Audacity of Bullshit

Another Rant By: BettyJean Kling

And we were stunned when Bush just sat there for a few minutes after our last attack? HELLO we were just attacked BAMBI and you are still vacationing in Hawaii? You spend more time in that great state now that Grandma is gone than you did sitting at her deathbed but then again that is your MO isn’t it.  One thing I will give him he is a great delegator!  He doesn’t do shit for himself except read a great speech! Too bad his writers don’t write for his crew!

For example, there is Janet Napolitano making an ass out of herself making statements that the security system worked perfectly, only to have to change that to “the security system worked perfectly after the arrest.”

As for the vacationing president who never shows up at these horror scenes, it took him 3 days to tell us what we already know as if we need his voice to make it valid.

The ‘System’ Did Not Work- Obama Admin Fails In War On Terror
Posted: 28 Dec 2009 08:20 AM PST

Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano actually tried to tell CNN’s Candy Crowley that the failed attempt to
blow up a commercial airliner with 300 passengers on board was proof of how the “system” worked.

While Napolitano is now backtracking that statement, the fact that she dared even say that the system worked in any way, shape or form, takes audacity.
The man had been on a U.S. watch list, he had known extremist connections, was barred from Britain, his father had warned the U.S. Embassy that he was going to do something and the airport security failed… nothing about the “system” worked at all, in fact it failed miserably.

More from WSJ and The Corner

The Obama administration has been so busy trying to close Gitmo and bring terrorists onto U.S. soil for civilian trials, pushing for Obamacare and working on his agenda, his administration has absolutely failed to acknowledge and focus on the terror threats.
Obama decided to grade himself and give himself a B+, but on the war on terror, he gets triple FFF on any report card.
He has bowed down, literally, been so busy apologizing for America and generally made us weaker in the eyes of our enemies that he has personally guaranteed that more of these attempts will happen in the coming years. Then again Obama and his administration still think the “blame Bush” line will continue to work, even a year after Obama was elected to the presidency.

Via Wapo:

White House officials struggled to explain the complicated system of centralized terrorist data and watch lists, stressing that they were put in place years ago by the Bush administration.

The problem with that line of thinking is that Bush continuously tried to improve security, constantly putting new stringent rules in place, to which liberals and Bush haters bemoaned him, accused new technology of being “too invasive”, accused Bush of using “scare tactics” in the war on terror, yet he always focused on keeping America safe after 9/11.

What has Obama done? What public statements, security measures has Obama implimented in the last year that would improve our safety?

Obama fails.

On a recent air line AirTran flight 297 dry run has been kept under wraps, a rash of near terror incidents have also been hidden for PC reasons, the rise in Islamic fundamentalism in the US as evidenced by the surge in violence against women and children has been hushed as well. The Fort Hood incident was pretty clear proof that we are in deep shit and yet Obama is still focused on anything but Terror on the rise as – he keeps us focused on finance and health care and at each other’s throats instead of against the real enemy.

I recently heard one of the democrats spouting Rice’s mantra “the terrorists only have to be right once, we have to be right 100% of the time” Al Qaeda has taken responsibility for this recent bombing which would have killed all on board had the detonator not failed. They are coming – they will try again –and in case you have not noticed — they do not mind dying!

Listen folks these people mean business- can’t you see they love their cause more than we love ours- they will die for it? This kid had it all- looks- brains- talent and money, yet he was willing to die for his beliefs! That is what we are up against- we had damned well better be ready for that kind of dedication- forget about Party and party leaders looking out for their own damned skin – let’s unite and save our country – the greatest gift on earth “freedom” is about to be lost because we have left a fix and a wolf in charge of our house!


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  1. Obama must be in shock that the terrorists aren’t buying his one-world vision and neither are we. He sees himself as Ghandi and we see him as Bambi.

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