Get Out Of Our House

You are invited to a presentation by the Founder of GOOOH (Get Out Of Our House), Tim Cox. Please also invite your family, friends, associates, fellow patriots, etc. to Tim’s presentation of this inspiring and groundbreaking concept.

Date:  Thursday, November 19
Time:  6:15 to 9:30 approx for lecture, refreshments and open discussion
Place:  17 Eastmans Road (Electronic Drives and Controls), Parsippany, NJ, 07054
(You can get directions via Mapquest…if you have difficulty call Debbie DeLuca at  201/452-5513  201/452-5513, for directions)

Seating is limited so please reserve your place by contacting either;
Jeff Endean <>;  973/960-2034  973/960-2034 or
Rollie Member <>;  973/222-2825  973/222-2825

A cut from GOOOH’s website follows or check them out in more detail at

“If ever a time should come, when vain and aspiring men shall possess the highest seats in Government, our country will stand in need of its experienced patriots to prevent its ruin.”   Samuel Adams, 1776

GOOOH is a new system that will allow “we the people” to select true representatives, not choose between a Democrat and a Republican. If we continue to elect career politicians who represent their party, the special interests that fund them, and themselves, nothing will change. GOOOH is a non-partisan process that will allow us to effect the change we all know we need.

GOOOH will allow you to:

   1. Help select your Representative – while being considered yourself
   2. Hold your Representative accountable
   3. Replace career politicians – with true representatives
   4. Take the money out of the process

For more information go to ;


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