Obama should have said “You were right Bro”

Another Rant by Bettyjean Kling

I wonder when folks are going to start apologizing to Hillary for lying about her ( a bitch is a female dog) –or Palin called a Cunt as if she had no other body parts – since they are forced to apologize for telling the truth about Obama. Since when is it a racial to voice the obvious? Obama is a light skinned African American who only turns on the negro dialect as needed. WTF! And might I add so did Oprah turn one on that she never dared utter whilst climbing up that ladder of success. Neat to be able to exploit African Americans at will and then cry racial when you are called out on it. When will the blacks start crying foul? Maybe when they realize that whose is capitalizing on using them and keeping them victims!

And Obama accepting his apology for what? Presidential would have been to laugh it off saying you are right bro!

Reid Apologizes for Racial Remarks About Obamahttp://s.nyt.com/u/A_m

Senator Harry Reid said that Barack Obama could become the country’sfirst black president because he was “light-skinned” and carried  “no Negro dialect.”


4 Responses

  1. Reid was right about one thing….Obama does affect a “negro” accent whenever he is talking to people he thinks are beneath him…which is most everyone on the campaign trail. He gets the “folks” and “ya’lls” down pat every time. To me that is more derogatory then calling someone a “negro” as “negro” simply means “black”.

    • You are right Lonnie- he and the billionaire oprah too- I found that to be patronizing not to mention calling everything a race bait.
      This forces everyone to fear saying something wrong and just sets race relations back.
      I have so many friends that wound up losing frienships with others after years of good relationships over this.

      I feel he set race relations back. I did not want this for m y2 great grandchildren of color – I resent it deeply.

  2. BJ, you were right on the problem by your statement ,’when will the blacks start crying foul? Maybe when they realize that these politicians and so called hhigh profile civil rights leaders are capitalizing on poverty and ignorance. This will not happen until all ethnic groups have early access to top education. Social programs, offering hand-outs is all they support not realizing that these programs keep them in poverty and just another process of upscale slavery. Political leaders constantly ranting racism not only keeps the anger alive, but promotes feelings that the government owes me something. I tried to relay this to my relatives and friends but they refuse to see or accept this rationale. But I will persevere as this is crucial for future progess of my race and others ethnic groups as well.

    • You are right Cynthia and what is more it keeps women of color from taking their rightful place with their sisters and moving forward with real issues that need done.
      We still make less than men- we as women are called ho’s bithes and cunts – where are all the high profile civil rights leaders about that.
      Imus got fired for nappy headed ho- ho should have been enough.
      do either one of us want our daughters called ho? or bitch? I don’t think so- Just remember alone we are a mere drop together we are a whole ocean and it takes an ocean not a lake to create an Tsunami!

      let’s do this for all our daughters we are 52% and we can do this if we unite! Go TMU.

      Good to see you again Cynthia!

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