Obama’s Speaks…Again

By Barbara

I have many problems with the Mobile Speech prize winners speech last night (have speech will travel) I have narrowed it down to my top ten.

#1.  “Islam is one of the world’s greatest religions”

  • Spoken 2 minutes into the speech, who was he speaking to? To the cadets who are on their way to fight against one of the “world’s greatest religions” who have declared war on the infidels…them, us? POTUS forgot to include the Islam is the “religion of peace”, so the cadets will know it’s a peaceful enemy they’ll be fighting a war against.


  • Was he speaking to the American people? So we know those “men” (yep he called them men) who are on their way to NY to stand trial for the murder of 3,000 Americans are the members of the “world’s greatest religion” who started this war when they hijacked  civilian airplanes caring civilians and crashed them into buildings were civilians worked?


  • Or was he speaking to the members of the world’s greatest religion?


#2 Obama and his administration have a problem calling terrorists terrorist seems they are now “violent extremist”.

#3. Pock eeeee ston and Toll eeey bon, but Af gan ee stan

#4. The cadets were told to applaud enthusiastically.

  • And are now being called the “enemy” by Chris tingley Mathews because they didn’t.
  • Did the powers that be really believe the cadets would go wild with glee that they were going to Afghanistan? We are talking war where people, including many of them will be killed.
  • Applause for war?  Send them to Disney World then they’ll applaud. We’ll all applaud.


#5. The only time he looked directly into the camera was when he spoke to the people of Afghanistan (which was nice) but what about us?

Look us in the eye. I fully understand why he chose a public forum to speak about war rather than from the oval office as former war presidents have done. You can’t sit in the oval office and bounce your head back and forth pretending to talk to people when you’re sitting in your office by yourself reading from two tele-prompters. You need a crowd for that.

#6. The speech lacked compassion and sincerity. He is committing 30,000 troops to war and he sounded as if he was bored and angry he had to show up.

#7. Let’s tell the enemy exactly when we are coming and exactly when we are leaving.

Good plan…for them. Get out of town, take a vacation maybe go to Pock eeee stan, be good little Tal eeeey bon for 18 months and when we leave well…we ain’t coming back.

#8 Avoided telling us How? What?   He did answer why? (oh yes to get the cancer that grows)  where ? (Afghanistan) and when?  (see above) so 3 out of 5 is not bad, but wait didn’t we know that before the speech?

#9.  The constant blaming of everyone every day. And let’s not forget he lied about Bush refusing to send troops to Afghanistan! He is now being asked to prove that lie!

#10. I am confused. Didn’t Michael Moore write Obama a letter to not do what Obama said he would do if he was elected President? And now that Obama is doing what he said he would do why is everyone who voted for him so pissed off? And I bet they will vote Democrats again and again and again – right? Hypocrites!


8 Responses

  1. Regards the terrorist “criminal” trial, I will be joining the Families of 9/11, NYC’s finest and bravest, in protest, this Saturday at Foley Sq. at noon.

    Many people from the tri state area will be there.

    I hope those of you who can make it, will too.

  2. The planes didn’t kill Republicans or Democrats but Americans.

  3. Fantastic Post Barbara! I have a hard time paying attention to him at all. I tried last night and got distracted by the sleeping cadets. They had probably been up since 4:30.

  4. Not only up since 4:30 am but in those damned seats waiting for his highness since 4 pm – what the hell was the point of having them sit there for 4 hours might I ask?
    That pissant doesn’t even trust his own army. /The arogant bastard wants them sitting there 4 hours and expects them to looks excited over a boring speech and to clap on command. What a shit he is!

  5. I just can’t watch him at all. I don’t even try anymore. Between his dithering with the welfare of our troops and the harm he is doing to the economy, just the sight of him makes me nauseous and pissed off all at the same time. I hope the polls are right and people are beginning to see through this con man so he can join Jimmy Carter in retirement after one term.

  6. Well done, Barbara! When will Congress act to impeach this traitor? Thank you for your passion and for always standing strong to support girls and women against the worldwide increasing barbarism, sexism and misogyny being exacerbated, IMO, by the continued pandering to Islam by clueless so-called western leaders such as BO. Thank you!

  7. excellent post !! Love it

  8. Sean AKA Bigot Basher

    I am an American citizen, you are not.
    I am as an American citizen exercising my right to free speech to disagree with the POTUS and MY government.

    Now you have every right to sit behind a keyboard in the UK and type of your support for my president and my government but truthfully your opinion and means nothing to me as an American citizen..

    I am also a woman who speaks to issues that effect woman globally. You are not a woman, you are a gay man. So once again your opinions on womens issues mean nothing to me.

    One of the issues I speak to as an American woman is Islam. Long before the devastating effects of 911 on my country by Islamic fundamentalist terrorists I travelled to the places you only know about from info obtained from Google. I spoke to the devastating affects of Islams terrorism to women.

    Islam is not a religion it is a fight club and the fight club has chosen to fight Americans and women.
    Maybe you have decided to align yourself with them because you are neither an American nor a women but may I inform you that because you are a gay man you are also a target.

    Spew your hatred of women else where. Spew your hatred of Americans who excerise their rights else where.

    You pretend to bash bigotry all the while spewing bigotry
    That is called hypocrite.

    The only thing that is laughable is you.
    Your rhetoric is getting old, Sean and the misogyny, your deep hatred of women screams identity crisis, and I am serious when I say men, such as yourself are part of OUR problem.

    I have wasted enough of my time.

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