Health Reform or Bribery

Another Rant By BettyJean Kling

Excuse me but this deal still leaves over 20 million people uninsured! Let me repeat that over 20 million people still uninsured, it gives sweetheart deals to several states, it looks nothing like anything that those who elected this president asked for so in the end it is just another back room wheeling and dealing political hack job that reminds us – the only good politician is a fired one!

Health Care needs reform but our House and Senate need it more. Private deals at our expense and without our permission are unacceptable! How long are we going to sit by and watch these crooks take our money and do as they will with it? Who will decide who and where and how spend our hard earned money? Who decides if and where we will have jobs and who will take away our right to decide for ourselves or most private decisions? Are we fools?  Will we continue to take this quietly?

Sweetheart deals – with your money?
If you go along with this- you will deserve it!

I just signed Mike Huckabee’s Emergency Petition to Senator Ben Nelson. I urge you to do the same. Please use this link:

 Our goal is to collect 100,000 signatures by the final Senate vote.

If you will take any Health Care Reform at any cost just to say you have passed Health Care Reform – you are a fool who is not meeting the criteria of reforming health care in a meaningful way nor reducing cost. What you have accomplished is reforming health care in name only and you have fooled NO ONE! My only hope is that this is the final nail for your coffins! Perhaps this is what will wake American’s up !

Voter Imposed Term Limits!
vote em out – vote em all out!

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  1. Send this around to your sphere of influence and ask them to do so as well. To everyone in every state we can, this message MUST get out!



    The Declaration of Independence mandates us to overthrow oppression and tyranny.

    The 1st Amendmant provides the right.

    The 2nd Amendment provides the means.

    And the 10th provides the power.

    Action against DC incorporates the Declaration of Independence and the 1st Amendment.

    We seek to avoid implementing the 2nd.

    But the POWER provided in the US Constitution is vested SOLELY in the 10th.

    To IGNORE this is to our mortal peril.

    TURN YOUR FOCUS to your state, lay seige there and clean up your own state house!

    Every state consitution affirms that the state is governed by its sovereign citizens.

    How utterly IRONIC that we the people insist that DC follow consitutional law and we ourselves IGNORE IT?

    In their brilliant prescience, the framers gave us the duty, the means AND THE CONSTITUTIONAL POWER to NULLIFY THESE outrages cast upon us by DC.


    By now it should be clear that showing up, writing, faxing, petitioning, BEGGING DC who as you SEE has neither the intent NOR the Constitutional obligation to deal directly with us, is not, will not work.

    Find the sovereign state movement in your state. Lay seige to your own state capitals and bring all the force you can to get your state houses from preventing these Marxists’ from crossing your own borders.


    And get to your town halls, demand mayors to reduce your tax bills by every dime collected for DC’s unconsitutional spending.

    Commit and prepare to practice peaceful civil disobedience.

    STOP PAYING FEDERAL TAXES, use the weapon DC uses against us, against them.

    Get your State house to legislate this nullification, name the bill “Nullification of ALL Unconsitutional Federal Mandates And Spending.”

    Our doomsday weapon is the Consitution against which they have no defense and indeed, our best chance of avoiding armed revolt.

    We must come wrapped in the American flag and armed with the Consitution.

    DO IT, people! Our nation hangs in the balance!

    “Whensoever the General Government assumes undelegated powers, its acts are unauthoritative, void, and of no force.” ~~~ Thomas Jefferson

  2. the above link to the petition is not working. I got there through politico’s link:

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  4. According to the NPR website this is the “Cliff Notes” version of the House and Senate Health Care proposals.

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