Is the First Black President a President Mostly for Blacks?

Ms. Behaved

The Professor Gates Incident may have opened some eyes. It would be interesting to know how the proportion of people of color in this administration compares to that of the general population. Just Asking.

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  1. Obama is Black??? Holy crap I did not know that, you think the media would have focused on that.
    That must mean he is the first Black President?

    I learn something new everyday thanks for sharing MsBehaved
    This is truly historic and no one talks about it.LOL

  2. Just thought of something
    He ran as the first black president…IN 2012 when he is not re elected that would make him the first black president to not get re elected.

  3. How many in obowma’s entourage are from the Chicago Combine? How few have any real world job experience? How many have backgrounds which would not normally pass the test to join the FBI or to teach in most states? When we finally vote this zero out, Washington will lose a high percentage of its scum and poor Chicago will get them back.

  4. the above post

    The above post is missing the link to a gallop poll showing Obama’s job approval rating broken down by race and geographical area.
    Link is added here:

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