Bush disrespected at Ft Hood

By: BettyJean Kling

At 10:30 ish this am on Fox bill hemmer interviewed three Ft Hood Dr.s on duty when President and Mrs. Bush secretly visited the wounded soldiers just after the attack last week. Bill Hemmer asked how they felt to meet the president and one by one was met with similar answers such as – we are used to and thankful for all the dignitaries who came to lend their support.

In my heart- I know they were forced to say these things! It was disheartening even for me who never liked baby Bush to hear a former POTUS disrespected in this way. I am in tears as I write this! I must tell you that this current administration is the most evil dishonorable despicable administration our eyes should ever see. These soldiers were obviously ordered to give this speech to the reporters during the interview. SHAME!

To be continued when I have gathered the evidence and the quotes and the names of the soldiers.


5 Responses

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  2. I don’t believe these soldiers “disrespected” Bush. The background information doesn’t fit with that. Bush has always had a healthy and reciprocal relationship with members of the Military. What I would suggest you’ll find is that Bush made it clear that he didn’t want any publicity about his visit whatsoever and these troops are merely honoring those wishes.

  3. It wasnt disrespectful in the least. I think you need to re-watch it.

    They both seemed very grateful for their visit.

    • Bull. I was shocked and surprised. The brainwashing from our current administration is despicable. At least President and Mrs Bush cared enough to go. Obama
      won’t even call it terrorism! All he cares about is photo ops. WAKE UP! As our trroops die in Afghanistan Obama is dithering waiting to see if his socialistic agenda called health care passes before he pisses off the “DIMS”.

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