How much did that “tent” cost?

By BettyJean

The Post gives credit to the first lady for the over-the-top extravagance of the first state dinner: For her debut as the first hostess, Michelle Obama had eschewed the standard and more manageable gathering of about 130 in the State Dining Room. Instead, she and the president welcomed some 400 guests, who made their way through a receiving line and then on to cocktails and dinner under the tent. YOU HAVE GOT TO SEE THIS “TENT.” I understand that state dinners are de rigueur and pomp and circumstance have their place. But if the Obama’s had stuck with the usual 130 guests they wouldn’t have had to build a new house in the back yard. The White House is already well-equipped to host state dinners. But the
Obama’s don’t think small. Their talk about sacrificing and belt-tightening is for thee

Mind you – we paid for this tent- and we paid for the party crashers and we paid for the NY date and Paris shopping trip and all this while the country is in recession! Just how much did we pay for this tent? And how much are we paying for this president to fly from place to place all over this country – alas all over the world? 

Boy or boy – this cat is having one hell of a time for himself and his family – he is like a kid in a candy store – there is a term for someone like him but I will refrain from using it. And just ask when are we going to trim his wings and cut his allowance and ask him to stay home and actually do something besides run his big fat mouth and spend our money?  

I am not sure we have ever seen such a spectacle as this in a time of suffering in our country! This is obscene! Is this what they gave him the peace prize for?


One Response

  1. I have looked at the published menus of their state dinners and not a glaring absence: pork.

    Lotsa’ lamb, no doubt h’lal.

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