SC Republican Party Brand Themselves as Fools

In grand gesture of foolishness, Senator Lindsey Graham was censured last week by the Republican leadership in South Carolina for working with Democrats, specifically on a climate change bill. This is the same state whose Republican governor tried to sneak off to Argentina to have an affair. Hopefully his mistress wasn’t a Democrat, or Governor Sanford could find himself in a heap of trouble with the party leadership. When polled time and time again Americans say they don’t like the partisan divide in Washington, and want the parties to work together. But really, who cares what the American people want? South Carolina Republicans want purity. Not of the moral sort, but more specifically a narrowness of thought. Clearly they have all the answers, and just need to bonk enough Democrats over the head to get them to vote their way. The irony is that their own party’s presidential nominee, who won the primary in South Carolina, supported climate change legislation (though he is not in favor of the current climate change legislation).

Senator Graham is hardly a lefty. What he is, is smart and effective. During the latest recess from Congress he served in Afghanistan as a JAG, and he has served in the military since 1982. He has been a prominent member of both the judiciary and armed services committee. Certainly people and parties alike can find issues to disagree with the Senator, but censuring a member for having “weakened the Republican brand” while having done nothing wrong/questionable/immoral is foolish and incredibly myopic considering the current state of the Republican Party.

South Carolina Republican Party Brand Themselves as Fools


3 Responses

  1. Unquestioning party loyality might actually be the single most fixable thing about “what has happened to our country?”

    • Lets hope so. It’s unfortunate to see the parties demand this narrow minded purism for acceptance into their parties. Yet regular folk seem to be much more reasonable in their approach, hopefully the people vote that way.

  2. And don’t forget that the DNC Fowlers, famous for their commandeering of the Rules & ByLaws Committee actions in the 2008 primaries and their Majority Whip Congressman, Clyburne who savaged Bill Clinton with a calculated Race Card trick.

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