McConnell Gives Solid Explanation of the Problems with Senate Health Care Bill

Senator McConnell gives a straight-forward reasonable explanation of why the Senate Health Care Bill is simply an ineffective, poorly reasoned, and written bill…


2 Responses

  1. I am so sick of both parties and the games they play with our lives and with the future of this country. Until last fall’s election, I had been a Democrat for longer than most of the Obots have been alive. I still find it almost unbelievable that the Democrats have turned out to be even more sexist, crooked and slimy than the Republicans were. This bill is just the latest in a series of outlandishly long (and badly drafted to the point of incoherence) legislation that will accomplish almost none of the lies, er, stated goals of Nancy, Curly and Moe and will probably end up raising our premiums. And for them to say this will save Medicare when the bill actually reduces money for Medicare by about a kazillion bucks — I’m actually shocked (and disappointed) that Harry Reid was not struck by lightning when he made that statement.

    If you oppose this bill, do not delay in making your opinion known to your Senator, because if this passes and is signed into law by Obama, even if at the next election Republicans could win control of the House or win enough Senate seats to be able to maintain a filibuster, this will not be enough to enable them to repeal this. We will be stuck with this turkey for years.

    • Agreed. The Republicans don’t deserve any points for doing nothing about health care when they were in power, but posted this video because it’s the simple nuts and bolts of why this is a terrible bill. It raises taxes during a recession, it pays for itself primarily through MediCare cuts, and it doesn’t even attempt to cut health care/insurance costs. It’s a huge price to pay, and it only insures a percentage of the currently uninsured. It’s simply a bad bill. There is a real chance of stoping it, particularly in the Senate, but people need to speak up if they really want it stopped.

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