Money, Sex and Power

Another Rant By: BettyJean Kling

In order to protect them, something needs to be done about the exploitation of women and girls around the world. Unfortunately, even in America women and girls have been marginalized to believe their dress is to be dictated by others. Be it the veil or the hajab in the most conservative of circles or the thong in the most liberal the point is that women’s fashion has been dictated to them by either their religion or politics/society both run exclusively by men whose main priorities are either and/or a combination of money, sex and power.

The French are on to something here. I certainly hope they are able to pass this and I hope every other country follows suit. My only regret is that the US was not first to propose the idea. This is not about Islamophobia by any stretch of the imagination – no—this is all about sexism and misogyny disguised as religion. Both the religion of godliness and of ungodliness. Both of conservative and of liberal. Both of the extreme right and extreme left. Both of those who want to be guided and those foolish enough to believe they are free thinking!

Our government has laws that protect its citizens from injustice; however, women and girls appear to be exempt from those protections. The 10th and 14th Amendments would seem to cover all citizens, however clearly they do not. The 19th. Amendment would not be needed if they did and clearly they are not protected the same under the law. men beat them and are released on their own recog. to go home and beat them again – often they kill them.

Wives go missing in record numbers day after day. Children are taken off the streets. Serial rapists and child molesters are set free and never followed up on while those freaks have child prisoners who are being raped and reproducing for them in their back yards for 18 years.

Next you cannot defame any other citizen as you can a woman. Case in point; Imus was fired for “Nappy headed Ho”. It was the napped headed term that got him fired- the term ho should have been enough.

When calling a former first lady a Bitch is acceptable and calling a vice presidential candidate a Cunt is acceptable and hanging her in effigy is acceptable but calling the presidential candidate a Prick is unheard of and hanging him in effigy is a jail able offence, there is a problem in our country. A problem that leads to four women a day killed in domestic violence, a state senator is sworn into office days after attacking his girlfriend with a broken glass requiring 40 stitches on her face, who then gets a slap on the wrist by a judge and now refuses to step down a state Senator.

Women and girls are being attacked in America in record numbers– it is an epidemic and we have a battle on our hands as it is the last thing we need to add to that is the influx of the world most hideous religion that hides the battered women under clothing and totally diminishes them not even allowing them to attempt to get legal aid.

And while under reported – for PC reasons, we have Islamist-style honor killings in America. We have had wife beheadings, we have had stabbings , we had a daughter run over. The entire family has hunted down the female child and murdered her for likeing a boy the father did not choose! yes right here in America. Women dare not ask for a divorce or press charges for assault or they will loose their heads and their children will witness this. 

Minister says burqa-style veils impede citizenship
By ELAINE GANLEY (AP) – 18 hours ago

PARIS — France’s immigration minister said Wednesday that he wants the wearing of Muslim veils that cover the face and body to be grounds for denying citizenship and long-term residence.

Eric Besson said he planned to take “concrete measures” regarding such veils, which are worn by a small minority of women in France but have become the object of a parliamentary inquiry into whether a ban should be imposed.

Besson spoke during a hearing before the panel of lawmakers as their nearly six-month inquiry draws to a close.

Besson said he believed a formal ban on veils that cover the face and body seemed to him “unavoidable,” with a ban in public services as a minimum step.

Whether such veils are banned or not, he said he intends to personally move forward to ensure that women wearing such veils and seeking French nationality or residence cards are denied.

“I want the wearing of the full veil to be systematically considered as proof of insufficient integration into French society, creating an obstacle to gaining (French) nationality,” he said.

He said he would advise prefects, the highest state representative in the various French regions, that the wearing of such veils is a motive for not delivering 10-year residence cards.

Besson said he was prepared to put the measures before parliament to make them law. In November, Besson ordered a nationwide debate on the French identity, to conclude by the end of January with possible measures.

Conservative President Nicolas Sarkozy is the force behind both the national identity campaign and the targeting of full-body veils, which he has said are not “welcome.” Critics claim he is playing to traditional far-right fears of immigration, particularly by Muslims.

There is concern that some immigrants and citizens, including members of its Muslim population — at some 5 million the largest in western Europe — are failing to fully integrate and even defying the nation’s secular values. A law was passed in 2004 banning Muslim headscarves from classrooms.

Wake up America. Wake up world – Wake up women! There are more of us then there are of them- how is it that 52% of us along with those who love us and our children can not put a stop to this? ?Get your heads out of whereever you have them please – this is serious. Wake up! We need an army- a peaceful revolution – a refusal to go along to get along! Please wake up.


One Response

  1. The other day Senator Schumer called a flight attendant a BITCH when she asked him to turn off his cell phone.
    I am wondering what if he called her a “nappy haired HO”?
    What if the state Senator who cut up his girlfriends face was a state Senator who cut up her boyfriends face?

    Think things would be very different huh?

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