Tea bag group targets NJ Sen. for recall

Contributed by: The Bib

Another correction on press release:  S/B http://www.njteapartycoalition.org/  (not.com) I left the following comment on the page, hope you all spread the word to your groups and get everyone to leave their comments there, as well: Mine is one of the three required signatures on the petition recall.

The Jersey Journal received a copy of the press release, rather than let it stand on its own and publish it, they do a hit piece. NOT REPORTED HERE, is that the state had 3 days to respond, it is now FOUR MONTHS. Yes, we have filed a Court Motion to get the State to PERFORM under their LEGAL obligation to respond to the recall petition.

Ah, the press, what can we “freepers” say? If it weren’t for bad press, we’d get no press at all.

We have a renegade gov’t in DC and the in State House as well. DC has ignored the majority’s calls to stop socialization; Trenton ignores their LEGAL OBLIGATION to respond on the recall notice and everything else. We will not be denied and we will NOT GO AWAY.

For those who want to keep abreast of the developments, these sites have been established and alerts will be posted up there, you will be able to download the pdf. format to send to the press, legislators, Gov. Elect, fellow TPP’s.

Note how the article (reprinted in its entirety below) conveniently omits the links even though the following three are highlighted within the press release.




Is a tea bag group targeting U.S. Sen. Robert Menendez for recall?

By The Jersey Journal December 25, 2009, 12:33PM

Sen. Robert Menendez

It seems a New Jersey tea bag group is complaining that “the New Jersey Secretary of State has failed to legally comply with our Notice of Intention.” Their intention is to get U.S. Sen. Robert Menendez out of office as soon as possible.

They add: “A civil action has been filed in the Essex County Superior Court of New Jersey on behalf of the ‘Committee to Recall U.S. Senator Robert Menendez,’ sponsored by the Sussex County Tea Party, a fellow member of, and supported by, NJ Tea Parties United.” Their message can be found on the Ridgewood Blog where the recall proponents promised a PDF file on the issue would be posted on their site, but it has yet to appear. They plan to begin collecting signatures needed for a recall of Hoboken’s Menendez  — once they jump legal hurdles — and are asking for help.


One Response

    What is our mission in 2010? It should be to teach ourselves why America’s political tradition worked and what will happen if we change it. Obama wants us to change. He wants us to become like the Old World America left in the 18th century. He wants us to forget what the libertarian 19th century Democrats provided that gave us so much prosperity when compared to the stagnation of the Old World. He wants the American society well-oiled and ordered so the few elite can rule the many, for our own good, of course. America’s individual freedom has never been tried elsewhere, though partially approached in some more modern nations. Yet, 80% of the world’s people are struggling to exist, many starving, all under one dictatorship or another. Not so in America, unless deciding to be struggling and unhappy. We need to teach ourselves the difference so we can make the best decision of whether America will fall in line, get on its knees and be ruled by the few, or renew its pledge to individual freedom. That’s our task! Find help on claysamerica.com.

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