All 3 pale in comparison to Hillary’s Lifetime Achievements!

By Barbara

Barack Obama picked up his Noble Peace Prize having been awarded to him for things he might accomplish in the future and since in his acceptance speech he included himself with Peace Prize winners King and Mandela the world stage awaits his “labors” of what he might accomplish.

The Vital Voices Global Leadership Network is comprised of over 5,000 women from more than 150 countries in every region throughout the world. The women who make up this network are established, emerging and rising women leaders who work in the public and private sectors to promote positive change in their communities. As social entrepreneurs, political, economic and civil society leaders, our Global Leadership Network members are committed to bringing women's voices to the table to facilitate good governance, economic prosperity and social change as well as combat human rights violations that hinder nations' abilities to move towards progress.

Speaking of those who have accomplished on a world stage, Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton received the Eleanor Roosevelt Lifetime Achievement Award. What’s that you say? You didn’t know that? It didn’t make the news huh?

Oh yes, on the same day the POTUS was in Oslo picking up his award for what the NPP committee hoped he would do,  but he didn’t do, but he might do it in future award, AKA “Future achievement Award”, Hillary Clinton was in Sweden receiving an award for things she actually has done. She was awarded for her “woman’s rights are human rights” campaign.

What’s that you say? Not a word in the media?

You did hear Michelle Obama was the “Most Fascinating Person of the Year”? Yep 2009 most fascinating person. Her husband was most fascinating in 2008. But 2009 belongs to Michelle. IMHO the only thing fascinating about Michelle is that Barbara Walters finds her fascinating.

So Mr. Peace prize winner and Mrs. fascinating claimed their awards on the same day Hillary Clinton claimed hers and I guess between all the talk about how much Barack has done to earn the award in the future and how fascinating Michele was this past year, and of course Tiger Woods, Hillary got lost in the shuffle, besides it was A Women’s Award and that is soooooo boring and who gives a crap about actual accomplishments when we have Barack and Michelle and Tiger.

So Hillary received an award for actually accomplishing something. Boring when you can concentrate on what someone might accomplish and of course a woman who was the First Lady of Arkansas, First Lady of the America, US Senator, Presidential Candidate, Secretary of State, Children rights advocate, Human rights advocate, FEMINIST, and of course devoted daughter, wife and mother is not at all “fascinating” when up against the fascinating accomplishments of Michelle Obama.

So you missed the Hillary news. Here is the link.

 Let’s celebrate Hillary Rodham Clinton and her fascinating accomplishments. Congratulations Hillary, I am so proud of you.

Nobel Prize, Barbara’s Most Fascinating persons 2008 and 2009, possibly the Worlds Greatest Golfer? All 3 persons and their honors pale in comparison to Hillary’s  Lifetime Achievements!


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  1. This being a “man’s world” and all, the best and perhaps only help women can count on for ‘hope and change’ is that of other women.Women need to stand shoulder to shoulder and stop blaming one another for the politics they have adopted in order to survive. When have those in power ever become less oppressive because it was the right thing to do?

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