Continental Congress 2009

Continental Congress 2009FREE LIVE  webcast
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CC2009 Webcast



Beyond “Tea Parties.” 
Beyond Elections.
It’s Time To Hold Our Government


I have referenced the Web site: as one which is dedicated to returning our country to the Constitution.  The leader of We the People, Bob Schulz, is currently in Illinois with delegates from every state at the Continental Congress 2009.

 You may view videos from some of the proceedings at:

It seems somewhat surreal as most of us are concerned with recovering from the recent, orchestrated financial wreckage which destroyed the wealth of people all over the world but, right now, fellow citizens are meeting in Illinois to protect what remains of our wealth, our natural rights and our country – as our Founding Fathers did hundreds of years ago.  Then, we were oppressed by a foreign enemy, Great Britain.  Now, we are threatened by a domestic enemy, our own government.  The Constitution was written to protect us from enemies such as rogue governments both foreign and domestic.  We have allowed our elected representatives to disregard the Constitution to the extent that our once-great country is now bankrupt in every sense of the word.

Please view one or more of these videos especially if, like most Americans, you feel that everything is fine.  If you can, please consider forwarding this message and financially supporting this historic effort on our behalf.

Bill Madden  


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