Obama’s Presidency in a Nutshell

Another Rant By: BettyJean Kling

Obama’s presidency in the first year is one where 33 Czars hold positions most of who are unapologetically either Socialist or Communists and are married or somehow related to one another in a twisted web of past controversies or tax compromises. It’s a year when Tiger is named the athlete of the decade, Obama is nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize nine days into serving and presented the Prize a week after committing 30,000 troops to Afghanistan totally against his voters’ wishes. It is also the same week of the same year Barbara Walters honors Michelle as the most fascinating person of the year and Time’s person of the year is none other than Ben Bernanke who is honored I  suppose for losing 7 million jobs! Barack grades himself a strong B+ but still refuses to release his actual grades but at least he got off  Oprah, Walters and Time First place possition so his wife could have a turn this year! 

I wonder does she get the Nobel next year?

Barack has no deaf-ense for a tin ear
By Michael Goodwin
NEW YORK POST -December 16, 2009

Of all the surprises of President Obama’s first year, the biggest is his continuing tin ear for the mood of the country. He often appears clueless about what Americans want.

Almost from the moment he stepped into the Oval Office, the man who smashed the Clinton machine and won an electoral landslide over John McCain seemed to lose his touch with the people who put him there.

Some days, many days, he doesn’t look like he cares that big chunks of the country, left, right and center, are giving up on him.

Voters by a large margin have said for months they don’t want the health-care overhaul he’s pushing, so he pushes harder. They want less spending and debt, so he doubles down on pork, bailouts, handouts and taxes.

They thought he would deliver bipartisanship, and he gives his hard-left allies the keys to the kingdom.

They worry about terrorism, so he wants to close Gitmo and move the worst of the worst to the homeland. With Ground Zero still a mess, he gives the 9/11 plotters civilian trials in New York.

His approval ratings are speeding downhill and some 60 percent say the country is on the wrong track. He responds by giving himself a “good solid B-plus” for his first year.

And he says Wall Street bankers “don’t get it.”

It comes as no surprise, of course, that our young president has a very, very high opinion of himself. But it is nonetheless shocking he remains so brazenly self-righteous in the face of growing public discontent.

A damn-the-torpedoes style of leadership would be welcome if he were an optimist brandishing an inclusive, sunny-side up vision. He’s not. He’s too often testy, churlish and downright whiny.

His vision is little more than a string of gauzy utopian platitudes glued together with fear, as when he told fellow Dems yesterday that the flawed health-bill represented “the last chance” for reform.

The last chance? Forever?

His charge that bankers have an obligation “to help rebuild the economy” by making more and presumably riskier loans boggles the mind. Low standards are the hair of the dog that led to liar loans and other housing disasters. By all means, let’s do it again.

When something goes wrong, it’s not his fault. “Fat-cat bankers,” “greedy” insurance companies, doctors who do amputations just for the money, special interests, the media — the media! — have all taken their turns being blamed for what he hasn’t fixed.

The buck doesn’t stop on his desk!

If all other scapegoats fail, there’s always George W. Bush. Pressed during last Sunday’s “60 Minutes” interview on his decision to send 30,000 more troops to Afghanistan, Obama shared his pain and slandered Bush — all to distinguish his troop surge from his predecessor’s.


And we thought Bush and his administration were out of touch with reality?  Well they were – but — it is we the people that are out of touch with reality if we do not realize we are in deep shit folks. We are in the throws of hell and unless we bind together  — NOW and throw these bums out this Nov. and every Nov. from here on out — we are nuttier than these weirdo’s running amuck in DC!

Voter Imposed Term Limits- NOW!


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