The Religion of Peace

By: Barbara

When are we going to wake up to the fact that Islamic terrorist are determined to continue to use aircraft as weapons to murder Americans?

The first Muslim suicide bomber was on board TWA flt 841 Sept of 1974 ‘September 8, 1974: TWA Plane Explodes in Mid-Air; Abu Nidal Affiliate Claims Responsibility’.


That’s 35 years ago. For 35 years now we have been terrorized by Muslims boarding aircraft to commit first degree.

WTF Is it going to take here ????

Can we stop with the PC? Fear of offending Muslims? Terrorists?

Can we stop with the Region of Peace?


Major Nadal murdered those at FT Hood because no one wanted to call a duck a duck.

Let’s not offend the good Major, even though he is in contact with a known terrorist in Yemen. The Major is quoting Mohammed’s belief “that non believers are Infidels”

We can not offend, We can continue to bury Americans.



A father in Nigeria phones the US Embassy 6 months ago to say “I think my son is a potential terrorist” he has been to and from Yemen and he is talking crazy shit.. His son who lives in London shows up for a flt in Amsterdam to the US. He is a young Muslim man who buys a one way ticket for cash and checks no baggage. For 35 years these “clues” have been high on the profile list.

But ……we don’t want to be accused of profiling you , even though we have a profile list to help identify terrorists and you certainly fit the profile of a terrorists…I don’t want to be accused of profiling you . Even though it is my job to profile people using this profile list for passengers boarding an aircraft.


So welcome aboard and enjoy your flight Mr. Jihadist, while I go strip search this 80 year old woman from Peoria who is trying to take her shampoo on board.


How many red flags are needed? He did everything but actually say “Hey I am an Islamic terrorist and I am going to blow up this plane.

I am not so sure that even a group of male Muslims carrying weapons would be stopped from boarding an aircraft at this point.


When will we say Sorry Muslims but you are the people who are using airplanes as weapons of mass destruction, so we need to spend a little more time checking you out and if you are insulted…. then walk to your destination.


It is the job of security to keep the flying public safe but they can only keep us safe if we drop the PC and start calling a Muslim a potential terrorist.


35 years after TWA was blown out of the sky by a suicide bomber we are still allowing them access to our skies believing they come in Peace.


9 years after 4 planes were used as missiles those whose “jobs” it is to keep the flying public safe as well as this country safe didn’t think the Christmas day terrorist who had just attempted to set off an explosive on an aircraft and admitted right there on the plane “I am a terrorist was a “big threat”. It took 3 hours before the President was notified. When questioned about this the response was “well we thought it was just a passenger setting off fireworks”

Hello…..since when is Bringing fireworks on an aircraft and setting off fireworks on an aircraft legal to do? Fireworks are explosives !!!! A lot more dangerous than my shampoo.


No one even had the thought that perhaps like 911 there were more terrorists on other planes about to set off explosives?


The terrorists are watching our reactions. Our non reaction to that one attempt leaves the door wide open for many terrorist to board our aircraft and while we deal with the “firecrackers” that are NO big deal…..Well…it will be devastating.


I worked for TWA and after the suicide bomber blew an aircraft Out of the sky.

A group of Islamic terrorist boarded TWA flight 847 on June 17, 1985 with grenades and guns and after we departed Athens…well read about how peaceful a flight.


When we demanded more security…..they began to smuggle explosives on board, window seats near the area where the aircraft is most vulnerable, 4 Americans including an infant were sucked out of the hole blown in the side of the aircraft.

TWA flight 840,9171,961109-3,00.html


Terrorist and terrorism and politically correct should not be used in the same sentence. PERIOD.


When will we take a good look back and comprehend that is exactly what the terrorists are doing?

When the hell are we going to say ENOUGH ?


4 Responses

  1. The head of Homeland Security, Janet Napolitano( sp) just announced “that the passengers did what they were suppose to do”
    WTF Janet?

    It appears Janet that the passengers did what everyone,including you Janet,failed to do.Keep us safe. Everyone paid to do a job failed to do their job.

    Since when is the safety of the passengers the job of the passengers?
    This guy was a walking, talking bomb.He had a sign over his head “terrorists” and yet he boarded an aircraft and set off an explosive and yes if it were not for the passengers it could have been a disaster.

    Who dropped the ball? Not one aircraft pilot was notified that a terrorist attack had taken place on board a flight landing in Detroit. Not one pilot was told to BEWARE

    A huge failure on behalf of homeland security.
    Do you want the passengers to do the screening as well?.
    Maybe one of the passengers should have alerted the other pilots flying Christmas day?

    You should be fired Janet…

  2. You know that Obama is angry at the media he just demanded
    “They leave his daughter alone”

    Waiting for him to get angry at Islamic terrorist maybe demand “They leave his country alone.”

    Our reaction is being monitored and we have Janet saying” passengers did what they were suppose to” instead of saying security didn’t do what they were suppose BUT that will change.again it took 3 hours before the President was notified and not one pilot was notified of possible danger..

    The POTUS has not said a word. Playing golf etc and yelling about the media following his daughters

    This is insane.

  3. BJ

    The same flt from Amsterdam to Detroit has had today a “disruptive”
    Passenger from Nigeria.
    The media calling it a “coincidence” and that very well may be.
    But after TWA flt 847 was hijacked it was proven that the hijackers all flew that route for at least 3 months (as did the 911 hijackers)
    There were 3 different crews that flew that route. Of the three crews flying that route only one flt attendant spoke German, Uli Derickson. The 847 terrorist did not speak English, they spoke German. Do you think it a coincidence that they hijacked a plane the day the only German speaking Flt attendant worked? A hijacker who “missed” the flt confirmed this to authorities.
    There was an incident report for flt 847 ( different crew) the week before and it said ” 3 middle Eastern men refused to take their seats. Pilots called to assist.”
    Point is as I said before. When we going to understand that those who want to murder us may come from different countries BUT the one thing they have in common is Islam and they keep doing what has proven to work and we keep ignoring them.

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