?

Welcome to Chicago style politics and goodbye to American Freedom—we are now more like third world politics than America but as for Hillary read on to see what character really looks like and weep because you settled for less!

The True Character of Hillary Clinton

Joe Scarborough
Host of MSNBC’s Morning Joe, former member of Congress
Posted: January 12, 2010 04:00 PM
Crossposted From http://www.huffingtonpost.com/joe-scarborough/the-true-character-of-hil_b_420599.html

There is much ground covered in Game Change and much that readers can take away from Mark Halperin and John Heilemann’s history of the 2008 election. But as Bob Woodward suggested today on the set of Morning Joe, a reader’s guide to the headline-grabbing book may also be in order.

The Washington Post news legend focused on the part of the book that personally caused me the greatest concern. While I understand the news value of Harry Reid’s brainless quotes on dialect and skin tone, I was most surprised by the observation of one of Hillary Clinton’s top aides that the New York senator lacked the character to be President of the United States.

A few thoughts in defense of Secretary Clinton:

A good deal of the interviews for Game Change were written in the summer of 2008. To put that time frame in perspective, that was at the end of one of the longest, most grueling primary seasons in modern history.

The Clinton campaign endured a long political death march along a blistering trail that led them from the snows of Iowa and New Hampshire to the bars and bowling alleys of Pennsylvania to the emotionally charged and historic Democratic Convention in Denver. By the end of that brutish season, even the most loyal Clinton supporter could have been excused for temporarily losing their judgment due to exhaustion. Perhaps, in a weak moment, a Clinton supporter lashed out at their boss and blamed her for their spending a year away from family and friends in lousy hotel rooms in godforsaken settings. Maybe this staffer was stunned by Hillary’s failure to close the deal in Iowa or plan beyond Super Tuesday. Maybe, just maybe, this person said something to the authors that they no longer believe.

I hope that is the case. Because what I saw throughout Hillary’s 2008 campaign was a candidate who kept fighting back even after being badly wounded in Iowa, negligently served by her staff, and treated miserably by a biased press corps.

Hillary Clinton received what should have been a knockout blow in the election season’s first contest by finishing behind Barack Obama and John Edwards in Iowa. The press smelled blood and rushed in for the quick kill. Pollsters began predicting her demise days before voters marched into the voting booths in New Hampshire. Even Bill Clinton apologized to a group of college supporters the night before the election for not being able to make his wife younger, more exciting, and more articulate.

I thought the 48 hours before the New Hampshire primary were the most humiliating any national figure of Hillary Clinton’s stature had to endure in recent political history. It was a political execution that was broadcast across the world in slow motion. And it was ugly.

But Hillary Clinton had other plans. The New York senator shocked every pundit and pollster from Manchester to Manhattan, outperforming the final NH polls by a dozen points or more.

For the next few months, the Clinton campaign took one body blow after another. The media coverage was deplorable. In fact, it was so biased in some quarters that more than a few living legends of broadcast news privately shared with me the embarrassment they felt toward their own profession.

Still, Clinton kept fighting on.

We were told that like New Hampshire, Ohio would be Hillary’s Waterloo. After all, Obama was outspending her there by a margin of 4 to 1.

She still won.

Then we were told that Barack Obama’s victory in Texas would seal the deal and make history.

Hillary won again, despite again being outspent 4 to 1.

Then pundits told America that West Virginia would be a battleground for the type of blue collar voters that helped put JFK on the path to the White House in 1960. If Obama won there, like another young senator, he would be on his way to the Oval Office.

But Hillary won yet again, this time by an astounding 41 points.

The battle next shifted to Pennsylvania, where the two candidates would have a month to make their case to voters. We were told that Pennsylvania would be where Obama would finish Hillary off. After all, the more people got to know Barack Obama, the more they would like him. And, well, the opposite would surely be true of Hillary Rodham Clinton.

Working class voters across the Rust Belt got that chance to meet Hillary Clinton up close and personal. So did suburban moms, rural farmers, and urban dwellers. Hillary was dramatically outspent on TV and badly outmaneuvered by a brilliant Obama ground game.

But at the end of a Tuesday night in April of 2008, Hillary Clinton had once again picked herself up off the floor and won an election that shouldn’t have been close. In fact, this one wasn’t close, but it was Barack Obama who found himself on the wrong side of a lopsided margin.

In the end, history caught up with the Clinton campaign. Hers was a battle that was doomed from the beginning by a mistaken belief that the Clinton machine would have the Democratic nomination sealed by Super Tuesday. Given her party’s rules for awarding delegates, it was a miscalculation that caused Hillary the Democratic nomination and most certainly the presidency of the United States of America.

Character is rarely revealed in its sharpest contrast after a glorious victory. Instead, you find out what a person is made of after they sustain a soul crushing defeat. In her long, tortured march toward Denver, Hillary Clinton showed more character, more resilience, and more true grit than any presidential candidate I can recall.

And in that losing cause, Secretary Clinton served as a great example of character not only for my young daughter, but for us all. It is that type of strength that we need in our leaders now more than ever. 

8 Responses

  1. Too bad the writers of this book didn’t bother to investigate the charges of caucus fraud. Instead the reduced it to an instance in Iowa of Hillary whining the Obama had cheated by busing people in from out of state as per:


    If the authors had wanted extensive and well-documented proff of the behavior of Team Obama and ACORN in the caucuses the could have found it in Dr. Lynette Long’s analysis at


    and the film available at


    At the risk of being called a whiner, it is truly too bad for the future of our Republic that Hillary, perhaps in the hope that she could eventually win the nomination, did not pursue this. Silly Hillary, she may have even thought the reporters following the campaigns might have noticed and reported it.

    • You do not really expect anyone to tell the truth now do you? They are trying to save his silly sinking ass by trying to make us think he is better than he is AGAIN- what a joke- this just pisses us off even more now that we can clearly see we were right all along.
      the proof as they say is in the pudding.
      His actions are all the transparency we need to prove what we claimed all along- an empty suit with Chicago style arm twisting- big money bribing and all kinds of chicanery but nothing of clean politics . Clean politics- that’s an oximoron isn’t it?
      The people who voted for him got what they wanted- but the populoace did not vote for him did we?
      To hell with the caucus and the super delegates – may they rot!

  2. And in that time, Democratic Women of Character, their Independent and Republican Sisters, found our own voices. Thank You, New Hampshire. Thank you, Ohio. Thank you, Texas, West Virginia, Kentucky, Pennsylvania and New Jersey. We know who the true BASE of the Democratic Party and the Back Bone of the United States of America is. We find, in our courageous sister, Hillary, a piece of work, hors-de-ouvres of the meal to come, so to speak. Another election cycle is upon us. Rock the Majority United!

  3. Change – Olympic 2010 – style, is a relay team event. Cheer the runner of the first leg http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Distance_Medley_Relay and the second and third. Each teammate’s best effort puts its team in position for the anchor to finish strong. Think of Hillary as our 2nd strongest runner; she gave us a great start out of the blocks. With three legs to go, we’ll need our steady and sturdiest to help set up the anchor for the final leg of the race. Keep a firm grip on the baton and have fun.

  4. Hillary Clinton never even had a chance of becoming the Democratic nominee for the presidency. Plans were already in the works to discredit her qualifications, humiliate and denigrate her character. Corruption was running rampant in the race and the primary agenda of the DNC and their fellow cronies was to “stab her in the back” with the so-called Change!

    Am I saying that Hillary Clinton was perfect, no. Is any of us perfect, absolutely not. Do I understand why she bothers to give the democractic party the time of day after all the betrayal, no. It’s not my place to question her decisions.

    When I look back at the 2008 Democratic primary, I remember how elated her supporters were and all the adrenaline flowing as the campaign traveled from state to state. It was a time of much excitement and commaraderie!

    I have never been politically inclined but, Hillary Clinton and the 2008 Democratic primary brought out a political side of me that I could not have imagined existed!

    Hillary Clinton found the strength against the insurmountable odds? She showed everyone a strong character and determined spirit.

    I know now, that it was her supporters that gave her the impetus to carry on with her campaign even against all odds, even up to the very end.

    Americans everywhere is paying a heavy price for the so-called Change that is effecting our very rights and freedoms.

    The 2008 Democratic primary is now a part of our history. It is now, 2010 and it is time to “pay the piper” and “boot the corruption right out on their butts” if “we the people” ever want to see America back to what our forefathers envisioned for this Nation!

    “Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness!”

    • If that jackass and/or his cronnies think this book is going to do what they thought it would – this is going to be the ” Mother of all Backfires”.

      This book stirred up one hell of a whole lot of angry bitter old ladies ( that is what they called us right?) who have been just waiting to say I told you so!

      Just as we were dying down they start picking on Hillary? What a stupid move – just as he is dropping like a stone they try to dump on her and others? How lame!

      Pass the buck- we must be racists- right?

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