Obama: “This is what a Feminist looks like” Nobel Winner

Another Rant By: BettyJean Kling

Just as our American President repeatedly mentions his African roots and that black father who implanted then abandoned him, the same otherwise already married man he never knew but only met for an hour in an airport at about age 12. He writes lovingly about Frank, a black communist drunk, who taught him to hate whites and mistrust women. Notice, his motus operandi always includes a black male figure and only mentions females when absolutely necessary. His Kenyan grandmother who has just made a pilgrimage to Saudi Arabia as guest of the King but she has not been guest to the White House courtesy of her Grandson. There isn’t even any talk of it. I wonder why? And he only mentions his white women folk when it conveniently suits his story. Like his mother worrying about medical bills from her deathbed which he did not bother to visit, or his typical white grandmother being a racist. True to form he traveled to Europe to pick up his unearned Nobel Peace prize and having enough sense to know he did not deserve it- he pinned his Nobel Prize on accomplishments he had the nerve to compare with Nelson Mandela and Martin Luther King (not in his or his father’s dreams if you ask me).

“In his Nobel acceptance speech, President Obama did not mention A SINGLE WOMAN Nobel laureate that he stood on the shoulders of. He must not think they were important enough. ” ~Himilce Novas




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