Would the Government Cover Mammograms Under A Public Option?

“U.S. Preventive Services Task Force advising against routine mammograms for women in their 40s.”

This recommendation is being met with by strong protests among cancer groups and breast cancer survivors alike. The recommendation is based on the fact that while cancer is detected in some women there are also a good number of false positives among women in their forties. This recommendation currently has no insurance coverage implications, yet it does raise concerns about what would happen if a government option did exist, and these ‘task forces’ were charged with deciding what procedures would be covered and what wouldn’t. Health care reform legislation does not answer these pertinent questions, and this recommendation does little to instill confidence in the government’s ability to make these important decisions.

From CNN – I Want My Mammograms

Cuts in Mammograms A Prelude to Government run Health Care?


2 Responses

  1. i went to the task force website yesterday and was not surprised to find that nine out of ten health care providers on this task force were women. I cut and pasted their names in my blog http://ms-behaved.blogspot.com/2009/11/ladies-and-gentlemen-meet-our.html

    Imagine my surprise when Dr. Gupta (CNN) answered an e-mail about how many women were on the task force this morning by saying there were 16 members and 1/2 were women. I went back to the same site and sure enough it had changed to 16 members, 1/2 of which are women. Paging Dr. Gupta..what’s up dude?

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