Wasserman Schultz: Meow pull in your claws girl

Two weeks ago Debbie Wasserman Schultz charged the GOP’s persistent trouble recruiting, retaining and attracting women, particularly in the House. When confronted with popularity of conservatives, Michele Bachmann (R-Minn.) and Virginia Foxx (R-NC), Debbie Wasserman Schultz (D-Fla.), herself a rising star among a larger class of Democratic women lashed out

“This is a party that doesn’t respect women, a party that doesn’t believe women are equal to men,” she told POLITICO. “I don’t think [Bachmann and Foxx] attract women to their party,” she said. “I think they repulse women.”

This week on Hannity when asked about Sarah Palin – The Democrat counterpart to the nasty Ann Coulter responded

“Sarah is like a train wreck people can’t take their eyes off.”

I wonder what part of railroading Hillary is attracting women to the Democratic Party? I wonder what part of turn coating Hillary and abrogating our democracy is attracting women to the Democratic Party? In fact I wonder what part of the party politics between the two parties is attracting any women to either party?

Maybe Debbie Wasserman Schultz should take a lesson from a so called train wreck and start rebuilding from scratch instead tearing other women down with this back biting – scorch and burn, cat fight, bull shit that has kept women down all these years.

It’s getting old Debbie- and this high school sorority girls game is not fit for politics. It’s time for women to unite and work together. You look and sound like a girl gang fighter – and it is very unbecoming. Grow up and act like a lady instead of a street fighter. Your behavior is repulsive.

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  1. As far as I can tell the Democrats have become a one issue party for women….they say they will allow her to control her uterus and have her live in perpetual fear that it could be taken away at any time. If women unite and ratify the ERA, we could control the rest of our bodies and lives. Doesn’t take a brain surgeon…

    Does anyone else have a sneaking suspicion that the latest hat trick assault on women (mammograms, pap tests and botax) might be a reflection of how Obama treated women during the primaries and general election? His behavior gave every misogynist out there permission to party. ai find it especially interesting that the day the mammogram advisory was issued 8 out of 9 members of the task force were men..2 days later the # number of members had increased to 16 and 1/2 were women. Were 7 women suddenly offered a lucrative new position?

  2. I don’t know if the Republican Party has more respect for women than the Democrats do. But there isn’t even a remote possibility that they could have any less. Zero is zero, no matter who the competition is.

  3. Karl Rove coached Donna Brazile to mobilize the hormone-driven against Hillary with hard-assed attacks on Bill, the husband to whom she remained married.

    The McCain campaign heads – likewise bereft of wisdom, froze in fear of the same thing that drove Edwards, Richardson, Reed and Kennedy: a woman of traditional values.

  4. Who are the “hormone driven?”

  5. ” …. But there isn’t even a remote possibility that they could have any less. ….” rotflmao

    As a libertarian with conservative leanings, traditional values that stand in opposition to those of NOW, I have always been of the opinion that NOW and leftist “solutions” did much more to harm the feminist cause than help.

    I know that will get ms angry w/me. (Again) I wish it were otherwise.

    Conservative women deal with the same feminist issues, the same sexist obstacles in the same hostile culture but differently.

    As far as the GOP, it really depends on whether you are talking RINO or GOP.

    And as far as the cuckholders of either party, as often as not, women are like moths to the light, attracted to the power and seek it serrupticiously, ala Lewinsky, but not grabbing the power for their own.

    I’ll give that credit to Hillery, she seeks power in her own right.

    In order to be successful in attaining the ERA, women need to assert the power not ask for the right.

    • Wow! once again, Bib. I guess “all men are created equal'” isa typo. As far as making me angry, please refrain from telling me what I feel. Though I suspect that it is not uncommon for you to provoke anger, I tend to live by the adage that it is best to ignore deliberate provocations. We all have a limited amount of anger and should save it for important things.

  6. Debbie Wasserman Schultz knows nothing. Robert Lowry will be taking her place for Florida’s US Congressional District 20 in 2010. LowryforCongress (dotcom) is the web site. Be gone, Debbie, be gone!

    • Can’t we find and run another woman? We cannot afford to have less and less representatation in our government we need to replace her with another woman

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