Hillary Clinton: better late than never… really!

By Woman to Woman

Thank you for “running a little late” Madame Secretary! Not this time, bud.

Is it just me… or, is Barack Obama intentionally timing those dreaded and boring press conferences just when Secretary of State, Hillary Rodham Clinton, is about to make an important speech on Women’s Issues? Would someone please tell me if Obama rushed out to inform the American people of another “buck stopping with him” – like 85,000 more jobs lost in December?   I missed whatever his “breaking news” was, because I was afraid to take my eyes off of the empty lectern where Secretary Clinton was about to appear at the State Department.

She timed it just right, this time, apparently. Fifteen minutes later and within a minute after Obama had concluded his press conference of what, I am confident, was yet another “Daily Yawn”… “You people are screwed”… “I don’t know what I’m doing and the Media is completely behind me on that”, Secretary of State, Clinton, enter the room to a standing ovation. She was there to deliver her remarks, commemorating the 15th anniversary of the International Conference on Population and Development (ICPD). What she delivered was, once again, one of the most powerful voices to ever speak on Women’s Reproductive Health Issues in the last century.

In a speech not much longer than Obama’s afternoon conference for he and the press, Secretary Clinton delivered a trainload of real statistics on the real issues of the plight of women all over the world, regarding reproductive health – in  just a few, penetrating paragraphs. Unlike Obama, she assured me with her absolute knowledge, life-long experience, dedication, focus and determination to lead the world in delivering real solutions, thus real reason to have real hope for women all over the world that the unnecessary suffering will someday end for hundreds of millions of women and girls.

A few excerpts from her speech:

“70 million women and girls subjected to female genitalia mutilation…”

“We have to make the equity argument on behalf of girls and women”

“HIV AIDS is now morphing into a woman’s disease, and increasingly
younger and younger woman are becoming infected.”

“The elite have access to every single form of healthcare, yet it was denied by (a long list)
to women in poverty”

The icing on the cake was that Secretary Clinton concluded by inviting her Undersecretary, Maria Otero, and her newly sworn in Deputy Administrator of USAID, Dr. Raj Shah, to say a few words. When the standing ovation for Secretary Clinton concluded – after she had left the room – they, too, communicated their incredible knowledge, dedication and, most refreshingly, as Hillary if one of our heads of state of an unpopular administration, their obvious gratitude for being a part of one of the most admired, capable, supportive leaders to ever head the State Department.

Hillary was the one we’ve been waiting for. Barack… exactly the one we feared.

You can go here to watch her speech from today:


Here is the link to her earlier speech in the week on Economic Development:


And then, there is this, to remind me of the Hillary Rodham Clinton(s) all over the world who, if not for inequality, oppression, brutality and sexism and misogyny standing in the way, were born to lead:


10 Responses

  1. Excellent!

    Thank you.

  2. I wonder when women will tune into the idea that their reproductive health isn’t a matter of concern with the government other than a method of population control? Just wondering.

    • Hi Lonni- a good question- population control is at the heart of it for all. Think about it – power over women and power over population.
      For the government – to control population as in China as in India- what is the Government’s aim there?
      On the other hand religion also wants to control women and population – right?
      They will not even allow birth control pills. They would have a women bare children untill it killed her. In some religions sex for women is not even allowed to be pleasurable – what about genital mutilation? It”s purpose is to keep her from enjoyment of sex as if she comits adultry for sex rather than the real reasons which are either she is raped or looking for love- not sex! and certainly not to reproduce like a rabbit!

      Sorry I went off topic- I think you were saying reproductive rights should not be the governments business? If that was the point- I agree- it is no ones business !

      Or are you saying something else?

  3. p.s. the “international conference on POPULATION and Development” should be a clue.

    • The gist of Hillary’s speech was “Access, Control, and Protection regarding HER – the Woman’s Reproductive Health Issues”.

      The focus was birth control, education, laws, protection from blatant violations of her basic human rights as well as access to medical services – especially preventative and treatment services resulting from the barbaric practices of female genitalia mutilation, forced marriage and the denial and/or violation of a woman’s right to freely, safely exercise her own “reproductive choices”.

      Regarding “population control” – without Women’s Rights being a the forefront of this issue – hundreds of millions of women and girls have little choice in being raped, married, impregnated or facing mutilation, suffering and even death all in the name of “procreation as dictated, defined and abused by the male species”.

      That is the gist – and without laws protecting a woman’s right to reproductive choice – men are single-handedly responsible for the over-population and the guaranteed suffering of women and children all over the world.

      It is the SACRED RIGHT of every human being to control one’s own body and any man, religion or government that denies that right is criminal, imo. The denial of those RIGHTS causes more suffering and death of women and children, annually, than the number of terminated, unplanned pregnancies, worldwide!

      If given the opportunity, women will generally choose what’s in the best interest of her entire family – or community for that matter – with a focus on long-term effects of her decision. How “Godly” is that? Men generally choose, based first upon authority – driven by the undercurrent of gender-privilege – which has resulted in the world we live in today, IMHO,

      How “Un-Godly” is that? Ask the women and children suffering from the lack of “Human Rights (which includes Women’s and Children’s Rights). That “suffering from denial and protection of their rights is caused by failed leadership – “leadership” dominated by males in every society, regardless of gender population.

      In most languages – the name “Christ” derived from the word “Truth” – and the “truth” is that many “Christian” faiths crucified the “truth” of the messenger, right along with the man on the cross.

  4. Versus no population control?

    • Allessandro my love – it’s been weeks- where have you been?

      What am I missing in this conversation? My point was Women are damned sick and tired of being told what to do with their bodies. For example the bible clearly says seed should not be spilled on the ground right?

      Do we have laws against masterbating? Of course not! Its in the bible if its in the bible its a sin – seed is wasted – that’s got to be killing something and the man will face God someday – so let him face God and let God be the judge and so should it be for woman.

      I wonder what would happen if all of a sudden women were in charge and they started finding all the bible verses that showed men in sins and started making laws that held men accountable for all thebroken laws of God they commit every damned day– holy shit- have the guys ever thought of that ? Or maybe its the guilty conscience that prevents them from letting women run huh?

      Its usually a guilty conscience that makes people hurt other people – they fear they will have to pay for their unfairness to other – you know they will get a bite in the ass!

      What I love is all the guys that are with us women – guys like you my dear friend- real men – who are not intimidated by womean or who simply never hurt or hated a women and has nothing to fear from them!

      Don’t stay away so long – I miss you when you do! How is the weather out there? Come to the show Monday – Charles Kolb is also from CA. He could use your support we only have 3-5 guys coming reguraly .

      And I like your new avitar- you look great!

  5. On population control – a couple should decide if they want children and if not or can’t afford them or have enough of then take birth control without some church saying that is not ok.

    Further – if a husband insists on more children and the wife does not want to bear more – she can’t be forced to do so – she is not a breeding mare- she has a choice in that matter! case closed.

    There was a time when a family on a farm need a few kids- now one or two is a family is that is all she wants- she deserves a life outside the home instead of a life as a homemaker!

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