Obama’s War: What will you do in 2010, 2012

BettyJean Kling with excepts from Podunck’s Alan Maki

Here is a President many of you “Leaders” of peace organizations supported full well knowing that Obama’s stated intent was to expand the war in Afghanistan. And now he has fulfilled this campaign promise and you pretend to be surprised?

Michael Moore writing a ridiculous letter urging him not to be turned by Republicans as if he had not already proposed this plan 2 years ago. Medena from Code Pink when forced to watch an array of Obama campaign videos finally admitted all these anti –war groups thought they could change his mind!

I have to ask a question here: What is going on; will all these organizations go out into the streets and carry signs saying the escalation is a bad idea and then turn around and campaign and vote for the Democrats and Barack Obama in 2010 and 2012?

I hear all kinds of “mass activities” being planned to oppose this escalation of the war; but, why is there no ADDITIONAL suggestion that in retaliation for escalating this dirty imperialist war the Democrats will suffer repercussions at the polls?

This is called “accountability.” “Accountability” is something basic and fundamental to democracy. “Accountability” goes like this: Organized Crime in DC; no votes.

I haven’t heard any of you or one single one of these “leaders” of the peace movement talk about holding Barack Obama and the rest of these warmongering Dumb Donkeys “accountable” at the polls.

What gives? Do you just preach to hear yourselves talk? Just once I would like to see you strict anti-war democrats practice what you preach and stand up to the party like those of us who turned against them did. Hypocrites!

Until you show some backbone and do to him what you did to Bush and the Republicans- you are condoning what you yourselves have called war mongers and you have not the courage of your convictions. You may go out and hold a little peace parade and then turn around and tell these war mongers you are going to be supporting them in the next election?

Of course, if you aren’t going to be supporting Democrats in the next Election; that kind of begs another question. Do we challenge these Dumb Donkeys in their own primaries and continue on as independents in the general election or should you begin to consider organizing an alternative to this two-party trap set for us by Wall Street. Could we do both?

Something to think about: Accountability. If politicians don’t know the meaning of the word, give them a dictionary, but not your vote. Organized Crime in DC; no votes.

Should there be an organized movement demanding “accountability” from Obama and the Democrats as a means to end these wars? Should peace organizations be leading this effort for “accountability” at the polls? I am having a very difficult time understanding how it is that I should protest the escalation of this war with you if you are then going to go right back and urge people to vote for the Democrats 2010 and Obama 2012.


3 Responses

  1. http://www.reuters.com/article/domesticNews/idUSN0132206420070801?pageNumber=2&virtualBrandChannel=0&sp=true

    Most people voting for Obama didn’t look at anything except that he wasn’t Bush. I wouldn’t be surprised if by 2012 people will vote for the not-Obama candidate and we will end up with the other wing of the vulture.

  2. I would rather be part of the dumb donkies that KEEP their promises than to be part of the dumb asses who put this country in the dire straights it is in now.

  3. Betty Jean – another great rant – could not have said it better myself – I have heard on T.V. alot of the same things you are saying but the voices on T.V. say that the Left will stick with him – they don’t like the war and his policy on the war but when it comes time to vote they will vote with him – to many strange undertones going on with this administration – seems like whatever they do that no one likes they still get what they want –

    Keep up the good work!!

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