Protest at Fox: Dobbs is bold, O’Reilly is just fresh

BettyJean joins the O’Reilly Protest saying, ” I am not a birther -I have no idea if Obama was born in Hawaii or not. I AM sure his first order of business as POTUS was to seal his records and as citizens we have a right to know more about the man who we hired to run our country.” The media should be asking the same questions or at least not calling us names when we raise the questions. I applaud Lou Dobbs for making the point that we have the right to ask and I scolded O’Reilly for calling birthers loons. As Dobbs said- Just show the people the papers and be done with it- and I do mean all the papers. Hell I can’t get a driver’s license without 6 points of proof- how does Obama take office hiding his entire past life?

The long form birth certificate is just one of about 15 items that are sealed. We have no records for this man- no grades- no thesis information- no scholarship awards or travel information i.e. passports. Of course people have questions. Obama has spent millions of dollars avoiding the answers. We do not know if he was legally adopted and became Barry Soetro and a citizen of another country and if so how he came to be Barack Obama and a US citizen again.

Among the documentation not yet available for Obama includes his

1- Kindergarten records,

2- his Punahou school records,

3- his Occidental College records,

4- his Columbia University records,

5- his Columbia thesis,

6- his Harvard Law School records,

7- his Harvard Law Review articles,

8- his scholarly articles from the University of Chicago,

9- his passport,

10-his medical records,

11-his files from his years as an Illinois state senator,

12-his Illinois State Bar Association records,

13-any baptism records,

14-his adoption records, and

15-his long form birth certificate.

All these are legitimate questions and deserving of clear proven answers from the person who would be leader of the free world.


I attended the protest – my part is shown here beginning 1:30 and lasts about 3 minutes. Lou Dobbs stepped down later that afternoon and has been a guest on O’Reilly since- Just coincidence!


7 Responses

  1. Well said–it would not take much to provide this.

  2. Remember when the president declared his family off limits? Guess it’s OK if he wants to talk about Malia’s grades. Why not his? You do have to wonder if he would have done the same to a son?

  3. No on is more impressed w/O’Reilly than O’reilly is.

    He is worse than a GOP apologist like Hannity and Rush.

    He is globalist apologist. I do not get why people buy into his “looking our for you” crap, he’s looking out for his globalist boss, friends and fortune.

    That all said, regards Hussein, I am convinced we have an illegal alien Islamist who, with the help of a complicit Congress and ACORN, has actually acheived a coups de stat.

    “Back when,” I do believe that it was the Hillery camp that outed the info. Indeed, it was one of her staunch supporters who brought the first birther suit August ’08.

    But Hillery is but one who has backed down, two other notables are Scalia, who was to consider the suit until he was called to a “private meeting,” to the WH, the latest being Judge Carter.

    For those not familiar w.the Carter episode, Tatz brought the suit to his court. Saying “This is a constitutional crisis and must be adjudicated,” he set a date.

    After Obama’s team placed their OWN lawyer into Carter’s law clerk position, Carter took a complete about turn and called it a nusiance suit, tossed it and fined Orley $20,000.

    Bottom line, Hillery, Carter, Scalia; I don’t know what they were threatened with, extorted or blackmailed with, but anyone who does rise up w/any power to get this done backs down.

    In HIllery’s case, backed right out of the primaries. WHO WOULD HAVE BELIEVED she would concede having been ahead in the popular vote?

    Something malfiecient behind the scenes.

    As far as Hussein, anyone who takes even a cursory look KNOWS he is not a citizen.

    Who says illegals only take jobs Americans won’t do?

  4. It is rediculous to hide the truthif you are not hiding anything. now for sure I want to know all about who are president is and was in his past..

    We are not nosybut are within our rights !

    • Louise, we are more than within our rights. Vetting this poseur is ALL of our civic responsibility and DUTY under the Consitution,

      The Democratic Party has the first obligation to vet.

      The Congress has the obligation to vet.

      The Secretaries of each State have the obligation to vet.

      The Board of Elections in each state have the obligation to vet.

      The Electoral Congress has the obligation to vet.

      IF WE REALLY WANT TO DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT, we should not be out in front of Fox or in front of DC.

      We should all be at our state houses demanding our governors and state legislators ORDER the Board of Elections and Sec’ys of State’s to vet. It was THEY who decide WHO GOT ON OUR STATE BALLOTS.

      They were the ones who decided in many cases to not allow Nader, Kusenevich (whatever his name was), Ron Paul and ALan Keyes on the state ballot.

      The one that should NEVER have been there was Hussein.

  5. Watched the video, YOU GO, GIRL! 🙂

  6. FYI, it appears Rev. Manning is on the above mentioned hit list.

    Homeland Security is investigating him:

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