Senator Barrasso “This type of legislation would have cost my wife her life”

Senator Barrasso brings an interesting perspective to the health care debate as doctor/orthopedic surgeon. However, it is his experience as the husband of a breast cancer survivor that provided one of the most compelling moments of last Saturday’s health care debate from the Senate floor. Senator McCain asked Senator Barrasso about how advisory boards factor into the proposed health care legislation…

Mr MCCAIN. Now that is a nice academic discussion. But I would ask-maybe Dr. Barrasso would answer it-isn’t that the kind of advisory board this legislation could put into law; that those kinds of mandates could come down, which could literally jeopardize the health and lives of Americans?

Mr. BARRASSO. Mr. President, I would say to my colleague and friend from Arizona, this type of legislation would have cost my wife her life. She is a breast cancer survivor, diagnosed by a routine screening mammogram. She was in her forties when that mammogram was performed. She went through the testing and had the operation. In that age, in her forties, she already had the breast cancer spread from her breast to one of the lymph nodes. It was a screening mammogram that saved her life. She has had three operations, two bouts of chemotherapy. As a result, she is a survivor-6 years later.

But this piece of legislation says: No, no, do not worry about it. There is not going to be any denial of care. There is not going to be anything like that. But if you turn to page 1,150, it talks specifically about this preventative task force, specifically saying when they make their recommendations there is going to be money that taxpayers are going to pay to tell people what those recommendations are. Then, if you go to page 1,190, it says that if it is not approved, they will deny payment for that service-deny payment.

C-SPAN video of health care debate

What will and won’t be covered in a government-run health insurance option is no minor issue. Two seperate panels in the last week have suggested less cancer screening, the most controversial of which stated that women in their forties don’t need mammograms. As Senator Barrasso can attest, that could cost some women their lives. Supporters of this bill owe the American people a better explanation of the nuts and bolts of this plan; probably more to the point, they owe the American people a better bill.

Senator Barrasso: This Type of Legislation Would Have Cost My Wife Her Life


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  1. Reject Obama/Pelosi/Reid Health Care Reform Bill.

    The Democrats like Obama/Pelosi/Reid have to lie in order to sell the public on this “budget busting” bill. Reid: “The Bill will save lives, save Medicare and reduce the deficit.” are all big fat lies. If Reid was honest he would have said “The bill will cost lives, destroy Medicare and increase the deficit.” The Preventative Health panel that recommended that women under 50 should not get mammograms will be given great power in the Bill to determine what procedures are allowable or not based on “cost effectiveness” will cost lives, maybe your wife, daughter or mom. The 500 billion dollar cuts to Medicare will destroy Medicare which is already operating in the red. The over trillion dollar in new spending cannot be fully paid for with higher taxes and cuts to Medicare given the fact the US debt is already unsustainable and the economy is going down the tubes. Obama/Pelosi/Reid and the rest of the Democrats are all a bunch of big fat liars who will not have to personally bear the burden of the most horrible bill ever as they will all be covered by their “Cadillac plans” while the rest of us are forced to stand in line waiting for that surgery or treatment we need to save our lives that some government bureaucrat has outlawed as not “cost effective”.

    • Agreed. I’m hoping people don’t get caught up in the thinking that something is better than nothing, because in this case I don’t think it is. This just a terrible bill all the way around.

      • One of our local TV stations aired comments by a local liberal radio personality to the effect that this bill will provide immediate relief to people without insurance. Since even if it passes and gets signed into law, it won’t go into effect for a few years, this statement was just another lie that went totally unchallenged. And if I understand correctly, it will NOT guarantee coverage for all those who need and want it and can’t get it now; and obviously it is only going to provide coverage for the ones who might actually end up getting it by taking services away from people on Medicare. I was so disappointed in Bill Clinton when he came out with that statement that we needed to just get something passed and worry about the details later. He knows better than that.

        I think if they just threw this crappy bill in the trash can and started over, keeping the goal in mind of providing health care (not necessarily insurance) to every citizen of this country and left out all the porky payoffs to SEIU, AARP, and Mary Lendrieu, people would support it.

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