The two faces of Islam

By BettyJean Kling

Islam may profess to be a peaceful religion; however, it is becoming increasing clear that they are a radical religion who also wishes to take over the world and kill infidels. Both follow a Koran and Mohammad! I am not sure how this Koran and Mohammad can both be a savior and evil but based on what the two faces of this religion profess, we can believe what we see and hear from the believers .

I would love to trust that this is a peace loving religion and would gladly do so and just as I do with other religions, allow them to worship as they will. Live and let live. The peaceful sect may be peaceful but I do not see them in the streets or anywhere else denouncing the radicals and that silence screams loudly. What they do not condemn they condone by omission! I can only conclude they either condone or there are very few peaceful members. In the interest of fairness I realize they must be considered and we shall try, BUT.

Unfortunately Islamophobia is near impossible with this religion because of its other face. Because in the same Koran from the same prophet this group is far from peaceful. This faction means harm to any who are not Muslim. Did the killers advertise themselves as hateful murderers before they blew themselves and others up? Didn’t they integrate themselves into our lives freely and walk amongst us before they flew into our buildings? Didn’t these other guys in Denver live among us inconspicuously while planning hate. What about the guys in NJ planning on delivering Pizza bombs to the base or Ft. Hood? No Muslims read the Koran, go to these Mosques hear this peaceful rhetoric and then do their deeds!

This religion is not within our Constitution- it does not follow our laws and does not provide for our rights to life liberty and the pursuit of happiness!

“The pragmatists, most of whom are power holders, are partially right when they insist that the integration of Muslims will take a very long time. Their calls for dialogue are sensible. But as long as they do not engage Muslims to make a choice between the values of the countries that they have come to and those of the countries they left, they will find themselves faced with more surprises. And this is what the Swiss vote shows us. This is a confrontation between local, working-class voters (and some middle-class feminists) and Muslim immigrant newcomers who feel that they are entitled, not only to practice their religion, but also to replace the local political order with that of their own.”Ayaan Hirsi Ali

Swiss ban on minarets was a vote for tolerance and inclusion
Ayaan Hirsi Ali, author of “Infidel,” is the Somali-born women’s rights advocate and former Dutch parliamentarian. Her forthcoming book is entitled “Nomad.”  

Make an image of their prophet and risk holy war- witness rage in your streets and suffer death at the hands of mad men and women covered so that only heir enraged eyes show the hatred the voices shout under that garb. Any who are not Muslims are deemed Infidels, Women are less than infidels they are lower than dogs and they are taught to accept that fate. Children are also taught to accept the fate of chattel.

I have personally witnessed mistreatment from the influx of these Muslim men in dealing with me and other women. Their distaste for dealing with women is obvious, if they hold jobs where they are forced to deal with or serve women such as in gas service stations, they are discourteous and downright rude. It’s scary. No wonder more and more women are showing signs of depression – we really don’t need to launch a study as pontificated by psychologists recently wondering why.

The influx of women hating foreigners into our country, the epidemic proportions of violence against women and the sudden onset of honor killings such as beheading of wives and stabbings of daughters all seemingly kept hush hush rather than outraging us as a society is enough to depress women.

This just gives us another reason to march on DC NOW and demand ERA before these radical women haters with their insidious hateful religion overturn the meaning of our Constitutional rights and replace it with their own laws– all right under our noses – using our very own freedoms to do so. If the Muslims want Shar’ia law, honor killings, and jihad, they should stay in their own countries where these things are accepted.

Radical American Muslims praise Fort Hood shooteras
“An Officer and a Gentleman”

Freedom of speech and freedom of religion my eye! This must stop NOW- this is not freedom of anything but of hate crimes. Commanded by the Koran to terrorize non believers. Killing soldiers, killing Americans , beating of women which should be adjudicated as a hate crime and this should prove it- they hate women and see them as dogs- even dogs under our American laws have more rights than these women!

Obviously our men have not moved against this – so we must act now! We either move against this abomination now or we will not have any legs to stand on. Right now we only have a left leg fighting for any women’s rights at all and that plain and simply ladies just ain’t enough. The left primarily focus on reproductive rights and same sex marriage. There are ERA groups and Violence against women’s groups but they need help and lots of it and they need it from the left and from the right and they need it now!

We desperately need the right leg to stand tall and yell for all the other rights women and girls need counted too. When will we wake up and understand that all issues are women’s issues and we all have more in common than what we have to disagree about. The right and the left are so busy fighting over two issues they will never agree on that – we are blind to a mountain of issues endangering our lives- our children and our country.

It does not matter that we do not agree on every issue. There are 52% of us across America – can we at least all agree against the multitude of issue we have refused to focus on together? Let’s start with Sharia law, radical Islam  and Jihad? Let’s get this majority united on that at least. United we stand on two legs — divided we have not one leg to stand on.

Imagine: The Majority United on something!

Those who expect to reap the blessings of freedom must, … undergo the fatigue of supporting it.
~Thomas Paine


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  3. i have a message to these Muslims pricks that say the hate america so much & that it is such a terribil place . leave nobodys stoping you. . scince they seem to love bin laden head out there & hang out in a cave with him .

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